Penny covered her mouth and eyes started to water as she witnessed Bad Horse crushing Billy's ribs. His screamed of agony almost made her want to cover her ears, but the sight paralyzed her, horrified that Bad Horse, the Thoroughbred of Sin, was actually in front of her and was about to kill her friend. When Bad Horse raised his hoof over Billy's head, she had to do something. She couldn't just watch Billy die! She may have called the police and medics when Bad Horse arrived, but it may be too late. With the rest of the people in the laundromat watching, Penny dashed out the door. "Billy!"

Bad Horse turned his gaze to her, a gaze that was warning her to back off from his kill.

"Billy?" She whimpered, just staring at her friend, who almost looked dead. "Billy."

He didn't move. Probably unconscious.

She turned to Bad Horse, trying to fight the tears, trying to be strong. "Please let me have one last word with him," she pleaded. "Please. There is nothing that I can do to save him. Just give us two minutes. Perhaps even one."

Instead of lashing out, the Thoroughbred of Sin looked down at Billy, then slowly drew back his hoof, stepping back.

Penny ran to her friend's side, gently held his head, and ran her fingers through his blonde hair. "Billy," she choked. "Wake up. It's Penny." She wanted to run to Captain Hammer, beg him to get up, but knew there was no time. If Billy was going to die, she wanted to be by his side. She took his pulse on his neck and it was faint. Too faint. Tears rolled down her cheeks. "Billy…"

Looking up, she noticed Bad Horse's ears flattened, glaring at her as he approached them, wanting her to back off.

However, Penny held her ground and cradled Billy closer, protecting him, still keeping her fingers on his pulse, but lost the pulse. Jumping her fingers around his jaguar, she couldn't find it. Panicking, Penny placed a hand under his nose, but felt no air. She gently placed her ear to his chest and couldn't hear one beat. She looked down at him in distress, and rested his head on the concrete, tilted his chin back, pinched his nose, began to preform CPR. Just as she was about to compress on his ribs, she felt the broken bones under her hands, telling her that it was not possible to save his life, but continued to breathe air into his lungs as tears ran down her face.

Bad Horse began to back off, seeing that his job was finished and began to walk away as sirens echoed down the streets, coming to their position.

Penny sobbed into Billy's chest as the police and ambulance pulled into the parking lot. Medics hurried to them with a stretcher, Penny got to her feet, and stepped aside to allow the medics to do their job. A cop approached her as she was trying to compose herself. If did die, he would die a hero to her.

Billy's heart had stopped for seven minutes and was finally shocked back at the hospital. His spleen was punctured and needed to be removed, suffered four broken ribs, and an ankle, but was not out of it yet. The surgery to remove the spleen would take a hour and it was up.

Sitting in the waiting room, Penny started thinking. While in the ambulance with Billy, but took his phone and at arrival of the hospital, she dialed Moist to pick up the gear from the roof- Considering that is where Billy was dropped from and his bag was missing. The police were asking who Billy was and why Bad Horse wanted to kill him. She simply said that he was trying to stop Bad Horse from taking over the city and that he was an underdog hero. When asked about the Death Ray II, she said that Captain Hammer- Who had suffered a concussion- was the one who brought it because he heard about Bad Horse. When asked why Hammer dropped Billy off a roof, she answered that Hammer thought Billy was someone else because he had heard about Bad Horse, so he tried to get Billy to talk. The cop asked why would Hammer bring a gun that looked like Dr. Horrible's and she simply said because after Horrible nearly killed him with a Death Ray, he ordered a similar thing to get back at him. He vowed to destroy the E.L.E to save the city and wanted to kill Horrible with his own medicine. It wasn't a complete lie because she saw Hammer pointing the Ray at Billy mercilessly. She knew that he wanted revenge.

Believing her words, the cops crossed Billy out as a suspect, sending the gun back to Hammer, but luckily, Moist was aware of that, so he was going to be expecting the delivery.

"Penny?" A man's voice said.

Penny jolted her head up, facing a young doctor with glasses over his brown eyes.

"I want to inform you that the surgery was a success and he should be out any moment."

Immediately she covered her face with her hands as she wanted to cry in relief, smiling pure joy.

Billy was going to be okay.

The doctor told her the room number and started to thank him, going straight there, eager to see him herself as she could not stop smiling. She could not get to the fourth floor fast enough and the elevator ride was achingly slow. Right when the doors opened to the destined floor, she hurried to the left, following the numbers. Upon arrival at his room, she halted, and her smile grew faint, but not gone.

Billy was laying in bed, asleep, with a heart monitor beeping and a morphine drip attached to his right arm. His right ankle was propped on a pillow in a cast. Sitting in a nearby chair, Penny patiently waited for her friend to wake up, listening to the pleasant beeps on the monitor, telling her that his heart was steady.

About twenty minutes later, Billy began to stir, causing Penny to slowly stand up and approach his side.

When his blue eyes opened, they were groggy and heavy, but that sight made her eyes water in relief, fearing that she was never going to see those blue eyes again. "Penny?" He chocked, voice hoarse.

She smiled as tears filled her eyes, gently taking his hand. "Hey," she managed to say.

"I'm alive?"

"You didn't have a heartbeat for seven minutes, but they managed to start it up again," she quietly explained. "You also had your spleen removed and have four broken ribs."

His eyes slowly looked away, giving a swallow. "Bad Horse… was going to kill me."

"He left when I started to preform CPR," she quietly admitted, dropping her gaze. "He thought you were dead…"

Billy rested his head, closing his eyes. "You shouldn't have done that," he murmured. "Bad Horse will still kill me. He will not rest until I'm dead. I should've died. Bad Horse…" His voice began to drift as the heart monitor quickened.

"Billy," she soothed as her tears dried, wanting to clam him. "You're alive and-"

"He'll kill me." His eyes slowly opened. "They could find out what hospital I'm in and switch my medication and kill me. They'll kill me… They won't rest…" He gave another swallow and the monitor was still quickening. "You should've let me die. I don't want to go through that pain again…" He whimpered, looking away with pain and fear in his eyes.

Penny gently turned his head to her and kissed his lips. Immediately the monitor started to calm. "They won't kill you when you can't defend yourself," she reassured. "That's low. Even for-"

"You don't know them," he whispered. "One of them could go in disguise as a doctor when I'm asleep and switch-" He gave bitter chuckle. "They don't even have to switch it. They could just put air bubbles into my IV and… That'll be that." He quickly smirked. "I'm going to die. You just postponed my death. Thanks for that…" He looked away as heartache entered his gentle, blue eyes.

Penny sighed and gently kissed his head. "I am not going to let my boyfriend die," she whispered.

"How?" He grumbled.

"I'm not leaving your side until you walk out that door." That was a promise.

He looked at her with large eyes. "What?" He began to shake his head. "No. You have a job and- No. You can't stay here."

She looked him in the eyes and kissed him again. "I can't lose you again."

Billy kissed her as she placed a hand on the nape of his neck, drawing the kiss into a passionate one as his heart monitor began to quicken once more.

I want to thank you for reading and I hope enjoyed. I may write a sequel, so keep your eyes open for that!