Ok, so this is set right after Mad Love, that episode of Batman:The Animated Series where Harley is thrown from the window by the joker.

I realize that a lot of stuff is missing, and cannon is pretty much dead now. Also, I know a lot of the things I write is in no way the proper way to handle domestic violence, or insane criminals. Just, pretend...for me.

I'll try to keep Harley as in character as I can...but who knows?

Chapter 1: The Jerk

Harley closed her eyes against the bright orange light that flooded the street she was currently limping down.

Her jesters outfit was ripped in various places, cuts and bruises marring her pretty skin.

Bud and Lou were trailing after her slow moving form, concern for their 'mother' making them ignore the hunger that gnawed at their stomachs. Harley quietly sniffled , and winced in pain as blood ran down her nose.

It's probably broken. Ugh, I'm gonna have swollen eyes forever.

Then, as if it couldn't get any worse on this already horrible day, rain began to pour onto the Doctor's head.

Oh shoot...this is just great.

"Of course puddin' would be mad at me, I had ta' explain it to him! What was I thinkin'?"

Harley murmured to herself, gently rubbing her hands on her babies heads as they boxed her in for support.

This ankle is definitely bad. I need ta' find a place to fix myself up. Maybe Ivy'll take me in?

A car whizzed past the trio, splashing them all with a tidal wave of dirty water.


Harley spluttered up the muddy water out of her mouth, tears of frustration and despair welling in her cerulean eyes.

"Oh babies, did that bastard get you too? Oh, I have ta' get you boys a bath!"

"Oh no! Are you ok?!"

Harley whipped her head in the direction of the high-pitched voice that came out of nowhere. The person in question was a few inches shorter then herself, with brown hair that was sticking to her neck in wet curls, and a plump frame that was being covered by a grey hoodie.

"Wah-? Me?" Harley pointed to herself, then checked around for someone else the Jerk had gotten with his recklessness.

"Yeah, you. Are you ok? I saw that asshat splash you and your dogs! He totally knew what he was doi- Oh my Lord! Look at you, do you need some help? I can call the police, or someth-"

"Whoa, whoa , whoa! No cops! Um...My puddin' and I had a bit of a fight, that's all."

The strange woman's chocolate eyes suddenly hardened. Harley watched as her fists tightened on her backpack straps. She took in a deep breath, then spoke.

"Ok, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna regret this-"

The woman sighed, eyeing the jesters hat sloppily tilted on Harley's head, and her hyenas whom had stepped out of the dark. "But what's your name, are those hyenas and do they attack other animals?"

Harley looked down at her babies, hoping they'd give her the answer to dealing with this woman's questions, but the traitors gave her the double puppy dog pout.

"Yeah, you might regret this. The name's Harley, these gentlemen are Bud and Lou, they are hyenas, and not unless it attacks me first...or looks like lunch. They haven't eaten in a while."

The woman sighed again, but stuck out her hand none the less. "Hi Harley, I'm Caroline, but you can call me Lena. Now, would you accept the help of a complete stranger? Your babies are hungry, you're hurt, and I'm guessin' you need a place to stay since you and your puddin' are fighting. I'm offering you a place to crash and get yourself right."

Harley gaped at the shorter woman as she automatically took Lena's hand and shook it.

Didn't she know who she was?! Didn't she watch the news?! Harley was dangerous! Gotham's second most wanted...aside from her puddin'.

"Don't you watch the news?!" Harley blurted out, incredulous at Lena's stupidity. Lena wasn't phased by Harley's brashness, instead she nodded her head wearily.

"Yeah, but I'm new here. I've only been in Gotham for a week and a half. But I'm not interested in anything else, as long as you don't rob me blind or hurt me, you can stay at my place." Harley took another look at her babies, and winced as she sniffled again.

"Ok, Ok. I know when I'm beat. Where's your place anyways?" Lena let a big smile overtake her face, her cheeks swelling to the point that they looked like they would overtake her eyes. "Right in front of us." Harley followed Lena's outstretched finger to the building that she had been leaning against.

"Oh...well then! Let's get my babies fed and washed! Don't worry Lena, I'll clean up after any mess they make!" Harley said excitedly, almost forgetting her injuries as she led her babies into the clean building.

"I am so gonna regret this."

So?... I got this idea after seeing the trailer for the Suicide Squad Movie, and idk. What if Harley had someone who wasn't a villain or a hero take her in? Just a thought. Already working on the second chapter, tell me if you like.