YYH Roadtrip

Atsuko: Look Yusuke! My New convertible! Now, I'll tell you this once, DON'T LET ANYTHING HAPPEN TO THIS CAR!

Yusuke: La La la la la la.

Atsuko: *sigh * I'll be back later.

5 minutes after Atsuko leaves.

Yusuke: HEY A NEW CAR! I wonder who's it is.

A few minutes later

Yusuke: So Your sure its not Shizuru's?

Kuwabara: Yeah, Cause she got her license tooken away cause she was playing "Bop-It" While Driving!

Yusuke: O_o

Kuwabara: Maybe it's Kurama's?

Yusuke: why would Kurama have a car?

Kuwabara: DUH! To drive!

Yusuke: That's not what I ment.

A few more minutes later.

Kurama: Nope its not mine,I don't have a car. Why would you two think I would have a car? O_o

Kuwabara: *In the acting like his going somewhere car * LOOK! I'm driving! Weeee!

Hiei: Baka Ningen.

Yusuke: *pushes Kuwabara out of the front seat * Hey Look, keys!

Kuwabara: Man, Whoever's car this is must be a idiot.

Yusuke: I know, I feel bad for their children. *Starts Car *

Kuwabara: Do you even know how to drive?

Yusuke: No.but how hard can it be?

Kurama: Hey! Before you all try to kill yourselves I would like to state I know how to drive.

Yusuke and Kuwabara:.Congratulations.

Kurama: No. I mean. Nevermind.

Hiei: *throws Yusuke and Kuwabara in the back and sits in the drivers seat * Hn. *accidentally Hits a mailbox* Opps. *puts it in reverse then hits the mailbox again * Grr.. *hits the mailbox until it falls down *

Yusuke, Kuwabara and Kurama: O_o

Hiei: Eh heh.*hits a tree*

Kurama: I'm driving. -_-

Yusuke: Sooo, where we going.?

Kurama:..That's a good question. *already down the road *

Kuwabara: I KNOW! The arcade!

Yusuke: Why not go to the comic book store then? And after that we can all prance though daisy's and then go to story-time land.

Kuwabara: Its like you were reading my mind Urameshi! Is that some new power you learned?

Hiei: He was being sarcastic you Idiot.

Kuwabara: Hey don't call me stupid, Shrimp!

Hiei: Oaf.

Kuwabara: Shorty.

Hiei: Kisama.

Kuwabara: Uh.Idiot!

Hiei: A Carrot-Topped Baka Ningen.

Kuwabara: Idiot!

Hiei: You just said that.

Yusuke: Proves how smart he is.

Kurama: *watching them all fight isnted of the road, and didn't noticed they turned into a orange grove and on the interstate*

Yusuke: Hey..Where are we!? O_O

Kurama: uh..I.


Hiei: ..*cough* Yay *cough *

Yusuke: Maybe we could stop at a gas station and ask where we are or something.

Kuwabara: I have to go to the Bathroom!

Hiei: So?

Kuwabara: Hurry and find a gas station or a rest area!!!

Kurama: Okay.

A few minutes later they stop at a Gas station

Kurama: Um, Excuse me but where is this?

Gas Station Clerk: $1.99

Kurama: eh?

GSC: $1.99

Kurama: Right. Can I get a map?

GSC: $1.99

Kurama: Okay..


GSC: Oh okay, that's-

Yusuke: Let me guess, $1.99?

GSC: No its 2 $.

All: *Facefault *

Kuwabara: *walks in from the bathroom * Hey Guys, Guess what? I got 3 dollars for letting these 2 guys drive the car! But only around the block.


Kuwabara: Don't worry, they'll be back.

3 hours later.

Yusuke: Around the Block eh?


Hiei: Its your fault, Baka. Kuwabara: How will we survive!?

Hiei: You Baka, You're the one who got us into this.

Kuwabara: I'm to young to die!

Hiei: And to Ugly.

Kuwabara: I never got to tell Ikitchi goodbye and I loved her!

All: O_o

Kurama: well get home.soon enough.

Kuwabara: Oh my poor Ikitchi!

Yusuke: *stiffles a laugh* He loved a cat.


How will our Hero's find their way home? Will Kuwabara tell Ikitchi he loved her? Will The people who rented the car come back, personally I doubt it. Will Cows and Baby Piggys join a Mafia? Will Love and peace find their chicken grease O_o? Will I stop doing this? I just stopped. -_-