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Kurama: Something is attached to my leg..

Yusuke: That's wonderful, Kurama.

Kurama: *sigh* I swear, No one ever pays attention to me anyone..*Pulls the thing glomping his leg off his leg*

Kuwabara: Where's Hiei?

Yusuke: *Shrugs*

Kuwabara: *blinks* If were lost why isn't anyone doing anything to get back home?

Yusuke: Cause everyone back home must be looking for us now *nod nod*

Back at home....

Atsuko: Hmm, it feels like I'm missing something....*shrugs* Probably out of sake or somethin'!

Back at.Um, wherever Yusuke, Kurama and Kuwabara are.

Thingy that was attached to Kurama's leg: WHEEEEE! *Runs around hyperly* ^__^

Yusuke: O______o

Kurama: Is That....

Kuwabara: Dude! That's Hiei! 'cept chibi! Awwww that's so cute! I wanna hug it! C'mere chibi Hiei!!

Chibi Hiei: Geeeh! *Hides in a bush* O______O

Kuwabara: *Reaches in the bush in grabs chibi Hiei and picks him up* KAWAII!!

Chibi Hiei: *Blinks, Reaches in his pocket and grabs a lollypop. He licks it 2 twice and sticks in Kuwabara's hair* ^___^

Kuwabara: MY HAIR! MY BEAUTIFUL HAIR!! NOOOO! *Drops Chibi Hiei*

Yusuke and Kurama: "Beautiful hair?"

Chibi Hiei: *Kicks Kuwabara for dropping him* Baka!

At the department of crazed Hiei fans

Bobo the Hobo: As leader of DOCHF (Department of Crazed Hiei fans) I, leader of DOCHF, Say we capture The chibi! *Points to a TV that shows what's going in on in the interstate with Hiei, Yusuke, Kurama and Kuwabara* We must go in when everyone is asleep and steal the Chibi Hiei for all our Glomping needs!


Bobo the Hobo: Oh, and we must thank the Department of Rejected Sailor scouts for our equipment.


Sailor Razor: You don't have to yell...

Sailor Deaf: What? Huh?

Sailor Urine: Bleh O_o

Bobo the Hobo: ¬___¬

Back at the Interstate...

Chibi Hiei: *Beating Kuwabara with a Stick* Die, Die, Die!

Kurama: Hiei! DON'T kill Kuwabara with a stick!

Chibi Hiei: Hiei kill Kuwabara with Gun then! ^___^

Kurama: No you can't do that either!

Chibi Hiei: Nyah! *Kicks Kuwabara*

Kuwabara: *On the ground* leave me aloneeee! *Sniff*

Yusuke: ^___^ Good Hiei! Have a lollypop!

Chibi Hiei: OOOOH!! *Sits on down on the ground and licks the lollypop* ^___^

Kuwabara: *sniff* Is it safe to get up now?

Kurama: *nod nod*

Kuwabara: Oh good...*Stands up and gets hit in the shoulder with a plastic chibi sword* OWWWWIEEEE!! *Falls on the ground and cries*

Chibi Hiei: *Looks around innocently* Mwha?

Kurama: Hiei, stop abusing Kuwabara.

Yusuke: It'll give him low self-esteem to know a Chibi can kill him.

Chibi Hiei: Kill now?

Kurama: No. You can't kill him.

Chibi Hiei: Mwha. *Burst into tear and hides in the bush again*

Yusuke: Kurama! You made Chibi Hiei cry!

Kuwabara: *Sniff* You heartless bastard!

Kurama: I Didn't mean to...

Chibi Hiei: *in bush*

Kurama: *Pulls Chibi Hiei out of bush and outs him on him head* ¬_¬

Chibi Hiei: ^___^ *Puts lollypop in Kurama's hair*

Kurama: O_o

Yusuke: ...Why is Hiei chibi anyways?

Hiei: Burger King. *nod nod*

Kurama And Yusuke: What?

Hiei: B U R G E R K I N G

Yusuke: Sooo, What was the last thing you remember doing Hiei?

Chibi Hiei: *Pulls the Lollypop out of Kurama's hair and puts it back in his mouth* Burger King.

Kurama: You went to Burger King?

Chibi Hiei: *Nods* Sugar...

Kurama and Yusuke: O_o

Chibi Hiei: Spice and everything nice makes....

Kurama and Yusuke: O_____________O

Chibi Hiei: THE POWERPUFF GIRLS!!!! ^______^

Yusuke: Okay so you went to Burger king and You seen the powerpuff girls? O_o

Chibi Hiei: *pulls out those toy things you get from burger king of Bubbles and throws it a Kuwabara*

Kuwabara: X_x

Kurama: Oh, You ate at Burger king and go a-

Chibi Hiei: POTTY!! ^_____^ Yusuke: *Cough* Okay then.....

Chibi Hiei: Potty so FLUUUUUUSH!

Kurama: Yeah, it does but what does that have to do with you being Chibi?

Chibi Hiei: Flush!

Yusuke: So you ate at burger kind got a happy meal toy thing and went to the bathroom?

Chibi Hiei: Fuh..

Yusuke and Kurama: Uh huh...

Chibi Hiei: Luuush!

Kurama: ¬_¬

Yusuke: This is gonna take a while....

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