"All right, Mr. Castle. How do they feel?" Rick looks around the room, eyes adorned with a pair of square frames.

"Not bad, doc. Not bad. How do I look?" He turns to Beckett who tries to keep from smiling.

"Well, they'll make you look a little smarter." She grins at him and he gives her a playful glare.

"They might give you a little bit of a headache at first, but wear them long enough and you'll get used to it," the doctor says.

They both shake the doctor's hand as they leave the clinic. Rick's vision isn't perfect, and he'll need glasses for the rest of his life, but considering the alternative, he can get used to his new specs.

They decide to walk back to the precinct, enjoying the beautiful day they've been presented with. They stroll hand in hand down the street, Kate giving him a playful squeeze when he looks over at her and wiggles his eyebrows. She laughs and leans into his shoulder.

She took the morning off, so they have time to stop at their favorite coffee shop before heading back to work. He nudges her away when they get inside, and she goes to find them some seats while he grabs the coffee.

Luckily, their favorite seats are unoccupied today, and she sinks into the plush red armchair. What a week, she thinks. Nearly seven days ago, their lives were completely different, and it's difficult for her to fathom the progress they've made. Last week, they were dancing around each other, not saying how they really felt, because they were to scared. Hell, she was with a different man until a few days ago, all because she was too afraid to look inside herself and discover how she truly felt about Castle.

She watches him now as he directs the barista on something, and she can't help but smile. He's such a beautiful person. She's not sure how he would feel about being called beautiful, but it's just true. Physically, yes. His broad shoulders, sharp jaw, and strong legs make him eye candy for any passersby. But it's his heart that makes him beautiful to her. He's so loving and happy despite the hardships she knows he's been through. Instead of allowing life to harden him, he lets it slip off his back and continues believing in the universe.

They're perfect for each other. She blushes at such a cheesy thought, but it's true. She brings him down to earth, and he pulls her up for air. He wasn't wrong when he said that Yin needs Yang. She was too similar to Will and to Demming and to Josh. They never brought her any joy outside of the regular physical attraction. They didn't push her to be better or to let go. They didn't make sure that she meant it when she said she was fine. She looks up as Castle makes his way over with two small lattes and a big grin on his face. Yes, a beautiful man indeed.

He places the coffee down in front of her, and a laugh bursts from her chest at what is on top. There are two little hearts etched in foam, and one of them is wearing glasses. She looks up at him, unable to disguise the love in her eyes. Love for this man that makes every day a better day for her. She stands before he gets a chance to sit down and pulls him into a passionate kiss. It's short. She doesn't want to give a show to the group of teenagers sitting near the windows, but she just needs to show him how in love she is with him in this moment. In all moments.

They break away, and his eyes are as wide as saucers. She laughs at the bug-eyed look and sits back down in her chair. He sits as well, but he still hasn't recovered from the kiss. Damn, she's good. She takes a picture of the little hearts before picking up the coffee and taking a sip. She'll put it as her lock screen wallpaper later for him to find.

When he finally comes to, she gives him another smile. "How're you feeling?"

"After that, better than ever," he says, and she lightly kicks his shin with the toe of her boot.


"My head is starting to hurt a little, but it's so worth it to finally be able to see clearly." She reaches over and grabs his hand, lacing their fingers together.

"I'm glad. I was so worried, Castle." He picks up their joined hands and places a kiss to the back of hers.

"I know, but it's fine now. It's great."

"It's perfect," she says with a smile. Any other man would call her out on another cheesy thought, but he just smiles and nods. Yes, perfect.

They finish their lattes and make their way back to the precinct, only stopping once for donuts. Castle is feeling sappy, and he wants to bring his friends at the twelfth something nice. They ride up the elevator in silence, hands still clasped as Castle balances the boxes of donuts in his other.

When they reach the homicide floor, Ryan and Esposito are already back working diligently at their desks. They look over when they hear the elevator ding and Castle and Beckett walk out. There's a lot of back-slapping and fist bumping as Castle distributes the donuts. Even though her boys were roughed up, Ryan's face still a little splotchy from the ice bath, they celebrate Castle's first day back at work instead. She's feeling irrationally emotional in this moment, but she can't help it. She loves how much her team loves each other, how they have each other's backs.

Castle's eyes meet hers, and he gives a little smirk as if he knows what she is thinking. He holds up a French Cruller for her, and she moves to be a part of the group, finally. She grabs the donut from him and places a quick, sweet kiss on his lips before taking a bite out of her donut. No one else seems to have seen it but the boys, whose mouths are hanging wide open.

"What the-"

"Are you…?"

They speak at the same time, and Beckett grins at their surprise. She shares a look with Castle who gives her a go ahead gesture.

"Yes, guys. We're together."

Ryan brings Castle into another back slapping hug, and Esposito lets out what can only be called a squeal that he will most certainly deny later, before hugging Beckett as well. When the hugs are all over, she looks back to Castle, who beams at her.

"Okay, ew," Esposito says.

"Yeah, we're happy for you an all, but if you could keep the PDA to a minimum, that would be great," Ryan says, before they both turn back to their desks.

"Like watchin' your parents kiss, ugh," Esposito mumbles as he sits down.

Castle bumps Beckett's shoulder, and they share a quiet laugh before sitting down in their prospective chairs.

Luckily for her, and maybe not so luckily for Castle, the day is slow. She's glad that there's no take downs necessary on his first day with glasses, but he was ready to get out in the action.

Instead, she finds them in a similar position as last Wednesday, before all of this madness took place. He's making a longer paperclip chain now that she's finally restocked her stash, and she's working on paperwork. Except this time, the day will end quietly, and she will go home with him instead of going back to her empty apartment. They'll make love all night long, and wake in the morning in each other's arms.

With that in mind, she signs her last form with a flourish, and looks to her partner. He's noticed the finality with which she signed the paper and is now looking at her expectantly.

"Ready to go?"

She smiles at him. "So much."

They arrive to an empty loft, of which they are extremely grateful. She turns to him as he closes the door behind them and pulls him into a soft kiss.

"What was that for?" He whispers in the air between them once they part.

"Just cause I can." He smiles at that and leans in to kiss her again. The kiss becomes heated, and before she knows it, he's walked them backwards into his office. She spins them around and pushes him into his desk chair. She climbs into the chair with him, knees on either side of his thighs and kisses him again.

"The glasses are really doing it for you, huh?" He mumbles in between kisses.

She pulls back and looks at him in the eye. "You have no idea." She moves her kisses along his cheekbone to his jaw, and he runs his hand up and down her back.

He preens at her statement. "You think I'm sexy."

She stops kissing him for favor of holding his face in her hands. "Castle."


"Less talking. More kissing."


The only thing similar between this day, and the same day a week ago is the way it ended. Not with a fizzle, but with a bang.

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