Dark Swans and Evil Queens don't get jealous.

The loud clanging sound of the dark one's dagger hitting the asphalt felt like to Regina like someone had just reached into her chest and squeezed her heart. She pushed herself out of Robin's arms, and made her way over to the dagger. She picked it up feeling the heaviness of weight that now fell on her shoulders.

'Why would Emma, sacrifice herself like that? There was no need! I could have handle being the dark one. But no, Emma just couldn't have it be like that. She had to go be all noble white knight on me. Taking all that darkness on herself to save me from it. She said I had worked too hard for my happiness to be destroyed. Silly idiot, how could she not see that my so called happiness only exists because she was in it?' thought Regina as she stared at the inscription of Emma's name etched into the dagger.

"No Regina give me that dagger! If anyone here has the right to that dagger is me!" shouted Hook as he charged at Regina. Almost colliding into her in his mad dash to grab the dagger out of Regina's hand. Regina simply stepped out of the way of Hook's attack. Giving him her scariest 'Evil Queen' glare she could muster with all the emotions swirling inside her.

"Not going to happen Hook, Emma would not like you to be tempted to use it to control her or to go back down that dark path you were on before you decided that Emma was your happy ending. Tell me Killian, did she ever tell you that back?" mocked Regina, her annoyance and jealousy leaking into her voice and body language.

"That's enough! We don't have time for all this bickering! Its late we are all tired, we should all head on home get some rest and figure out how to save Emma in the morning. Regina keep it safe will you?" exclaimed Snow, doing her best to hold back her urge to breakdown at the thought of losing her daughter to darkness.

Regina simply nodded, and began to walk off at a fast pace, she needed to go get Henry. She needed to tell her son about what has happened to his other mother. Just as she reached the diner where she knew Henry would be waiting for them, she felt an arm drape across her shoulder. The smell of forest and dirt mixed with the slight tang of Old spice aftershave, clinging to the arm and body that was attached to it. She shrugged it off of her, wanting to put some distance between her and Robin.

"What's wrong mi 'lady?" asked Robin after Regina had shrugged him off and stepped away from him for the second time that night. "What's wrong? I will tell you what is wrong! It's you and your obsessive need to put your hands all over me!" said Regina getting rather frustrated at him. "Regina what has gotten into you? It's not like you to not like me touching you." Breathed out Robin, doing his best not to get angry at her. He could see that Regina was upset, but he couldn't figure out why.

Emma of course was watching this all transpire from the shadows, for she had rematerialized as soon as she felt Regina pick up her dagger. For as soon as she disappeared after the darkness had taken over her, it became crystal clear to her, just who was her 'true love' happened to be. And it wasn't that rum soaked pirate that she had stupidly been seeing.

'What was I thinking being with that filthy pirate? Oh that's right I wasn't thinking beyond just feeling obligated. It was what everyone expected of her to do. What just because he followed her around like a stalker and she was expected to give in to him. She was the saviour so it was her responsibility to give everyone a happy ending. But what about me? Don't I get to have a happy ending? No of course not, the one person I have wanted for the last four years is with that stupid pine cone sniffer.

Ugh! What does she see in him? It's not like he has ever truly been there for her. He has never saved Regina from all the things that has happened here in Storybrooke. Nope that was me, I have been the one to believe in her since the first day I met her. Even when we were at each other's throats I still believed in her. Believed she could be the best mother for Henry, and I was right she is indeed the best mother for him. I protected her from an angry mob, and that wraith I saved her from that. Jump started her magic so that she could get the hat to work. Not that I knew that at the time.

I do now, becoming the dark one has opened up my mind greatly. This darkness while it is horrible does know how to open you up to the truth of all things. I helped save her from Greg and Tamara, then came to her aid with the trigger diamond. Stood up for Regina on numerous occasions including Neverland, we moved the freaking moon together. But does any of the things I have done to help Regina ever get recognised by her no it doesn't.

Nope that forest boy gets to be the one to reap the rewards of all my efforts. He was given the responsibility of protecting Regina's heart, which of course he screwed up, but did she get angry at him for that no! I bring back Marian/Zelena, not that I knew it was Zelena at the time. How was I supposed to know she was Forest boy's long dead wife? What does that give me? Accusations of deliberately destroying her happiness and been told I never had Regina's back. That was so unfair.

So what do I do? I go out of my way to prove to Regina just how much I care and had her back. I even sacrificed my very soul, my light magic. Now who gets to reap the benefits of that? The PINE CONE SNIFFER! I am not going to stand for that!' thought Emma as she watched Regina and Robin talk and him have his dirty hands all over Regina. She noticed that he was getting a little too handsy for Emma's liking so she then poofed herself directly in between Regina and Robin grabbing Robin by the neck, squeezing it. "I believe Regina told you to keep your filthy hands of her!" menaced Emma through her clenched jaw.

Robin was wheezing in his desperate effort to breathe through Emma's hard magically enhanced grip. For there was magical sparks leaping all over Emma's body. Regina calmly placed a hand on Emma's shoulder, "come on Emma let him go, and he has learnt his lesson. Haven't you Robin?" said Regina in a calm and soothing voice. Upon seeing Robin nod his head in acceptance to Regina's question Emma reluctantly let go of his neck.

She then turned around to face Regina, the dark magic of the Dark one still clinging to her body. She gave Regina her best pleading eyes, in hope of Regina forgiving her for trying to choke Robin. Regina couldn't help but return the look towards Emma, melting at all the love and devotion she saw swirling around Emma's green eyes, the specks of blue shining brightly with the intensity of the young blondes' emotions.

"You are just going to let her get away with that?" exclaimed Robin, his jealousy and anger getting the better of him. Emma turned around to look in his direction a smug smile on her face, knowing full well that Regina was going to let her get away with it. "Robin, just go home, surely Roland is anxious to see you. I will see you tomorrow." Said Regina with all the authority she could muster. Not wanting to get on Regina's bad side now that he was back, he knew he had to stay in Regina's good books if he wanted to be involved with his inborn child growing inside Regina's sister Zelena. So he swiftly turned around and made his way back to his room at granny's bed and breakfast.

As soon as Robin had left she pulled Emma to her in a brief hug, surprising the blonde who was not expecting that response anytime soon. She leant into Emma's ear and whispered "meet me back at the manor, I just got to get Henry so that we can explain to him what happened away from prying eyes and ears." She then pulled out of the embrace, then waited until Emma engulfed herself in a cloud of smoke, the colours where rather fascinating to Regina for Emma's magic had taken on a mixture of red and white, and a hint of blue.

Regina then walked into the diner and looked around trying to spot Henry. Having spotted him in the far back booth head bowed nose deep in the 'Once upon a time' book that told the one sided view of the history of their lives. She walked up to the booth and slid into the seat opposite him. "Hey Henry." Said Regina, as Henry looked up from his book. "From the look in your eyes, you don't have good news do you?" enquired Henry. "No, I am sorry. We better get on home, Emma is waiting for us there and we can fill you in fully there." Responded Regina, sighing a little as she knew that what happened to Emma wasn't going to go down all that well.

"Ok mum, let's go." Said Henry as he slid out of the booth, Regina followed him shortly after. Regina went to the counter to pay Henry's bill. Henry following close behind her. They then walked out of the diner then onward to the mansion. Emma was waiting on the outside porch, pacing back and forth as she awaited Regina and Henry to get back home. As soon as she saw Regina and Henry approach her, Emma's face lit up. "Henry." Said Emma as he had wrapped himself firmly around her, hugging her tight.

Regina quickly opened the door and held it open as she patiently waited for Emma and Henry to follow her inside. Emma and Henry let go of the hug and followed Regina inside the mansion, they then followed Regina into the lounge room that housed a large flat screen tv and Henry's xbox 360 gaming console. Regina and Henry sat down on the comfy looking lounge, while Emma took a seat in one of the lounge chairs. "Will someone please fill me in now?" asked Henry.

"Alright, well the thing is, the apprentice pulled all the darkness that was taking over Rumple's heart it first overtook the apprentice, I then blasted him with my magic. The darkness then expelled out of the apprentice and floated out into the street, it went looking for the next suitable host. I chased after it knowing that it was going to go after Regina. I was right, it did go after Regina it was swirling all around her, I knew then that I was going to need to get it away from her. Robin the idiot was all 'I won't let it' and ran straight at the swirling darkness, it wanted nothing to do with him and flung him back across the street.

I had the dagger in my hand and ran myself towards the swirling darkness, Regina screamed at me 'No! Emma there has to be another way!' I told her that there wasn't one, and that she had worked too hard to have her happiness destroyed. Hook then tried to stop me, I kissed him, told him I loved him then plunged the dagger into the darkness and let it take over me, I saw Regina stumble backwards once the darkness had left her, Robin pulled her toward him.

I saw it as your mother finally getting her 'happy ending' and then as the darkness took me over I disappeared within a bright light, then reappeared as soon as you mum picked up the dagger. I kept to the shadows so that no one would see me. I followed your mum to granny's where she told me to come wait here so here I am." Explained Emma. Henry looked rather shocked after hearing the story, Regina's face was a blank mask.

"Right ok, then we will have to find a way to get the darkness out of you. Don't worry Ma, we will save you." Said Henry, he then leapt up of his seat pulling Regina up with him, pulling her into a tight embrace, he then let her go, "I am so glad you are safe mum." Said Henry. He then turned to Emma "Thank you for saving mum." Breathed out Henry as he pulled Emma up from the lounge chair to give her a bone crushing hug. He kissed her on the cheek, briefly then he did the same to Regina. Startling both women.

"Well I am tired, I am going to get some sleep. We can get operation save the saviour tomorrow. Love you both. Goodnight." Said Henry as he left the lounge room before either women could respond, then bound up the stairs to his room. Got changed into his pyjamas and got into to bed. As soon as his head hit the pillow he fell into a deep sleep.

Regina recovered first from the whirlwind that was Henry. She stepped right into Emma's personal space placing her hands on both of Emma's shoulders shaking her as she said, "Why Emma, why would you do that? Just let that darkness overtake you! We could've found a way to fix it!" Emma not knowing anything else to calm down the hysterical Regina in front of her leaned in and kissed her firmly on the lips. Regina didn't respond at first, then she reciprocated the kiss pouring all her love and passion she felt for Emma into that kiss. Swiping her tongue across Emma's bottom lip asking for permission to deepen the kiss.

Emma willingly accepted, Deepening the kiss tongues dancing together, hands threading through each other's hair, the other hand exploring the other's body, pulling the other close to their bodies. They only broke apart when the need for air became hard to come by. They pressed their foreheads together as they got their breath back. "Don't you know by now Regina? I just couldn't let all the hard work you put into your redemption go to waste." Said Emma as she got her breath back.

"What do you mean? What should I know by now?" asked Regina. A little clueless as to what Emma is referring to. "I am in love with you Regina that is why I saved you. It is why I have always saved you, why I have always believed in you and had your back. I stood up for you in front of my parents numerous times." Explained Emma. "Well then why didn't you tell me this before now?" asked Regina.

"I wanted to tell you so many times, there just wasn't the right time. I tried to tell you before when all the craziness of your sister was going on, but then I saw how happy you were with the pine cone sniffer, I couldn't bring it within myself to disrupt that. I mean, how could I ever compete with your 'soulmate'? Did you know that I have a lion tattoo as well?" replied Emma. As she sat back down on the lounge chair she was sitting in earlier. "Lion tattoo? Where?" asked Regina as she followed Emma over to the lounge chair. She perched herself onto the arm of the chair. "Here on my wrist" replied Emma as she pointed to the Lyon flower tattoo. "What that flower?" said Regina as she traced her finger around the outline of the tattoo. "It is a Lyon Flower." Responded Emma.

Regina looked deeply into Emma's eyes, it felt like she was looking at what her 'happy ending' was supposed to look like. Regina got up abruptly off the arm of the chair Emma was sitting in. she then leaned down to where Emma's hand was resting on her lap. She took hold of Emma's hand, pulling her up out of her seat, she then intertwined her fingers between Emma's "come with me, Emma let's go to bed its late." Whispered Regina into Emma's ear. Regina began to walk in the direction of the staircase Emma eagerly following behind her, their fingers still intertwined.

Regina led them up the stairs, then down the hallway to her master bedroom suite. She then led Emma to her bed. Only then letting go of Emma's hand. She then walked over to her tallboy dresser and took out a clean pair of satin pyjamas she tossed them over to Emma who caught them, giving Regina a quizzical look. "Put them on, I am just going to get into my own in my bathroom so you can have some privacy." Said Regina giving Emma a flirty wink as she did exactly as she said, Emma watched Regina's arse as she walked into the en-suite bathroom.

She then quickly rid herself of her clothes and put on the pyjamas that Regina gave her, then she plunked down on the end of Regina's queen sized bed. She waited anxiously for Regina to come back out of the bathroom. She was pleasantly surprised when Regina came out wearing a singlet top and a loose pair of track pants. Regina gave Emma her signature smirk upon seeing the pleasing look of desire on Emma's face as she took in what Regina was wearing.

Regina then stalked over to the bed where Emma was sitting, she then sat on Emma's lap, wrapping her legs around Emma's waist. She leaned in for another kiss. Which Emma eagerly reciprocated, they deepened the kiss allowing their tongues to mingle and dance together like the one they shared just moments before downstairs. They only broke away from the kiss when air become hard to come by, Regina pushed Emma onto to her back placing a trail of kisses along her jawline and down to her pulse point. She sucked on the pulse placing her mark onto Emma's skin. Causing Emma to moan out loud.

"That will show that one handed wonder who you belong to." Said Regina after she had finished with giving Emma a very noticeable hickey. Emma chuckled lightly to herself at Regina's statement 'who knew Regina would be wanting to mark me?' thought Emma. "What about the pine cone?" asked Emma. "What about him?" replied Regina, as she climbed of Emma's lap then walked up to the side of the bed she always slept on. Regina then climbed under the covers petting the space behind her. "Emma come lay here with me." Enticed Regina.

"ok." Was Emma's only reply as she followed Regina's directions. She got in under the covers and curled her body around Regina's making her Emma's little spoon. Regina pulled Emma's arm over to rest on her abdomen, as Regina snuggled into Emma's strong embrace. Once they were both comfortable they drifted off to sleep. Both content in the warmth and safety the other provided them.