Alright, hello. Simplyxlovely here with yet another fanfic for another tv show. This one has been nestled under my sleeve for two years-though I've been watching TWD since the beginning. It will be following the events in the show only with some changes to fit my storyline. I'm super excited to finally write this so i hope you all enjoy it. Anywho~on with the prologue!

-Where the Arrow Flies

-Paring(s): Rick Grimes/OC/Daryl Dixon

-Rated: M for gore, language, violence, and adult situations


-Disclaimer: I don't own The Walking Dead. The characters belong to their creator Robert Kirkman. I only own the OCs introduced.


"Where fates collide"

It stunk—the air and the whole situation in general. The stench of rotten flesh had embedded permanently into the car fabric and the urge to gag struck way too often. Sure, rolling down a window to let the morning breeze air the small space out would be smart. But with the way the world had changed that could lead to an unwanted visitor with a hankering for human flesh.

So, the young woman occupying the broken down station wagon had to endure. Sleep mattered more especially for the little guy curled up on her lap. A year old beagle named Harley and the last friend she had left from her life before everything went to hell..and it had been only a month. During that time, she had lost friends and family from the epidemic. Her eyes closed for a moment as the loss hit her.

"..This is for the best." she murmured, "Just stick to the new motto."

Stay alone and keep moving.

It was better that way. A person would live longer doing so..maybe long enough to see if some good came out of this horrible circumstance. Sighing, her hand gently stroked the soft but matted fur of her pet. He needed a bath..Hell, she needed a bath too. The Georgia heat didn't give a shit that the world was ending and people were trying to endure. Maybe she'd get lucky and find a lake or stream nearby that wasn't contaminated that day. But a bath would have to wait as her stomach decided to growl suddenly; to which she rolled her eyes. There was more than enough sunlight now to go scavenge. Carefully placing the slumbering pup in the passenger seat, she then reached behind her and grabbed what would be needed.

The survivor stepped out into the light; hazel eyes squinting instantly. Once again, she wished her sunglasses had been on the list of things to pack during the Beginning days. She moved quickly, shrugging on her hooded leather jacket first. It was definitely gonna get hotter but for now, the jacket gave her an extra layer of protection. Strapping on the quiver next, she finished with picking up her bow. A Diamond Archery Infinite Edge compound bow..though the color of it, which was pink, always made her grimace. The young woman feel like a sore thumb but it was too late to get a new one; as if she could find another one now. Anyway, pink or not, at least it got the job done at the end of the day.

Scanning the field of almost endless cars, she spotted what looked like a gas station and decided to head there. Even though it was most likely ransacked, the place was still worth a look. The walk there gave her a chance to really take in the area. When she had discovered it the previous night, her main goal was to just find an unlocked, empty car to hunker down in until dawn. Which she did but with a special guest in the back—a fly-ridden dead body. Thankfully, all she had to do was open the trunk, cover the corpse with a towel found nearby, and push them out of the car and her mind. Though had she gone to the right instead of left, she would have seen the body laying on the ground under the station wagon. And that was an image she didn't need to see again that morning.

She moved on, keeping to a low crouch just in case an unfriendly was near; her nickname for the zombies. Going through the car graveyard made her wonder what had happen to make all the people just leave. All the car and items the people once there had were still where they were left; no sign of sudden chaos. It made it seem like they just vanished. Did a swarm come through or did the illness just out of nowhere swept over all the dwellers that they had either died or turned? Unfortunately, she would never know unless miraculously she discovered another survivor among the pile up. And with those wild thoughts in mind, the farther she went, the more she wanted to get the hell out of there. It didn't help how quiet the world had become too. It caused an unsettling atmosphere to settle over and was making her anxious. Normally, the young woman preferred the silence that came with solitude but now for once, she wished for anything to make a noise to break it. As if answering her wish then, a faint shuffling was heard.

Hazel eyes rolled. "Of all the times.." She paused and listened closely, identifying it as feet scraping across concrete. There could be only two outcomes for that sound—an unfriendly or an actual human being. Her inner voice was telling her to return back to the station wagon and get the hell out of there. But she decided to ignore and press on. If it was a person, she needed to see if they could be taken down. Yes, very barbaric sounding but it was now a dog eat dog world and only the ones willing to survive no matter what lived on.

And how ironic that the sound came in the direction of the gas station as well. The survivor moved quickly but stealthy; thanks to years of hunting with her uncle. She stopped behind a rusted tow truck and took a deep breath before glancing over. She froze. There, standing in front of the dry-out gas pumps, was a man. He appeared to be in his late 3os which was older than she was—23 years old. But what surprised her was how clean he looked; newly shaved and dressed in fresh clothes. He was donned in a sheriff uniform, cowboy hat and all, though from the distance she couldn't place exactly where the stranger was from.

"Is he really one or it just a ruse? Need to be cautious..figure out why he's here."

She observed him more, noticing the gas canister in his hand. So, he had a functioning car. But it would be pointless to steal since it obviously was running low. That plan was out the window before even beginning. After a minute of watching, she couldn't tell what type of person he was and now just wanted him to leave. He just stood there peering around until suddenly kneeling down. The action startled the young woman who stumbled back in a panic.

"Did he see me? Oh, god please no."

But it wasn't her that got his attention..the shuffling had returned. Since the man was on floor, she took advantage and stood to get a better look. A child..a little girl to be exact. The noise had been coming from her. The survivor could only see the back of her but she wore a dirty pink robe and had long blonde hair..a more natural shade than her own. The child maneuvered through the cars at a slow pace. She thought for a moment the girl was alive upon seeing her pick up something until getting a glimpse of her face.


The stranger must have thought that too because he scrambled to his feet and went after the girl; not even seeing the young woman standing off to the side a few feet away. She watched quietly through narrowed eyes.

"Little girl." he called; a southern accent to his voice. A local. The child kept moving among the cars. "I'm a policeman. Little girl." She stopped, finally hearing him.

The officer visibly relaxed, taking a few more steps closer. "Don't be afraid, okay?" Still no response came. "Little girl." The monster then turned around and he saw what she had become. He gave a silent 'oh no' before the unfriendly headed towards him slowly at first before speeding up as her hunger grew. And all he did was back away, keeping a hand on the gun at his hips as she came closer. He was reacting far too slow for the young woman's liking.

"..He's hesitating. He isn't used to killing them. A fault that will get him killed if not now but soon." Her mind sped a mile a second on what to do.

"Should I help?"

"..Or let him die?"

"No..I can't do that but I don't know this man.."

A growl of frustration passed her chapped lips as she made a decision that would change her way of living from there on. Without a hitch, her hand reached back, grasped an arrow, and placed it in the arrow rest of her now raised bow. A quick look through the sight to pinpoint her aim and a pull of the bow cables, she released and let the arrow fly. Right as she did, the stranger at last unholstered his gun and begin to aim when the arrow struck the girl in the temple. His eyes widen but he still fired off a shot—right in the center of her forehead. The child flew back from the force and crashed to the pavement where she stayed unmoving that time. He stared down at the girl for a moment before glancing around. His eyes met the survivor's..and their fates were at last sealed together.

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