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Standing before the door to the laundromat with a basket of laundry in his hands, Billy took a deep breath. It has been two weeks since the incident at the shelter, so she had gotten over it, right? Not only that, Penny had broken up with Captain Hammer- Who fled the scene immediately- so she hadn't had anyone to talk to. But even if she didn't, why should she talk to him? She recognized him behind the goggles and white lab coat and was scared of him. The memory of the horror and disbelief on her face still shook him- Never seeing such negative emotions in her dark-hazel eyes before. Not only that, but she ran from him. She actually ran away from him.

Yes, his intention was to kill, but it was meant for Captain Hammer. He was the one supposed to die, not the young fangirl! He knew that the Death Ray was acting up, but he never knew that it would explode into countless shrapnels of death flying through the auditorium like bullets. The image of the young black-haired Captain Hammer fangirl laying on her back with a piece of Death Ray impaled in her forehead with her friend crying at her side still sent chills through his being. She was no older than twenty-three with a whole life ahead of her.

He took that all away from her less than a second. Not only that, he warned her that he could bring pain. He didn't bring just pain- He brought death.

However, if it wasn't for her death, he would not be in the Evil League of Evil, so he had something to be grateful for… Right? Yes, he lost of the girl of his dreams over it, but maybe, just maybe, she would forget the whole thing, but he had feeling that this wasn't the case. He knew she wouldn't get over it and the horror on her face told him so. That was the last time he had seen her.

Mustering up his courage, he casually opened the door, entering the familiar territory of the laundromat, and there was Penny, the lovely redheaded woman, placing her clothes in the washer. Nothing had changed about her as she still had her hair down, dressed in jeans, red blouse, and lime-green sweater- Still beautiful as ever.

Not wanting to draw attention to himself, Billy approached the washer two machines down, opening it, and began to place his clothes inside. Then noticed on the corner of his eye, Penny began to stiffen. Trying to not to notice, he continued doing his chore, until it was obvious that she trying to stay relaxed. Taking a small breath, he forced himself to face her with concern- Which he actually was- trying to act like the friends they used to be. "Is something wrong?"

Penny gave him a small glance, rushing her chore. "As if you don't know, Doctor." She growled the title as if left a bad taste in her mouth.

Billy gave a small swallow at those words.

She practically dumped the rest of the clothes into the machine, slamming it closed. "You're a sadistic murderer, Billy," she coldly stated, shoving four coins into the coin slot. "You tried to kill Captain Hammer, but instead, you got a girl killed."

"I didn't like the way he was treating you," he meekly stated, knowing that it was a lousy argument, but it was the truth. He was trying save her from a bad relationship and to love her himself. "He even ran off." It was not surprising to find the hero gone right after the Death Ray exploded. He was coward at heart.

Penny whipped a death glare at him, nearly making his face pale. "Murderer," she spat, grabbing her basket and stormed to the door.

"Penny," he tried as he turned around, watching her with heartbroken eyes. "Just please listen-"

"Why?" She snapped, turning around to face him and approached him. "You lied to me. You're not just Billy, you're Dr. Horrible, a murderer. Everything I told you, you could've been using that information for your own personal gain." Her eyes were locked on his own. "I don't even know who the hell you are. I don't even want to see you again, Billy." She whipped around, shoved the door opened, and left.

Hanging his head, Billy slowly returned to his clothes, lifelessly dropping them into the machine.

"She hates me," he murmured to Moist, his best friend and henchman, at his apartment after returning from the laundromat as the two of them were sitting on the couch- Well, Moist was standing by it.

"She just needs time to think it over," his soggy friend replied, giving a sad, supportive smile.

"No, Moist," he sighed, resting his elbow on his knees, eye staring at the floor. "This is different. She even told me that she never wanted to see me again…"

"Give her time," he repeated quietly, staring at him with kind, dark eyes.

Billy raised his head, looking at his friend for a moment then back to the floor, slowly nodding his head.

That was exactly a month ago.

Thinking it has been long enough for her to think it through, Billy heeded his friend's words and returned to the Coin Wash laundromat with hamper of clothes in hand. Taking a deep breath before the glass door, he opened it and right when he saw Penny, agony filled his heart. Gathering up his strength, he continued to do laundry, acting as if nothing was wrong at all. He forced himself not to even glance at the lovely woman two washers down as her pink jacket would catch his eye. Say something. Anything, he mentally hissed. Lightly sighing, he turned to the girl of his dreams with a heavy heart, using the washer as support. "Penny…"

She just continued to place her clothes in the machine.

"Penny," he tried, "Obviously I'm not the guy you thought I was-"

She gave no sign that she was listening.

He continued, "I hate Captain Hammer for many reasons and what he said about you-"

She emptied the basket, closed the lid, slipped four quarters in, turned the machine on, gathered the basket, and briskly walked past him.

When he heard the door closed, he turned away with a heavy heart, forcing himself to finish his laundry. When he returned to his apartment almost two hours later- Due to the wash and dry cycles- he was still lifeless as her actions repeated in his mind.

Moist was wrong… She'll never get over this.

That same night, Billy drew the goggles over his blue eyes as he returned to create another weapon for the Evil League of Evil at ten at night, dressed in a blood-red coat and black gloves. For three months Penny had never left his thoughts and right now, he was going to force her completely out and replace her with plans. She hated him, after all.