A/N: It's the twins' first night home. Lovegood-Scamander family fluff.

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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry (Challenges & Assignments): HOPSCOTCH - (word)baby, (emotion) happiness, (word) sunflower, (word) moon

One Prompt, Many Fandoms [Monthly Competition]: Restriction - fic title must be the last 3-5 words of the fic

It is quiet as Luna sits in the rocking chair, the silence of the night broken only by the sound of the cicadas filtering through the open window behind her. The moon shines its light into the room, illuminating the large sunflowers painted on the wall across from her. She remembers painting them a few months earlier, taking great care in perfecting each bright yellow petal and deep green leaf. Her friends had told they were inappropriate for the room, but she simply waved their concerns aside. Sunflowers were her favourite flower, and represented so many things to her: Growth. Life. Health.


Her husband smiles as he holds out his arms for the baby resting on her chest. His eyes are tired, but there is no mistaking the joy in them that matches own. She looks down at her little boy, sleeping soundly after he had gotten his fill, and brushes a hand through his short blond locks. He nuzzles into the palm of her hand as she smiles before she hands him over to be placed into the crib next to his brother.

Luna rises from the rocking chair, adjusting her blouse as she stands next to the crib, staring down at her boys. After nine months of planning and waiting, they were finally here, they were home and just as precious and perfect as she imagined.

She turns to her husband and wraps her arms around his waist, placing a quick kiss on his lips. She never expected her life would end up like this. She had been alone, an outcast, teased and ridiculed all her life. Even when she tried to keep a positive outlook, shadows darkened her days. But then she made life-long friends, she survived a war, she travelled the world and met the love her life. She had already gone through so much, and now it was the beginning of the next big adventure.