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Kagome was livid. So much so she was seeing red! She had just finished what she thought was the game with a horrible curve ball, because torture was never a cakewalk; and now it had come down to something so humiliating she was seriously debating on backing out. She had a moral code, and she was not going to break it for some stupid contest!

The next test was to see how good of a lover she could be. Seriously! Why did she have to be the one to prove herself? All what the guy has to do is stick it in, grunt a few times as he thrusts, and ejaculates inside. Then he rolls over and goes to sleep or gets something to eat and thinks he's the manliest man ever. Two minutes does not make you a man; it makes you a walking reproductive organ.

Now the woman should be the one that needs to see how delivering a partner can be. Why else was the Kama Sutra written and illustrated with pictures? So men could read and understand how to please a woman. The woman should be allowed to have hundreds of partners (without being thought of as a slut) because she needs to find the one guy who can please her like no other can. What could be sloppy for one is considered romantic for another.

Men took the power, which is how she got to be pacing in her small room at the back of the demon compound. She wasn't sure if she could go through with it. As much as she wanted to win, she wasn't prepared to give up her virginity for some contest. She might come from the future and when morals went out the window with passion and 'love' but she still believed in saving herself for someone she loved and respected. She thought Inuyasha would be the one, but with him mating Kikyo, that option came off the table.

Kikyo walked in Kagome's room, watching Kagome pace back and forth mumbling to herself. "You don't have to have sex with him." Kikyo told her as she took a seat on the chest.

Kagome stopped pacing for a moment and looked at the woman sitting comfortably in her room. "What do you mean?" She was baffled. The challenge was to sleep with Sesshomaru.

"The contest requires you to show off your skills." Kikyo couldn't meet her eyes. "Inuyasha has explained this thing you call 'blowjob'…" She couldn't continue.

Kagome wanted a hole to open up and swallow her whole. "Oh my god!" She hid her reddening face in her hands. "How much did he tell you?"

"I have tried recreating the experience you give, but apparently my skills are lacking." Kikyo stated with brutal honesty. She had come to terms with being inexperienced compared to her reincarnation. Kagome came from a different time with different views and techniques for everything. This one little lacking would not embarrass her.

If Kagome had ever prayed for a demon hoard attack, or Naraku to come out belly dancing nude, now would definitely be the time.

"Kagome, remember you come from a time and place where sex is different. I could never do or think of half of the things you do. The place you come from shows you how a woman can regain control of a male dominated situation. You have the power, both on the inside and on the outside, to take what you want. You just need to take it."

Kagome stared at the older woman. Never in a million years would she have guessed Kikyo capable of thinking, let alone saying those things! Kikyo was right about one thing: she needed to take what she wanted.

All Kagome had to do was show Sesshomaru her skills. A blowjob was a much better alternative than having sex with a complete stranger. Okay, so he wasn't exactly a stranger either, but this was the lesser of two evils. If she went through with the next challenge, would that make her a slut? She gave Inuyasha a few rounds with her mouth, and of course, she'd also thought they were going to be together forever. But would going a round with Sesshomaru make her less of a woman?

Who decided? Who determined her self-worth? Who decided it was morally wrong to test drive a potential lover?

Plus, now the end game was in sight. Win this and the game would be over. Win this and everything becomes worth it to see the look in his face when she denies him. "Inuyasha doesn't know does he?" Kagome checked outside to see if the fuming half demon would start a rage. While she might not belong to him, he was still overprotective of her.

"Inuyasha is out investigating a possible shard location. He should be back this evening to say he can't find anything without one of us present. Then I will go with him to confirm or deny a shard. During that time, you will be doing the contest. Inuyasha will not know at all or will not know until it's too late."

Kagome stared with awe and wonder. She wanted to ask how someone so pure could be so devious but couldn't find the right words.

Kikyo understood the younger girl's question. "Just because I'm a priestess doesn't mean I can't have thoughts or ideas. I am still a woman, Kagome."

"I'm sorry," Kagome said meekly. "Thanks for taking care of Inuyasha. Now I have a devious idea but would it be overkill?" She bit her bottom lip and chewed on it nervously as the thought lit up a light bulb.

Kikyo's proper posture never faltered as she shifted positions. Kagome was envious at how Kikyo could have a regal air about her, "Kagome, I am sure your plan will be overkill, but it is one of your qualities. You are not one to do anything half assed."

Kagome bit on her abused lip and got Kikyo to stand and went into the chest. She removed a plastic bag containing her dilemma. "It's a present Kouga asked me to get for Ayame. She likes white and he wanted to present her with a courting gift." Kagome removed the white fur bikini and matching boots. "Apparently she has an affinity to white."

"And you want to use them on Sesshomaru?"

"Is that too much?" She could wear a bikini out in public, she did sometimes at the beach. She was aware of her scars, but they were a part of her, made her who she was. She used a lot of Vitamin E serum to lighten the harshness of the angry tissue, but she accepted the deformity as part of her.

Kikyo laughed. "I'm glad Inuyasha will not be anywhere near here."

"So not too much?"

"If you're still playing to win, then you would."

Kagome nodded with resolve. "Guess I owe Kouga a new gift." She laughed in disbelief. She was going to actually go through with it. It didn't take her long to get ready. She didn't need to prepare herself since she wasn't going to reveal her private parts. But she did like to be clean so she took a bath and covered her body in a whipped body butter.

Kikyo lent her a spare gi, which was shorter in the sleeves and slightly longer stopping at mid-thigh. She grabbed her bag and made her way into the giant meeting room to meet her doom. It just dawned on her that he might want to have an audience. Could she deal with eyes staring at her?

That was something she didn't know. She didn't have long to wait before the last candidate walked into the room. She was all dressed up with fine silks and jewels, making Kagome feel slightly under dressed, despite the obvious fact she was. She just needed to show off her skills; she didn't need to market herself anymore than she already had.

Sesshomaru walked in and gave the two a once over before raising a single eyebrow in Kagome's direction. "Have you decided to resign, Miko?" He sneered.

Yup, that's all she needed to steel her resolve. Kagome stood and allowed the baggy gi to fall silently to the floor. She grabbed the bag and walked right up to the demon lord, swaying her hips and smirked. "Where are we going to do this? I've never done it in front of a crowd before. Could be a thrill if you swing that way."

She wasn't prepared for the forceful tug of her arm and her immediate removal of the room to an inner chamber. Kagome grabbed her arm and rubbed it, soothing the skin of its rough abuse. The room itself was nothing to brag about; it was a small room with a chest, a large futon and a chair. She deposited her bag by the bed. The door closed slowly and she turned to watch Sesshomaru watching her.

His golden eyes devoured her scantily clad body. This made Kagome bold. It gave her some form of control and she was going to take it and hold it in a death grip. "Like what you see?"

The demon lord growled low and made his way over to her. He circled her a few times, admiring his captured prey. Kagome wasn't going to relinquish the power any time soon. His fingers trailed the fur along the middle of her back. The dreaded underwire pushed her breasts up and out giving her more cleavage.

Kagome gave him a smile. He too smiled, but it wasn't kind or filled with nice thoughts. His fingers trailed down to the strings that tied the bottom together. She watched as his fingers slightly pulled against the string to test its resistance. Kagome gently smacked his fingers and stepped out of his reach.

The look on his face told her that this was new territory. It seemed Sesshomaru didn't know how to react to dominating women. This made Kagome feel even more powerful. It left her with a tingling sensation, shivers running down her body.

Sesshomaru moved too fast for her to see, her head was grasped in his firm grim. Before she could do or say anything, he lowered his mouth to hers in a crushing kiss. It wasn't gentle or passionate; it was rough and demanding as he tried to force her body into compliance. Kagome didn't comply, and she fought back with her own dominance.

No lips had to beg or plead for entrance, the battle had no beginning, it just was. She ran her tongue against his canines, loving the feel of their deadliness against her soft muscle. His tongue was as silky as she expected it to be. She could just imagine what he could do with the smooth texture. She knew not to go there, but her mind couldn't help itself. She felt him smirk against her as her body rushed with warmth telling her she was starting to get aroused.

It would be no fun if the party ended without her plan being put into place. Instead she took back control of the kiss and slowly broke it off and tugged on his lower lip with her teeth before glancing up. His eyes were slightly clouded over in lust.

"Strip," Kagome ordered him and took a step back to watch. He watched her a moment before he made a move toward her. This time she was ready. She was out of his immediate reach again. "Don't make me repeat myself." She told him with more authority in her voice.

His eyes narrowed, but he slowly complied. Kagome crossed her arms over her chest and watched as he stripped. She tried not to look at the slow pace he set for himself. She turned the chair so she could watch as he put on a show.

Kagome sat there, legs crossed, elbows on each chair arm and biting on the index nail of her right hand. His bare chest screamed at Kagome. It was well defined, and despite his missing arm, he was a fine specimen. His hand rested on the wrap holding his pants up. She could feel heat start to pool between her legs. She crossed and uncrossed her legs, trying to relieve herself of the feeling. She would not cave now.

She stopped biting on the abused fingernail and decided he took long enough. She walked up to him with a determined fire in her eyes. "You took too long." She chastised as she moved her hand up and down the front of his pants. She could feel the length of him growing and hardening under her touch. She savored the feeling. This was all because of her. She was the reason he was hard. It was a power trip.

It didn't take her long before she could feel a dampening against her hand. He made a move to grab her but stopped when she dropped to her knees and put her hot mouth against his swollen member. Her blue eyes looked into his, "Strip." She commanded again. It didn't take long this time before his pants were removed and he stood naked in all his demon glory.

God, he was hot. The magenta stripes hugged his body like a secret lover. She traced her blunt nails up the sides of his legs to his hips and over to his backside and pulled him closer. Kagome needed to remember her mission and challenge. She was slowly losing all willpower to play the game and just wanted to lose herself in the sensations.

Sesshomaru's growl, almost snarl, reminded her she had the power and she wasn't going to give it up. She used her nose and pressed it against him, smelling him as intimately as she could get. She honestly expected it to be much worse than it was. Thank goodness for small miracles.

Her fingers moved up the stripes, his muscles danced under her soft touch. She stood and ran both of her hands over his nipples. His sharp intake of breath made her smile. Before he could react, she leaned forward and placed a tiny bud in her mouth. She wasn't a nipple person, but she knew they were a pleasure zone.

Her teeth grazed over the nipple as she removed it from her mouth and moved to the next one. He tried to bite back his moan, but his body told Kagome he was enjoying it. Kagome continued to abuse the now red buds until he could no longer stand the stimulus to his body.

Kagome knew what he was trying, he wanted to throw her on the bed and regain control, but she wasn't having any of it. She wrapped her hand around his length and stroked it. His body shook and his manhood pulsed telling her he was about to experience his first orgasm. She quickened the pace of her hand and placed her mouth greedily over the hardened nub and helped send him over the edge. His seed coated her hand and his stomach.

Kagome pushed him towards the bed, which he didn't complain about. His brain still in a fog from his release. Kagome didn't want to give him too much time to recover. She still had to win the game. She kneeled in between his legs and ran her tongue down his stomach cleaning up the evidence of his release.

It wasn't the worst taste, but she had put better things in her mouth: like udon and chocolate. Her breath teased his tip and it sprung back to life to squeeze out more white liquid. Inuyasha was the same way. He had never had proper fellatio, so it was hyper stimulated by her acts. Kagome smiled; she wasn't done yet. Sesshomaru might have been silent, but his body was speaking loud and clear.

She took his entire shriveling length in her mouth and sucked on it. She sucked out the last few remaining drops, the demon lord snarled and bucked his hips, trying to get Kagome to relinquish her dominance.

She was nowhere near done. She removed his flaccid member from her mouth and ran her tongue to his perfectly shaped, hyper sensitive ball sack. The hair covering them was fine and soft, another thing she was thankful for. She took one ball into her mouth and rolled it about with her tongue. The demon arched his entire back off the futon and stared at her with swirling red and gold tinged eyes.

The power she controlled over him was almost powerful enough to let herself slip-up. She could see herself under him, submitting herself to the pleasure she was sure the demon lord would return after what she had done to him. All she had to do was let go. She wouldn't. Not yet. This was a game she would not—could not lose.

Sesshomaru grabbed a fistful of Kagome's hair and pulled her up to meet his eyes. He growled low; Kagome took that as a sign of walking on new territory. Which was a good thing for her, and a whole new experience for the demon Lord.

He forced her head to the side and licked a sinful trail from her collarbone to the shell of her outer ear. She felt herself slowly losing to the rapidly growing pool between her legs. She wasn't sure when it was but she was now positioned on her back with Sesshomaru on top. His now pure red eyes stared down at her like she was the captured prey. Right now, she was. She also had no idea on how to reverse the situation and take back the power.

She had no idea how sinful and erotic smelling someone was. He had yet to touch her, and she was already feeling the effects. His heated breath on her skin had her body wiggling, pleading for more, although Kagome would never concede.

She felt his member heated with new life, resting dangerously close to her core. She needed to think, but her brain was slowly becoming mush. Right now she wanted nothing more than to relinquish power and control. It would have been too easy and she would have loved every minute of it. There was one problem: she wasn't a fan of losing.

Painfully pushing the desire away, she pulled his body closer so he was practically seated on her stomach. She personally didn't see the desire of this position, but apparently guys (so she was told) and Inuyasha swore by it. Granted, it could be the name alone that turned her off. But for the game, she was pulling out all the stops and if giving Sesshomaru a 'tit-fuck' was the winning factor, she could live with that. Mammary intercourse was a much better name, but it was so scientific and cold.

She placed his member under the tube top of the bikini and in between the two mounds pushed together from the underwire. It took a fraction of a second before Sesshomaru took control and started enjoying his new conquest.

Kagome prepared herself and used her free hands to push her breasts closer together. Sesshomaru growled low and grunted at the added pressure. Kagome grinned as the demon lord snarled slightly at her. She had once again regained control.

She could feel himself slowing down, trying to regain his own control and to regain what was once lost. Kagome wasn't going to lose control of this game anymore. She came to a shocking realization that she wouldn't mind losing her virginity to Sesshomaru, and it was for that reason now she couldn't lose.

She upped the pleasure, making sure he would definitely lose all control. She would win even if it would kill her. As he pumped between her breasts, she darted out her tongue and flicked his tip with her tongue.

Kagome felt that one flick was almost the death of him. Well for that round. Kagome watched as it took every ounce of control Sesshomaru possessed not to release himself on her. Kagome tried so hard to bite back a smile, but it was failing miserably.

Sesshomaru growled low, demanding obedience from his lover under him. When Kagome let out a strangled laugh, he crushed her mouth with a searing kiss. The kiss wasn't soft, wasn't kind. It was another battle for dominance, which neither party wanted to relinquish.

Kagome won when she moved her head forward and sucked on the tip, hard. The demon lord threw back his head and roared. Kagome watched as his jaw started transforming. He was losing complete control of himself, and as much as Kagome should have been afraid, she was relishing the power she had over him.

His following release wasn't too long afterwards. His essence coated her chin, neck and upper chest. He stared at her coated in his essence and grinned. Kagome knew she would need a bath after this. She wasn't fond of the 'pearl necklace' but it was a small sacrifice in the name of winning.

She slipped out from under him. He was still on his knees enjoying the feeling, his face still trapped between demon and beast. She stood and placed his head on her stomach. He breathed in her scent and rubbed his face in her flat belly. She stroked his hair until she discovered his elfin ear. Her fingers trailed it from the tip to the base and back.

"Let me show you what a human can do that a demon can't." His head leaned up and stared at her. His molten red eyes asked the questions while his mouth was shut. "Humans have no claws," Kagome told him tracing the jagged lines on his cheeks, scraping her blunt fingernails across them. She could feel his arm running his own deadly claws up her leg. She knew, all he needed to do was press a little bit harder and he would kill her. But that was part of the thrill. She felt every second of it pool low in her belly and knew he could smell it.

"Humans have dull teeth." She shuttered the feeling he was provoking was almost her undoing. She wouldn't lose. Her teeth scraped against the sensitive shell of his ear and worked her way to the very tip. She nibbled so lightly she could barely feel the skin under her teeth.

She moaned low as his hand snaked from behind her and cupped her sex. Had she not firmed her resolve, it would have been the proverbial death of her. "Sesshomaru!" She hissed out as a single clawed finger slipped beneath the cloth covering her slid against her opening causing her to shiver in delight.

She was about to tell him to ravish her when his control slipped and he nicked her. The pain was enough to bring her back to reality. He removed his finger and watched as blood coated his digit. He was trapped between embarrassment and sorrow, and desire to bathe in the scent of her blood. It was more of a turn on for Kagome than she realized.

"Let me show you something that will blow your mind." It wasn't hard for Kagome to push him back. He brought his digit up to his lips and licked her desire and her blood. It was strangely erotic.

This would be the final test. If he was still standing after this, she would give in to all the sinful desires she was sure he could provide.

She coated her finger with her saliva and realized it wasn't going to be thick enough. She pumped his stiffened member a few times to get some precum, but it was now watery. The last option was the only one left. She slipped her fingers in between the bikini bottoms and coated her finger with her own juices. Kagome started to play with herself as Sesshomaru watched on. It didn't take her long to have her fingers coated with her essence.

The smell of her desire strongly hit both their noses as she lifted up her fingers to coat her digit carefully before placing it on the pink ring of his underside. He growled low in warning but she continued to circle the ring until slowly he started to relax and allow her finger entrance.

It didn't take very long until her finger was inside and he roared viciously at the intrusion until Kagome found the walnut shaped gland and flicked it with her fingertip. His movement suddenly stopped as his body shivered in the new sensation.

The grand finale would take all of her concentration. She wasn't good with hand-eye-mouth coordination, but she hoped she would do fine. Her finger rubbed against his prostate gland, sending new shock waves down his body and into his manhood. Her other hand traced her blunt nails down his thighs and marking. She watched as wave after wave of shocks sent him to another world.

She watched in awe as his face transformed into his beast as he lost control of himself. His thighs now bright red from her blunt tips, she decided to put them to better use. She cupped his delightfully soft balls in her hand and rolled them.

His entire body was suddenly coated in white fur. He roared as her cheek rubbed against the softness of the white fur that lined his manhood. Kagome wasn't a fan of hair, but this was so soft, so smooth, she couldn't help herself. Her lips kissed down his length enjoying the feel of heated silk. She could have lost herself in the soft feel of fur and let it surround her as he dominated her, but she couldn't allow herself that pleasure. Not now. Not when she was so close!

She discovered he liked his prostate rubbed deep and hard, and liked having his balls caressed lightly with her other hand. It took all her concentration to keep up the pace she set. There was no way she could fit the entire length of him in her mouth, so she took in the tip and gave the highly sensitive part homage.

Every push, suck, lick and feel sent him closer to the edge. She wasn't sure how long or how much he could take before he exploded. She knew it was close. Even when his body started to shake, she didn't stop. When his roar shook the walls, she made herself go faster and harder until he exploded so violently in her mouth.

She continued long after the shocks stopped and realized he had passed out. Kagome pulled her finger out and sat back. She had won. She had actually done it!

Wasting no time, she went into her bag and grabbed a wet wipe from her bag and proceeded to clean off the pearl necklace and her fingers. She would definitely need a long bath after that. She was sure his essence was also in her hair. She shivered in disgust and didn't want to think about it.

She grabbed the bottle of hand sanitizer and coated her hands in it. She didn't want to think of where her finger had just been. But it was all worth it. The demon lord was passed out on the futon. She wasn't sure how long he'd be out for, and she didn't want to be around when he woke up. She would have no control or willpower to stop herself from giving in.

Quickly, she packed away the used wet wipes for later disposal. She slung the bag over her shoulder, took one last look at the almost comatose demon and exited the room. The second door she opened contained a flustered Jaken.

"Human, what have you done to Lord Sesshomaru?" He squawked.

"Nothing that rest won't solve. You might want to let him sleep a while before you attempt to wake him." Kagome said over her shoulder but it fell on deaf ears as Jaken was already gone to check on his lord and master.

Kagome picked up the discarded gi Kikyo provided and made her way to the exit.

"No one is to bother my Lord as he rests." Jaken told the advisors, leaving no room for arguments. "You!" He waved his little green finger at Kagome, "You are a beast!"

Kagome walked out of the room laughing. She wasn't a beast; she was a tamer of beasts. She went into her room and grabbed her bathing supplies before walking towards the hot spring. She didn't need Kikyo's clothing smelling like herself and Sesshomaru so she left it in her room and walked the distance in her bikini.

She felt more than saw the eyes staring at her. Although she wanted to imagine they were all staring at her because of her… but she was almost positive they were staring at her because she smelt like Sesshomaru and because of the wall shaking roar he had released not too long ago.

The warm water was almost too hot on her skin. Her body was still heated from Sesshomaru, so she wasn't in the spring as long as she would have liked. But she was clean and that's all that mattered to her.

She stepped out of the enclosed spring and into the sight of an enraged half demon. "What the fuck did you do Kagome?!" Inuyasha snarled.

"I thought he wasn't going to know?" Kagome addressed Kikyo instead.

"I hadn't put into consideration you would actually succeed as well as you did," Kikyo stated honestly.

"You knew about this?" Inuyasha turned on his mate.

"It was only a blowjob Inuyasha. Plus, I think this means I win. Which means you win." She played on his ego a bit. She watched as Inuyasha smirked. "Plus, I owe you a big pot of ramen, don't I?"

Inuyasha grinned at the ego inflating and ramen. Subject effectively changed.

It had taken Sesshomaru two days to fully recover his strength. The rumors spread like wildfire and Sesshomaru was in no hurry to stop them or correct them. Kagome didn't mind half of them, some stating that she was a human with a demon soul or she was actually a goddess or she was a monster and devoured her lovers until they were reduced to their demon state. The only one who really had a problem was Inuyasha. He would have a problem with everything at this point. He was acting like her mate and alpha, and he was neither.

They had just finished packing their belongings and supplies and said their goodbyes when the last candidate came running out of the compound crying. "Guess she was rejected," Inuyasha smirked.

"Does that mean you win Kagome?" Shippo asked from the comfort of her arms.

"I guess it does Shippo, I guess it does." She pondered as they started to walk away from the compound gates. Hiroaki, Lupercus, and Yori stood at the gates to send them off with a farewell wave. They had almost made it to the tree cover when a loud roar was heard.

The group stopped and turned to look. "Where do you think you are going?" One of the advisors called out. The group stopped and Kagome passed Shippo off to Inuyasha and made her way back to the gates.

"I have a quest to complete, and friends and family I must see."

"When shall you return?"

Kagome turned and looked at the advisor who asked the question, then at Sesshomaru who was probably thinking the same thing. Then she laughed. "Never. You don't get it, do you Sesshomaru? I played your game. I won. Now I have the right of my winnings to turn you down." It felt so good to say she won.

"You are turning this Sesshomaru down?" His eyes swirling with rage.

"Of course I am. You have an heir. You don't need me." Kagome stared at the deaf demon child who ran into her outstretched arms the moment he left Lupercus' side.

'Not go.' He signed and tears started to well up in his amber eyes.

'I here.' She pointed to his heart. 'Ask Inuyasha. He help. I help.' She signed back. He nodded his head and allowed a few tears to spill. Kagome made the sign 'I love you' and placed it on his chest. The demon child nodded and hugged onto her hand like a lifeline. She kissed the top of his head and sent him back to Lupercus.

"On second thought," Kagome smirked. "I've conquered all of your challenges. Some designed for me to fail." Kagome caught some of the looks, "And don't deny it. So here is my challenge for you. Lucky for you, I only have one. You have 500 years to raise your son right, Sesshomaru."

"How can you say that human? You won't be alive then. Your life is insignificant to that of a demon's!" One of the advisors perked up.

"True, but I've proven I'm not an ordinary human. Live and find out." She told them and then disregarded them once more for Sesshomaru's attention. "Raise him well. If you still want me to bear your heirs, then that can be discussed later." She looked directly into his eyes and placed a hand over her stomach and gently stroked it as if she was comforting a growing child inside of her.

"Know this, my children will never be neglected. If I bear you heirs, he will be mine too." She pointed to the demon child who was shaking in delight as Lupercus interpreted what was being said.

Kagome made her way dangerously close to the demon lord. "I do hope you succeed. A repeat of the last test would be fun. I would even let you win." She was now looking at him up close. Lust was evident in both of their faces. "Please don't let me down."

She reached out and lightly thumbed the markings on his cheeks. Before anyone could react she was already on her way back to her pack. "Remember one thing; Make sure you are off the island August 6th 1945. If you aren't off the island of Japan then I can't guarantee you'll survive long enough to see me again." She told them casually and waved them off, but they understood her grave warning.

Shippo jumped back into her arms when she reached them and the group made their way back to Kaede's to regroup with her friends; followed by a future trip home to restock and catch up.

Later that night, they were camped by a fire, halfway between the demon compound and Kaede's village. Inuyasha was out catching some supper to provide for his mate and pack, Shippo was off to get some more firewood, leaving Kikyo and Kagome alone with their thoughts.

"Would you mate him?" Kikyo's voice broke through the silence.

"Huh?" Kagome asked startled from her thoughts.

"If you and he manage to make it to your time, would you mate him?" She asked again.

"In a heartbeat." She told her without any hesitation.

"Then why did you not do so now?" Kikyo asked saddened by the melancholy her reincarnation was feeling.

"We both know now is not my time. If Naraku doesn't kill me, then I'll probably be sent back to my time. It's unfair of me to leave a mate and child to struggle and survive 500 years, when for me, it's just a blink of an eye. If I die in this era, my only regret would be I didn't ride that demon until I passed out." Kagome sat back and watched the stars that were slowly coming out.

"How was he?" Kikyo poked the fire and avoided Kagome's expression.

"I wouldn't know. All I really did was give him a blowjob. And keep that a secret from Inuyasha! What's with me and only giving blowjobs to dog demons? Sheesh, maybe I'm meant to be a virgin forever." Kagome leaned back on her forearms and sighed.

"Then we will have to make sure you are alive and able to make it back to your time." Kikyo smiled as she promised Kagome.

"Deal." Kagome nodded her head in agreement.

"Besides you have to feel what their tongues can do." Kikyo half moaned as she said it. Kagome laughed so hard her arms collapsed under her as she remembered all too well the feeling his tongue had.

"Trust me I know." Kagome's reply was breathy.

Silence once again filled the camp. Inuyasha returned not too much later. He sniffed the air and snorted. "What the hell you bitches talking about?"

Without missing a beat Kagome piped up, "Just comparing you and Sesshomaru."

Kagome and Kikyo looked at each other then started to laugh. Inuyasha made a comment no one heard from all the laughing, but this made the girls laugh even harder.

After everyone was asleep, Kagome was still awake and pondering her future. She somehow knew she would live to see the future. She just hoped Sesshomaru kept up his part of the test. Or at the very least, he would still be alive. What she told Kikyo was the truth. She would die with the one regret she didn't ride the dog like a horse or was it cowboy? She wasn't too familiar with that American slang.

Until then, she would have some interesting dreams, she was sure. At least now they wouldn't be about her and Inuaysha. And she was somehow okay with that. If worse came to worse, she would be just fine. Nothing time couldn't heal.

She closed her eyes and snuggled up close to Shippo. She was going to be just fine after all.


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