I started reading Ben 10 and Justice League/Young Justice x-overs lately, and I really like them! There are some great ones out there, but not enough for my tastes, so i decided to make one myself!

I hope mine is as good as the ones I read from other people, so please let me know.

Also, I am not planning on following the series entirely, though there will definitally be chapters coming right out of Young Justice first season, with a little bit of Ben added of course. I do take requests, so if there is a certain episode you want to see in this, just ask and I'll do my best. If anyone knows a good pairing for Ben, please let me know because I haven't figured that part out yet, though I am planning on keeping the canon ones, like Miss Martian/Superboy and Artemis/Kid Flash (especially like that second one).

Updates should usually happen every monday.

Anyway, enjoy!



The brunette teenage hero stopped running and turned to watch his girlfriend disappear into the black fog that was slowly but surely covering the entire planet. He wanted to run after her, grab her hand and pull her away from the nothingness closing in on him and his friends, but she's already gone and there is nothing he can do to save her anymore. Tears prick in his eyes as he runs after Gwen and Kevin. The only thing he can do for Julie now is stay alive himself and find a way to fix all this.

How this had happened, no one knew for sure. It had all started with Vilgax trying to attack Earth and force Ben to hand over the Ultimatrix. When Ben refused, Vilgax had activated a new black hole weapon. However, the weapon backfired. The powerful explosion took out Vilgax's entire fleet, and now it was slowly consuming the entire galaxy.

Ben, Gwen and Kevin finally reached the Rustbucket 3. Kevin sat down in the driver's seat and started the ship, lifting off with the highest starter speed the jet could handle. They hoped they would be able to outrun the black mist and find a way to undo the damage before it was too late. With how the black nothingness was still closing in on them while they took off from the planet, Ben would guess that wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

"We're not gonna make it!" Kevin yelled what Ben was already fearing.

The pet Galvanic Mechamorph jumped out of Gwen's arms. It barked its own name a few times before melting into the jet. The interior of the Rustbucket became Black with glowing green highlights and shot forward at twice the speed as before.

"We're getting away!" Gwen called out relieved as she looked through the window.

"Good job Ship," Ben praised the pet, looking outside as well.

He glanced out towards Earth, just in time to see the last piece of their planet swallowed by the black void. His stomach turned into knots as he thought of the 7 billion people lost. His parents, uncle Frank, aunt Natalie, grandpa Max, Julie… He hadn't been able to save them.

"Everything is gone," he mumbled sadly.

Gwen looked at Ben with tearful eyes and hugged her cousin tightly. The embrace was immediately reciprocated as Ben hugged back and buried his face in the redhead's shoulder. Sobs wracked the two cousins' bodies as they thought about all the people they had lost that day. Kevin too had to blink away tears as he tried to steer the jet to a safer part of the Universe.

"Gone, but not lost."

The three teens, the last survivors of the human race, looked up at the new voice with a British accent. Professor Paradox smiled at them while the old Galvan First Tinker sat on his shoulder, glaring at everything as was usual for him.

"Professor Paradox? Azmuth?" Ben asked.
"What are you guys doing here?"

"Stopping this useless destruction from consuming all existence in the Universe, obviously," Azmuth replied annoyed.

"And how are we going to do that?" Gwen asked curiously.

"That, my dear, is why we are here," Paradox replied.

For the first time since the trio had met Paradox, he seemed to be really worried. Azmuth was frowning as well, but that was normal for the inventor of the Omnitrix.

"However, even I cannot say how things will work out from here," the Time Walker added.

Now, the others were worried too. Paradox always knew the possible outcomes of every action they undertook as he had seen them with his own eyes. Did he mean that even he was unable to travel further in the future? That was definitely a scary thought for the three teens.

"Do you know what we need to do to stop all this?" Ben asked hopefully.

"No, but I do know how to reset all this," Professor Paradox replied.

"You mean make it as if this never happened in the first place?" Gwen asked.

"Not only that, but making it so that the threat would never even be a possibility in the first place."

"Great!" Ben exclaimed.
"How do we do that?"

"Not we," Azmuth told the brunette sternly.
"Just you."

The wielder of the Ultimatrix was slightly startled at that, but he still just nodded. He was sort of used to being the one to save everyone else, so he didn't really see the problem in doing it again. It was the least he could do after everything that had happened.

"Alright. Tell me what to do."

"It's not specifically something you must do," Paradox told Ben.
"More so, it's an impossible decision only you can make."

Ben was taken aback by the statement and the seriousness it was spoken in. Gwen shuffled around nervously next to him, and he saw her cast a suspicious glare at the Time Traveler and the Galvan. At the same time, he noticed Kevin getting up from his seat and walking towards them with a frown of his own. Ben guessed he turned on the autopilot.

"What kind of decision?" he asked before his cousin or best friend had the time to make a comment.

"Are you willing to give up your own existence and that of the Ultimatrix for the universe?"

"What?!" Kevin and Gwen shouted in chorus.

"Of course," Ben replied determined.

To be honest, he had been expecting something like this. Vilgax had only ever targeted Earth for the Omnitrix, and later because of his hatred for Ben, it would be logical he wouldn't take an interest in attacking them without either of them ever even existing. At least Earth would be safe. It seemed Gwen didn't see it that way as she stared at Ben with eyes wide in shock.

"Do you know what you are saying?" she asked him softly.

"I do," Ben replied shrugging.
"It makes sense to me. If I had never found the Omnitrix, Vilgax would have never attacked Earth. A lot of things wouldn't have happened."

"But that doesn't mean you need to disappear," Kevin pointed out.
"Only the Ultimatrix needs to be taken away and you can stay here."

"It's not that simple," Azmuth confessed sighing.
"Because of the lower quality of the Ultimatrix, Ben's fate has been inevitably merged with it. I could give him a new Omnitrix that would not pollute Ben's DNA and mix with it and even severe the bonds already created by the Ultimatrix, but it would take too long. The entire Universe, with us still in it, would be forever lost."

"So, I have no choice?" Ben asked, far too calm for the current situation.

"There is always a choice," Paradox said.
"In this case, you could choose to not reset the Universe and we would all be forced to relocate to another one and hope that other beings were able to do the same."

"That's not a choice!" Ben replied.
"I can't just leave and let thousandths of species die! I can't just sit here and let Julie be dead…"

Gwen frowned sadly and put a hand on her cousin's shoulder in a comforting gesture. Ben looked at her for a moment, smiling gratefully as she smiled back at him. She nodded in understanding.

"What would it mean for us?" she asked.
"If Ben is erased. We won't remember him, right?"

"I'm afraid not," was Paradox's soft reply.

Gwen nodded and squeezed Ben's shoulder. Ben could see that the thought alone was hurting her. He felt a pang as well, the idea of never being able to see his family ever again wasn't exactly a happy one. Still, if it could bring back the people he loved the most… He would never want to live knowing he could have saved them all but chose not to.

"That's decided then," he spoke up, smiling weakly.
"I'll disappear and everyone can live a normal life. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me."

Gwen and Kevin were silent, but they looked like they wanted to disagree. Knowing that neither of them would be able to chance Ben's mind, Kevin gave a sad grin and held out a hand towards his best friend.

"I'd say that I'd never forget you," he started, chuckling.
"But I guess that would be a lie."

Ben smiled hesitantly and grasped Kevin's hand. The taller teen suddenly pulled the brunette forward and hugged him tightly. Ben was a bit shocked at the sudden uncharacteristic affection he received from his friend. After a few seconds, his eyes softened and he hugged back.

"Thanks, Kev," he mumbled.

As they let go of each other, Ben was immediately enveloped in a new, even tighter hug by his cousin. Gwen buried her head in Ben's shoulder and cried softly. Again, Ben hugged back, trying hard to keep tears away from his own moistening green eyes.

"Ready, Ben?" Professor Paradox asked after a while.

The brunette nodded and let go of his cousin. He walked over to where the Time Traveler stood, but turned around to face his two best friends one last time.

"I know you won't remember, but promise me you'll find each other again," he started hesitantly.
"Take care of each other… and Julie. Make sure she finds someone she can be happy with."

"We will," Gwen replied weakly.

A flash of bright blue light surrounded Ben, forcing him to close his eyes. When he opened them again, he was standing in a park on Earth, in the middle of the night with a bright sky illuminated by the moon and innumerable twinkling stars. His eyes widened at the sight and he in the rest of his surroundings, searching for any signs of the fog. He found Professor Paradox standing in front of him, Azmuth still sitting on his shoulder, and an Anodite floating next to the Time Walker.

"Grandma?" he asked.

"Hello Ben!" the energy being replied grinning.

"What are you doing here?" Ben asked confused.
"What am I doing here? Wasn't I supposed to erased from existence?"

"Only from your own Universe," Paradox explained.
"But we are no longer there."

"Then where are we?" the brunette asked confused.

"A parallel universe that will reach its own crisis. Soon, they will need you."

"Why? I thought I would be done with playing the hero."

"We understand that, sweetheart," Verdona told him softly.
"I said the same thing when the Time Walker told me. You deserve a normal, happy life after all the sacrifices you made. Because of that, I have decided to stay with you."


Ben was honestly happy his grandmother wanted to stay by his side in this new world. He had always thought she loved Gwen more than him because she had the 'spark' and he didn't. That she was willing to leave their own universe behind to help him out, made his heart swell. That was, until another thought crossed his mind.

"But… if you never existed in our world, wouldn't Gwen…?" he asked wide eyed.

"Don't worry dear!" Verdona laughed.
"Anodites can travel between universes. I never stopped existing there. I just moved away."

"And what about Azmuth? Shouldn't he forget about me too?" Ben asked.

"As if I'd ever willingly give up my greatest creation," the Galvan snorted.
"No, Benjamin. I'm going to keep a close eye on you. Make sure you use it properly."

To say Ben was shocked at the revelations that both his grandmother and Azmuth would be coming with him would be an understatement. He had thought he was going to die, but now, here he was, given a second chance in life, a normal one even, if he wanted to. Better yet, he wouldn't be alone, like he had thought at first, but with people he cared about and he knew cared about him too, even if they tried to deny it.


Ben jumped a bit and turned around, finding the pet Galvanic Metamorph crawling his way. Ben laughed happily at the sight of his and Julie's shared 'dog' and opened his arms, allowing the creature to jump in his arms. Still grinning widely, he turned around again to face the three others still standing there.

"Ship's coming too?" he asked hopeful.

"Of course," Paradox replied smiling.
"Without you, Ship will never meet Julie, so he only has you left as well."

Ben's smile faltered a bit at the realization he was never going to see Julie again. The thought was more than a little painful to him. He had truly loved Julie. She was sweet, understanding, smart and a really great tennis player. He had admired her so much. Even now, he often wondered how she could ever stand being with him, especially when he was so selfish.

"Ready for the de-aging process?" Professor Paradox suddenly asked.

"What?! Why should I be de-aged?"

"A younger you will make it easier to blend in," Verdona replied.
"That way, you have more time to adjust to everything and prepare for what will come."

Frowning, Ben nodded. He guessed that made sense, but it didn't mean he was looking forward to it.

"Don't worry, Ben," Paradox said smiling.
"You'll only be five years younger again. See it as a second childhood."

"Will I keep my memories?" Ben asked nervously.

"Of course."


Verdona put a comforting hand on his shoulder and smiled at him. Taking a deep breath, Ben faced Paradox. All nervousness had disappeared from his face, and his eyes had a determined glint in them.

"I'm ready," he spoke.

Professor Paradox opened his pocket watch and Ben was once again surrounded by the same bright blue light that had brought him to that place. He closed his eyes, knowing that when he opened them again, nothing would ever be the same.