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Mobile Suit Gundam Century's Dawn

Year: UC 295
Place: Underground facility code-named: "Tokyo Underground"


Michael Harmond liked to listen to loud music when he worked. But he was so good at what he did that his superiors
didn't force him to remove the headphones from his ears. Even through a random loud group long-since forgotten,
Michael could still hear orders given to him. Since today was a special day, he turned the volume down.

"Michael, give me a status report," his superior ordered.

"We're all set here, sir." Michael gave him a thumbs up.

"Good, suit up, we'll initiate the fusion within the hour."

Michael groaned. He hated wearing the special pressurized suits. The oxygen that was emitted from his tank had the
smell of seaweed that made him natious. But it was top priority that he wore it. He didn't want to be affected the
same way other have.

The Boss (Michael's nickname for him) zipped up his own pressurized suit). "Prepare for final checklist. This is it,
people. If everything goes smoothly, it'll go down in... oh wait, no it won't, because nobody will know about it."
Michael and the others laughed at The Boss's joke. "All right, begin final check list. Michael!"

"Exhalation vents connection going smoothly."


"Mutation rate proceeding at 5.8% ipm, no big affect."


"All forces and allies have been evacuated."


"Global-wide jamming signal in place. Cut-off from the Colonies successful."

"Stephen, give me a personnell report."

"Andrew's reporting faulty tube in his suit. He has been put into suspended animation."

"Michael, what about our clean-up crew."

"They're ready to destroy all evidence."

"Speaking of destroying evidence..."

"Self-destruct set for twenty minutes after final release."

"Good." The boss held something in his hand. "Don't worry, Doctor Asif, your research is being put to good use.
All right, this is it! Release on my mark... mark!" High above the facility, a strange mist emitted from smoke
stacks. This mist was no different from normal fog.

The same thing was happening all over the world, a fog defying all weather patterns seemed to cover every square inch
of the planet, yet nobody noticed. They also didn't notice a few changes like a memorial for the heroes of the One-Year
War suddenly disappear and a park appearing in its place. The Grand Canyon was a graveyard for Mobile Suits, but now it
had returned to its original state. In just one night and day, the world changed.

And nobody noticed.


5 years later
UC 300.

[Title: A Visit to Scatterhaven.]

The calendar of the Universal Century has reached the year 300. The Earth has fallen into a state of disarray due to a
war against an organization of countries who are seeking total world domination. Even though the Earth Federation has
numbers on their side, they are being overwhelmed by the battle-hardened soldiers of the Alliance of Middle-Eastern
Countries. This is because they had one advantage: strange humanoid machines that could devastate entire platoons
with a single strafe. To make matters worse, the Colonies have severed all diplomatic and economic ties.
Now, one ship will reawaken an ancient power that will turn the tides in this Century Dawn War.


War had not been going well for the Earth Federation. Despite their combined forces, the terrorists who command most
of the Middle East and Northern Africa areas have been holding them at bay and even pushing them back.

Of the battles of the Century's War, the Earth Federation had lost over 58% of them.

The Exalon was the flagship of the Earth Federation. It was designed to hold battles from all sides, but even it was
beginning to wear down, as was its crew.

On the bridge, Commander Noah Lucas leaned back in his command chair. They have arrived at the EF Base in New Sydney
to resupply. But right now, resupplying was the furthest from his mind.

"Sir," called Lieutenant Muro Okawa, the helmswoman. "We're locked down."

"Good. Let me tell you something, Muro, this is getting old very fast."

"Resupplying, sir?" Muro asked casting a side glance. Even though the man was 44, the tide of war was taking its toll
on him, making him look almost twice his actual age. Muro couldn't blame him.

Noah chuckled. "No, I mean this war. Ever since the Terrorists found those... what are they called again?"

"Zakus I think," Muro filled in although she wasn't exactly sure on the name. The only time they have heard of them
was from intel reports and even those were sketchy to say the most.

"Whatever those things are called, the DD have been using them and have been butchering ourforces. I hate to say it,
Muro, but I fear Earth is doomed."

"Hey, that's not the Noah Lucas that I know."

"Sorry, 'Ro, it's..."

"I know, it's affecting me too." Noah smiled. The two had been serving together for so long it was like they could
read each other's thoughts.

"Commander Lucas," one of the officers called from the upper observation deck. "Captain Richards on comm."

"All right, let's see what that desk jockey wants."

"Nice to see you too." The small monitor in front of the bridge showed a man who could've been Noah's younger brother.
"I see life on that luxury liner hasn't dulled your sense of humor."The "luxury liner" was actually a Pegasus-class

"Reed, not that I'm glad to see your face, but is this a social call?"

"Getting down to business as always, George." 'George' and 'Reed' were nicknames that the two called each other.
Richards' actual name was Stephen. The two just loved to insult each other but they were actually good friends.
"Just need to know how long your ship will need resupplying."

"Twenty minutes," Muro whispered.

"Twenty minutes," Noah relayed. "Why, eager to see us off?"

"Don't take it personal, but intel's gotten whispers that an AMEC squadron is on this way. We're generating MPs
but I don't think it will make much difference if they see us. Imagine if they find the flagship of the fleet here."

"It would be a tempting target," Noah grumbled. "All right, as soon as we're refilled, we'll get out of here.
Got any other requests? Want me to pick up take-out while we're in the area."

Richards laughed. "I wouldn't mind, but I'm sure cook would."

"Anything for you, Reed, I'll tell the crew not to wander far."


Not too far from the EF base was an area that has yet to feel the full effects of the Century War. And two children who
don't realize that destiny has something horrible and wonderful planned for them. Those children were Koshiro Anaka
and Paiyako Mushimi, both age 15.

"Hurry up, Koshiro," Paiyako called. "We're going to be late again."

"Hey, give me a break, Pai," Koshiro replied. "We're not all as fast as you."

"You're just lazy," Paiyako accused but her smile could tell that she was just joking with him. Koshiro and Paiyako had
been friends for years. They practically grew up side by side. Paiyako, or Pai, as people who are close to her
have been known to call her, has had a secret crush on Koshiro since she could first discovered romance. But because of
her shyness, she could never tell him the truth.

To tell the truth, Koshiro always found her rather attractive as well. Paiyako was rather small for her age with a lithe
frame and short dark blue hair and eyes. Her voice had a soft tone and her attitude was carefree.

As for Koshiro, he was tall with light brown spikes of hair and green eyes. His shoulders were broad and stern.
Right now, they were both dressed in school uniforms.

"Hey Pai," Koshiro called as he caught up to her. "I was wondering, my birthday's coming up in a few weeks, you want to
head over to Harmonford to celebrate?"

"Sounds fun," Pai replied swinging her bookbag over her shoulder. "We could make a day of it."

"Yeah, we could even skip school or something."

Pai smiled at him impishly. "Doesn't your birthday fall on a Saturday this year?"

Koshiro blushed. "Oh yeah, I forgot."

Suddenly a small tremor shook the ground. The two fell to the ground. Another tremor happened, then a third, then a

"What's going on?" Paiyako asked.

"I don't know," Koshiro replied. "But there's no way that can be natural."

"What makes you say that?"

"They're too even, too spaced out, it's almost like..." The three turned to see a huge metallic object step into view.
It was humanoid looking but bulky, like a diving suit. A jet pack was attached to the back and connected just below
the head region with a respirator-like device. A bulky plate, apparently some sort of shield, was attached to the left
bicep. It carried a large gataling rifle in its right hand. On the head was a singlular glowing circle, a cycloptic
-like eye. There were two more behind the first one.

"What are those things?" Paiyako asked frightened.

"I... don't know. They look like some sort of giant robots!"

A piece of the chest opened up and the hand of the Mobile Suit was laid palm up against it. A man in green combat fatigues
popped out. He raised the tinted viser on his helmet. The face behind it was very dark and very struck.

"Hey, you kids," the man called. "You know where we are?"

"Yes, sir, this is Scatterhaven," Paiyako replied.

"You wouldn't by any chance have seen anything strange around here, would you?" The hatch on another robot opened
and a second person got out, this one a woman.

"You mean besides three giant robots walking in the middle of town?" Koshiro quipped. "No."

The leader laughed. "Yeah, I guess it does seem a little strange. Look, we're just looking for something that looks
like a base. Have you seen anything like that?"

Paiyako was about to reply when Koshiro interrupted, "Yeah, check about fifty miles to the West, I saw something weird
out there yesterday." As of right now, they were neutral but he wanted them far away to avoid any battles

"Thanks," the man, who was apparently their leader said as he disappeared back inside the seat. The hatches closed up
and the Mobile Suits began to turn around.

"Koshiro, why did you lie to them? There's nothing out in that direction."

"We lived without taking any part in the war for this long, Paiyako. I just want to keep the war as far away from this
town as possible." Paiyako smiled and patted his cheek. That was one thing about Koshiro that she liked, his compassion.


A few miles from Scatterhaven was a secret facility. The AMEC Army had set up a base here. It was only an intel
gathering facility, not much military. Right now, they were investigating the surrounding area for an EF base.

"Sir," an officer called from the makeshift control room. "One of our search parties is going off course."

"Open up communication," the Sergeant at Arms ordered.

"No can do, MPs are too high," an operator ordered.

"Then use laser code. Use code 1497."

"Aye, sir."

The Zaku patrol was about five miles outside of Scatterhaven when the female pilot just happened to take a look behind her.

"Rashad," the female pilot called to her leader. "Look, it's a laser code! Looks like 1497 Base is trying to talk to us."
The three Zakus saw the single beam of light flashing in a specific sequence.

"What's it saying?" Naram, the other pilot asked.

"We're going the wrong way," Rashad translated. "Those kids lied to us. I bet that town we were just in was the base."

"If it is, then we must attack it immediately," Mileena, the female pilot declared.

"Agreed. Attack formation."

The Exalon noticed the same thing.

"Sir," one of the operators said. "Visual sensors are detecting a laser pulse."

"Is it one of ours?" Noah asked.

"No, sir, doesn't match any code we have in our database."

"Damn it, it's AMEC. Muro, disconnect us. All systems on independent function. Prepare to move out. We have to keep
them away from our refueling station."


Unaware of the chaos about to unfold, Koshiro and Paiyako continued on their way to school. Suddenly Koshiro started to
feel queesy. He stopped and leaned his hand against the fence.

"Koshiro, are you all right?" Paiyako asked leaning a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm fine, Paiyako. Just a little dizzy."

"Here, lean on me," Paiyako offered.

"It's okay, Pai, I'm fine." But that wasn't the truth. Whenever Koshiro started to get nautious like that, it usually
forshadowed something bad. And the intensity of the nautiousness increased depending on the severity of the danger.
It was like a sixth sense. But he never had anything this bad before. Something catastrophic was about to happen.

"No you're not, you look like you're ready to collapse. Here, I better take you..." Explosions raked the ground
around them. They looked up to see the three Zakus appear with weapons blazing.

"It's those robots we saw earlier," Paiyako realized. "What are they doing here?"

"I don't want to stand around to find out." The two ran away but the Zakus kept chasing them.

"You think they have something against us, do you?" Koshiro asked sarcastically.

"Could have something to do with the fact that you lied to them. But that's just my opinion," Paiyako replied with equal

One of the Zakus took aim with its machine gun and opened fire. Koshiro pulled Paiyako to the side as the bullets
straifed by them. The two got to their feet and ran down the street.

"Where are we going?" Paiyako asked.

"Out of town. Don't want to get anybody hurt."

"You're so considerate, Koshiro."

"Compliment me later, Pai." Bullets straifed their heads again. "Maybe when bullets aren't flying over our heads."

Suddenly something else flew over their heads. The Exalon. The ship opened fire with the cannons along its outer rim.

"Commander," Muro called. "There are a couple of children standing between us and the Zakus."

Commander Lucas picked up the phone that served as his intercom. "Gunners, target the Zakus but be careful, there are
civilians in the area."

The blasts of the Exalon struck one of the Mobile Suits. It fell to the ground before exploding. Koshiro covered Paiyako
with his body from the rubble.

"They got Naram!" Mileena cried. She took out her heat hawk and leaped up, firing her booster jets in the process.
She scored a direct hit, slicing apart a cannon. Rashad fired his machine gun but the bullets just bounced off the
ship's armor.

"Mileena, we must retreat," Rashad called out.

"But Naram..." Mileena began.

"We'll avenge him," Rashad assured her. "But we can't do that when we're dead." The optic on Rashad's Zaku panned left to
Koshiro and Paiyako. The two Zakus then turned and fled.

"Commander, shall we follow them?" Muro asked.

"Do it." The Exalon maneuvered and went after the Zakus.

"That was scary," Paiyako commented.

"Yeah," Koshiro agreed. "But something tells me this isn't over."


The Zakus return in full force. The Exalon struggles valiantly against their opposition.Koshiro and Paiyako are driven
away by the battle and Koshiro faces a battle between life and death.

Next episode: Koshiro's Folly.

The battle has just begun.