Mobile Suit Gundam Century's Dawn

The G-System is actually the brain patterns of a Newtype that were somehow digitized and installed as the OS of a Mobile Suit that was constructed centuries ago. For a long time, the G-System had been waiting for someone to arrive and pilot it into battle as all its predecessors had before it. That person arrived in the form of Koshiro Anaka, a young earthnoid who, despite being untrained, was able to synchronize with the G-System and pilot the Gundam in battle. During a space battle against Side-6, Koshiro was able to fully synchronize with the G-System and release a power that nobody expected it to have. Thanks to the B-Gundam with help from the Starlight Guncannon and the remaining Colonies, the threat of Govenor Paula Martin is over and the the hostages, her own Colony citizens,
had been set free.

[Episode 20: Homeward Bound.]


Keela Niyoko scanned the space outside the Exalon's bridge window, looking around for something. Finally, with an excited smile, she pointed off to the right. "Over there, over there!"

Helmswoman Muro Okawa followed Keela's finger and saw a mteallic cylinder floating in the distance. "So that's Side-7."

"Yes, and it's my home settlement no less." She looked like she was ready to cry. "It's been so long."

"Lee," Captain Noah Lucas called out. "Contact the spacedock and request clearance. Let's hope the hospitality of this Colony is better than the last one."

The Exalon entered one of the launch tubes and took up place in a spot. The crew (including the children) walked along the ramp. All except the Twins. Tasha pulled Victor by the collar before he could step from the ship to the ramp.

"Hey, what gives?"

"Doctor's orders, you're not to leave this ship for a week."

"AWw come on, how often do you get to step on a space colony."

"Tough." And she dragged him back into the ship.

"Okay," Captain Lucas told Commander Ming Xiao, Henry Kozuko, Shinji Katzuhito, Koshiro, Lee, Muro, Keela, and the children. "The trial is suppose to take place in four hours. After that, we're heading back to Earth. Until then,
you are free to do as you wish." The crew cheered. They left the spaceport and descended into the habitat ring of Side-7.

"It's just like I remember it," Keela said as they descended in a lift.

"How long has it been since you've been here?" Koshiro asked.

"Almost five years."

"Wow, it looks just like Earth!" Sonya exclaimed.

"Yeah, it does," Ray agreed.

The elevator stopped and the crew got off. As they walked into town, they noticed the people staring at them with awe.
Some children even waved to them.

"This is the first time we were ever welcome in a town," Lee said. "I almost forgot why I joined the Earth Federation forces in the first place... oh!" Lee ran up to a store window and stared at a pink and yellow sun dress. "It's beautiful!"

"Captain, what will you be doing?" Commander Xiao asked.

"Well, I know the trial is in four hours. But I'd like to get a good seat. Besides, Commander Xiao and I need to meet with the Colony Leaders."

"Captain, permission to join you," Muro requested.

"I'd be honored," Captain Lucas replied. The three senior officers took off.

"Do you think he knows?" Shinji asked Henry as they watched the three walk off.

"I don't think he realizes how serious it is," the Engineer replied. "Come on, let's find a bar somewhere."


Keela led Ray, Christopher, Benny, and Sonya down a side street.

"This place is just like I remember it," Keela said more to herself than the children. "It's hard to believe that after everything that happened, it's still the same. Like it's been locked in time." Benny squeezed her hand letting the older girl know that she needed something. Keela looked down at the red head who pointed to Ray, Christopher, and Sonya staring at a statue.

"Wow, it's the B-Gundam!" Ray cried. Keela and Benny went over and saw that they were staring at a ten foot marble statue of a Gundam-type Mobile Suit. It was holding a beam saber high in the air, like it was poised to strike. What made this one different from the B-Gundam (other than its size and material) was that in addition to the saber, it was also holding a large riot shield.

"'This memorial is dedicated to all those on Side 7 who risked their lives to bring the Federation Mobile Suit prototype 'Gundam' to Earth. September 18th, Universal Century 0079,'" Keela read. "This was the archetype for the B-Gundam," she told the children. "It was at this very Colony that the Gundam was first constructed."

"It's not as good as the B-Gundam," Christopher argued.

"Yeah, I bet the pilot of it was some weird old Colony geezer," Sonya added hunching her back and walking around like she had a limp.

Keela laughed. "Well, honestly, I don't know who the pilot of the archetype Gundam was, but he or she must've been very good if it was able to last for an entire year."

"Hey Keela," Sonya addressed. "Would... would you show me where you once lived."

"Well, it's been over five years. I don't know if the house is still there."

"Let's go!"

"All right. I guess it couldn't hurt to take a look around. Let's see... if I remember right, my house used to be over on the north end." Keela and the children walked down one street and then another. Keela realized that the houses had not changed in the past five years.

"Here's my street," Keela announced as they hanged a left. "My house is the fifth one down on the right and..."
Keela gasped.

"Keela, what's wrong?" Ray asked. He followed Keela's gaze to a light brown two-story house. A woman with her blonde hair cut pixie-short was tending to a flower bed off to the side of the porch. "Keela, what's wrong?" Ray asked again.

"It's... my mother," Keela said. Immediately, the memories came flooding back.


(5 years ago)

Ten year old Keela Niyoko was a very hyperactive but very lovable child. She was always helping out the neighbors with chores. In turn, they would give her coins or small trinkets. To an adult, the trinkets were insignificant, almost insulting. But to a ten year old, it was like holding the crown jewels. She loved everyone, especially her parents.
Her father was very protective and her mother was very caring.

Or so Keela thought.

One day, she came home late. She had been helping Dr. Kobayashi cleaning up her clinic. In turn, Dr. Kobayashi allowed her to have dinner at her house. Dr. Kobayashi had called her parents beforehand of course and her mother agreed (too enthusiastically). Keela walked home since it wasn't far. She was worried because she didn't finish her homework before going out to help Dr. Kobayashi. She was afraid her parents would be upset at her for that.

But that fear evaporated the moment she came into her house, because it was replaced by a fear that she could only imagine. Stepping into her house, she discovered her father laying on his back in a pool of blood. Her mother was backed into a corner holding a pistol that his father used back when he was a soldier. She had a shocked and despaired look on her face. She instinctively aimed the pistol at Keela but when she realized who it was, her mother lowered the pistol. Her face took on a new look: shame.

For a long time, the two stared into each other. Keela was an exact mirror of her mother when she was a child so it was like looking into a mirror, or maybe a window, a window into the past, showing what she once was.

Her father's body was still in her line of sight. Finally, unable to take it any more, Keela turned and ran out.
She didn't hear her mother call out if she really did, Keela was too broken up to hear anything. Keela ran and ran until her feet gave away from her. Then she picked herself up and continued running. She didn't realize where she was running until she got there: the spaceport. There was a cargo transport shuttle that was supposed to leave for Earth. But it was running behind schedule. The cargo hadn't even been loaded onto the ship. Keela climbed into a crate and cried.
She cried and cried until she fell asleep. And even in her sleep, she felt like she was crying.

A shudder awakened her. She was moving. Actually, the crate she was in was moving. There was shuddering for a minute before it stopped. Keela peeked out. She was inside a cargo bay. The ship was quietly humming and vibrating, almost lulling Keela to sleep again. Keela looked around for an exit, but could only find crates and a ladder. Keela climbed up the ladder and stuck her head up through the hatch. Black space could be seen out the window.

Keela gasped. She was in space, she was on a shuttle that was moving in space.

The hatch was forcibly closed shoving Keela back down to the ground. If it wasn't for the lack of gravity, it would've seriously hurt. Keela manage to return to her crate. Once inside, she came to a decision: she wouldn't go back. She couldn't. She couldn't face her mother after what she did. And even if she did, who's to say that she wouldn't kill her for witnessing the killing of her father?'

Satisfied with her decision, she curled up into a ball and fell asleep again.

The crate was shaking wildly when Keela awoke next. It actually toppled over, spilling her and its contents onto the ground. Keela quickly ran up to the cabin area, not caring if anyone spotted her. Fortunately, when she poked her head up, nobody noticed her, they were all staring out the starboard side window. Keela peeked over a man's shoulder and saw several strange robots shooting other shuttles.

"My God, are those Zakus?" Keela heard a woman asked.

The man next to her replied, "No, they're Kampfers."

"I thought those things were taken out of service years ago!"

"Are they from Luna..."

"No, they're from Earth!"

"What's going on?"

Another passenger swore making Keela winced. "One's coming this way!" Sure enough, one of the blue Mobile Suits was rapidly approaching their shuttle. The shuttle accelerated and headed towards Earth. The shuttle rocked fiercely causing Keela to get mixed up with the other passengers.

"Attention all passengers, please return to your seats, we'll be entering Earth's atmosphere in 92 seconds."

The passengers hurried back to their seats. Keela looked around for an empty seat but the place looked filled up.

"Honey, you have to return to your seat now," a woman wearing a uniform told Keela. She looked around. "Oh dear,
we must've overbooked again. Okay, come with me." The attendant took Keela to a back room where there were several chairs set up in a square. Other women in uniforms were strapping themselves into the chairs. The attendant strapped Keela into a seat then sat down herself.

The shaking grew and grew. Keela was unintentionally bouncing around in her seat. Suddenly the entire floor bounced up. Keela's seat was uprooted and she was thrown to the other side of the room and was knocked out.


"Hey, look, I found another one!"

"That makes four so far. It's a miracle!"

"I'll tell you what's a miracle, the fact that they didn't crash into our village."

"Hey kid, can you hear me? Can you open your eyes?"

Keela moaned and opened her eyes. A man was knealing by her. He called out, "Al, get a doctor over here." He looked at Keela. "What's your name?"

It took Keela a few seconds to recall her name. "Keela Niyoko."

"Do you know where you're from."

Keela tried hard to remember, but her head only ended up bursting into pain. A doctor examined her and concluded that the crash gave her a severe concussion to the point of amnesia. There were ten people out of the fifty passengers and crew that survived and she was one of them. She was adopted by a family that lived in Modouken, the village near where the shuttle crashed. Slowly, her memory returned but by then, she had been accepted into the village and she decided to leave her past behind her.

Then an AMEC army began invading Modouken. An Earth Federation platoon arrived and did battle. By the time the one week battle ended, she, along with four children, were the only survivors of Madouken.


The memories were as fresh in her mind as if they just happened. Keela felt her heart beating harder and harder as she slowly approached her mother. When she was about twenty feet away, her mother must've sensed someone coming up so she got up and turned around.

And let out a loud gasp on seeing that it was her daughter.

That was the only sound expressed by either of them for over a minute. In the duration of that minute, the two just stared at each other, each daring the other to set her face in an emotion. At last, Keela was the first to give in.
Her eyes swelled up with tears and she cried out,

"Mama!" She ran to her mother and was enveloped in her arms.

"Keela..." her mother said. "My prayers... they came true."


A little while later, Keela and the children were inside Keela's childhood home. Christopher and Ray were listening to music while Sonya played with some of Keela's old toys. Keela and Benny were with Keela's mother at the kitchen table.

"So... who's the father?" Keela's mother asked as she poured tea for the three of them.

Keela was shocked and rather embarrassed at the question. "They... they're not mine... I mean I... didn't give birth to them. They're not related to me biologically. But... I take care of them. And... I do care about them."

"It seems that you've grown up a lot on Earth," her mother commented. "Keela..." her mother cast a side-glance at Benny, who was quietly sipping her tea.

"Don't worry, Mom, Benny couldn't tell anybody even if she wanted to."

"Oh. Keela... I'm glad that you've returned. But... I feel like I owe you..."

"Mom, you don't owe me anything," Keela interrupted.

"No, I do. I've lived with the pain for the past five years. I'll never be able to rest until I explain about.
well... what happened."

Keela felt the fear that she felt when she came home five years ago. She forced herself to shake it off. She has faced down Mobile Suits, spaceships, had a town literally fall around her. She could take this.

She hoped.

"The truth is... your father, I discovered that he was doing something wrong." Keela reacted with shock. "It's true. The night that... the night that you left, I was answering e-mail and I discovered a strange e-mail for your father from someone named Asif. I don't know who he was, but from the e-mail logs, your father has been associating with him for a long time. They've been secretly planning something... something horrible."

"What was it, Mom?"

"I discovered that they were going to release something... something to destroy all Minovsky Particles."

Even school children knew what Minovsky Particles were. But Keela didn't realize that they could be destroyed.

"I confronted him that night. I just knew that he was doing something wrong. He ordered me to keep quiet, I said no.
He chased me and... well... I think you can figure it out from there."

"Mom, I had no idea. Did... did you... tell anyone?"

"No. All I had was the e-mail and that wasn't enough proof. So I stayed quiet. But it was eating me up inside. It almost drove me to the point of suicide. But I couldn't bring myself to do it. I had just about given up hope when.
when you appeared."

Keela smiled and squeezed her mother's hand showing her that all was forgiven. Benny smiled.

"Keela!" Ray called running into the room. "Sonya's gone!"

"What? Where did she go?"

"She went outside and two guys grabbed her!"

Keela and her mother ran outside just in time to see Keela being dragged into a car. Keela squirmed and fussed and even bit. One of the guys in the car, a sleezy-looking man with slicked back hair and a goatee, slapped Sonya in the back of the head, knocking her out.

"Sonya!" Keela cried. "Mom, stay with the others!"

"Keela, be careful!" Keela smiled, she actually missed having her Mother worry about her. She leaped into her Mother's electric car and drove off after them.


"I can't believe they gave you that dress for half-price," Koshiro said.

"I can't believe they allowed me to pay with Earth currency," Lee said clutching the rectangular box that contained the dress she was looking at.

"Allowed you to pay? Hey, you used my money to pay."

"Oh, relax. I'll pay you back when we get back to Earth."

"And how are you going to do that?"

If Lee was going to answer that question, she didn't get the chance. A white electric car came swirving around the corner and almost ran them over, If Lee hadn't thrown the two of them to the side.

"Does saving your life count as repayment?" Lee joked.


"Koshiro, Lee!" Keela drove up. "Quickly, hop in! It's an emergency!"

"Keela, what's wrong?" Koshiro asked as they climbed in.

"Sonya's been kidnapped! She was in that car up ahead!"

"So the two of you are trying to get her back?" Lee asked.

"Huh? Two of us?" Keela cast an eye to her left and saw Benny sitting in the front seat, her hands clutching her seat belt as Keela drove off. Keela was in such a hurry that she didn't notice the mute red-head until now. But it was too late to take her back now.

"They're heading for the spaceport!" Koshiro pointed out. Keela slammed the accelerator but the white car was already raising in the same lift that deposited the crew earlier that day.

"How do we get up there now?" Keela asked.

"This way." Koshiro began climbing up a ladder that was built into the hull of the Colony. Keela followed and so did Benny. Lee just looked concerned at them.

Koshiro, Lee, and Benny got to the spaceport hatch after ten minutes of climbing. Koshiro grabbed a maintenance worker. "Did two guys and a little girl come by here?"

"Yeah," the worker replied. "They headed towards the docks.

"Which one?"

"I don't know." Koshiro and Keela grabbed as many people as they could. Finally, someone pointed them towards dock 49. By the time they got there, the brown shuttle with four wings was already taking off.

"Too late," Keela said falling to her knees.

"No it's not," Koshiro said. "Come on." Koshiro, Keela, and Benny returned to the Exalon. Koshiro spoke to Tasha vie an intercom as he changed into his flight suit. "Tash, we need to make an emergency launch of the B-Gundam."

"I don't know, Koshiro," Tasha said from the bridge. "Normally, I would need the permission from either Captain Lucas or Commander Xiao to perform such an operation, plus I would need to get in touch with the spaceport control..."

"Darn it, Tasha, this is an emergency! Sonya's been kidnapped!"

"Well... in an emergency, the senior officer on duty can authorize a launch."

"Thanks, Tasha." Koshiro arrived in the launch bay and got into the B-Gundam.

"Wait!" It was Keela and Benny. They were both in spacesuits. "We're coming along."

"No, Keela. If there's a battle, I can't guarantee that the two of you will be safe."

"I've never stood on the sidelines of anything, Koshiro. Besides..." Keela lowered her head. "Sonya's like my daughter. And if there's one thing I hate more than anything in the world, it's seeing a mother worry about her daughter."

Koshiro sighed. As much as he hated it, he empathized with her. He couldn't imagine the fear his own mother's going through.

"Fine, hop in." Keela and Lee climbed behind Koshiro's seat as Koshiro activated his HIS. "B-Gundam ready for launch."

"Roger. Launching B-Gundam!" The catapult opened and launch the B-Gundam. With perfect accuracy, the B-Gundam flew through the launch tube of the Colony. Once outside the Colony, it scanned the perimeter. "Nothing."

"We must've already missed them," Keela said sadly.

"Keela," Koshiro said calmly. "What do you know about Newtypes?"

"Huh? Newtypes? Why would you want to know about Newtypes."

"I"ll explain later, just tell me about Newtypes."

"I don't know much about them, but what I do know is that they had incredible mental powers. They could predict stuff before they happen and understand things that no normal human could. But unfortunately, there are no more Newtypes.
The last Newtype died out about fifty years ago. If Newtypes still existed, they're laying low, keeping their abilities a secret."

Koshiro closed his eyes. {Okay, if the G-System is the digitized brain waves of a Newtype, then it should grant me access to its abilities. G-System, help me find Sonya.} Koshiro's helmet viser turned red. A radar screen appeared on it. It showed two glowing blips. One was in the center and the other was towards the upper right-hand corner.
{That's it!} "I found her!" Before Keela could ask why, the B-Gundam blasted off towards an asteroid that was nearby.

"They must be hiding in the old mining facility," Keela said once she realized where they were heading.

"I see the shuttle," Koshiro announced. He pondered a way to stop the shuttle without destroying it. The vulcan guns were too unpredictable and the beam saber too powerful and he didn't come with the G-Armor or a beam rifle. It seemed like he was going to have to catch them the old fashion way.

Suddenly a rocket came out of the shuttle. Koshiro quickly dodged it. "Great, I think they're onto us."

"So what do we do?" Keela asked.

Koshiro gasped as the G-System warned him that the rocket was turning back. "Crap, it must be heat sensitive." Koshiro fired the vulcans but the rocket actually slideslipped to avoid them. "No, not heat seeking, must be radio controlled.
Stay strong, Benny. After all we've been through, I'm not going to let some two-bit thugs kidnapp Sonya." Nobody could hear the small but surprised gasp come from Benny's mouth.

Two more rockets were fired at the B-Gundam. Koshiro quickly put up his beam shield but the rocket knocked the B-Gundam into spiraling downward. Koshiro grunted and fired the boosters and pursued the shuttle. The remaining two rockets pursued him. It was now up to speed. Fortunately, Koshiro got to the shuttle first and hung on to one of the lower wings. The shuttle actually began to drag the B-Gundam. Eventually, Koshiro couldn't hold on any longer and had to let the shuttle go.

One of the rockets passed the B-Gundam and struck the shuttle.

"Sonya!" To everyone's surprise, it came from Benny!

"Benny, did you just talk?" Keela asked.

Benny looked down at herself. "My... my voice..."

"They're getting away!" Koshiro cried. A smaller shuttle detached and started to head to Earth when a large metal hand lashed out and grabbed it. It was Starlight.

"What would you two do without me?" Lee joked.

"Lee, how did you get out to us so fast?" Koshiro asked.

"Easy, I waited for the lift to return."

Lee wished she had a video link so she could see Koshiro's red face.


"Benny, I'm so proud of you," Keela said. They were all back at Keela's mother's place. The authorities had already taken away the would-be kidnappers.

"For such a long time, I've been wanting to talk," Benny said. "But... truthfully, I was just too scared. But thanks to Koshiro, I can."

"Huh? What did I do?" Koshiro asked.

"I was scared, scared of everything, so I shut myself up. But Koshiro... you made me want to talk again, you made me want to be brave too."

"Wow... well I'm glad I could help."

"You know," Lee threw in. "In all the time I've known you, Benny, I don't think I've ever seen you smile. It looks good on you."

"Koshiro, Lee, thank you for rescuing me," Sonya said humbly.

"I'm sure you would do the same for us," Koshiro said raising his glass.

"Keela, I'm glad you have such reliable friends," her mother said. She looked towards Koshiro, Lee, and the children. "You all take care of Keela. You're her family now."

"You can count on us," Christopher said proudly. Everyone burst into laughter.

"Hey, we need to go," Lee realized. "It's almost time for Govenor Martin's trial."

"Keela," her mother addressed. "Be careful, will you? And... next time you're in town..."

"Don't worry, you'll be the first person I'll see. Besides... I think Sonya's a little partial to Adalie."
Sonya cuddled the worn doll towards her.

The group waved good-bye to Keela's mother and proceeded to the courthouse.


The trial against Govenor Martin was undoubtedly one sided. With over fifty witnesses including Captain Lucas and Commander Xiao, there was no doubt of Govenor Martin's intentions. Unfortunately, the Exalon crew had to depart for Earth before the final punishment was to be delivered.

Back on the Exalon, Captain Lucas came onto the bridge. "Commander, anything to report?"

"No, sir, we're all ready to go," Commander Xiao reported.

"Good. Twins, inform dock control that we're ready to depart."

"Yes, sir," Tasha replied. Lee noticed that Victor didn't join in.

"What's wrong with Victor?"

"Oh, he's just upset he had to stay on the Exalon," Tasha said dismissively.

Captain Lucas chuckled. "Maybe next time, Vic. All right, take off!"

The Exalon left the Side 7 Colony and proceeded towards Earth.

But it wouldn't be an easy one.

"Captain!" Tasha cried. "Multiple bogies approaching from port side."

"Activate rear monitor," Lucas ordered. A familiar pink-looking Mobile Suit along with several Hizacks.

"It's that Gel-whatever that attacked Koshiro and I on the way back from Anaheim," Lee realized.

"How did it survive?" Commander Xiao asked.

"I don't know, but it'll soon wish it hadn't," Captain Lucas replied. "Launch B-Gundam!" The B-Gundam was sent out and began dueling with the Gelgoog.

"Captain, we'll be entering Earth's atmosphere within three minutes," Victor reported. "If we don't retrieve the B-
Gundam within the next ninety seconds, we won't be able to retrieve it at all."

"Koshiro, pull back and we'll retrieve you," Lee instructed.

"I would if I could," Koshiro replied. "But this guy isn't giving me the opportunity." It was true, the Gelgoog was standing in between the B-Gundam and the Exalon, and its hacking with its beam saber was driving the B-Gundam further and further away from the ship.

Captain Lucas turned to Keela. "Keela, can a Gundam-class Mobile Suit survive Earth re-entry?"

"As far as I know, it hasn't been tried before," Keela said. "The Colonies don't normally take chances."

"Koshiro, try to hold on the best you can," Lee encouraged.

{It's time,} Koshiro realized. {I have to use the G-System's maximum power to defeat it!} "Let's go! G-Mode!" The cockpit area around Koshiro began to glow. The B-Gundam attached the second beam saber to the first one and formed the double-edge blade that Captain Lucas called the Buster Saber. Holding it in both hands, the B-Gundam swung and sliced the Gelgoog's head off. Both Mobile Suits started to glow red with friction.

"Raise the blast shields!" Captain Lucas ordered. Metal panels covered the windows of the bridge.

Lee tried to contact Koshiro. "Koshiro! Koshiro, come in. B-Gundam, this is Exalon, come in. Koshiro!"

"Forget it," Victor called. "All communication and scanners have been disrupted due to us passing through the Earth's magnetic field. We won't be able to establish anything for three minutes."

"But by then Koshiro could be dead!" Muro pointed out.

Captain Lucas sat in his chair. "I'm afraid, it's all up to fate now. Let's see if destiny needs Koshiro for anything more."

Inside the B-Gundam, the green glow was slowly becoming red. The controls were becoming too hot to touch and the HIS had deactivated from re-entry. But actually, that wasn't what was bothering Koshiro.

{What's this I'm feeling?} He asked. {It feels like... de'ja vu! Like I've done this before. But that's impossible!
I've never been outside of Earth up until now. Could this be another effect of the G-System? Am I feeling whoever the G-System was modeled after? No, that can't be
!} Koshiro began pushing buttons. {And yet, I know exactly what to do.
I have done this before... no I haven't, but the G-System has. Argh, this doesn't make any sense. No, Koshiro, don't lose focus. You need to work fast or else you'll burn to a crisp like one of Paiyako's hot dogs
!} Last summer, Koshiro and Paiyako's families had a cookout and Paiyako volunteered to cook the hot dogs. The ended up eating black cinders of what was once meat products.

On the Exalon, Lee continued in her endeavor to contact Koshiro even though she knew she wouldn't be able to get through.

"Captain, we've exited the magnetosphere and have entered the mesosphere. We should reach the stratosphere within five minutes. By then, we would have restored communication," Tasha said. For the next five minutes, the entire room was quiet.

Then, with a nod from Captain Lucas, Lee began her transmission again. "Exalon to B-Gundam... B-Gundam, come in.
B-Gundam, answer me, this is Exalon. Koshiro. Koshiro, it's Lee! Koshiro, please, say something. Please, give us some sign that you're alive."

"Visual restored," Victor announced. The main monitor showed what looked like a large rock falling towards them.
"Collision imminent!"

"All hands, brace for... huh?"

The rock began cracking. It shattered into tiny fragments to reveal the B-Gundam which quickly activated its flight pack. The entire crew cheered.

At the same time, Koshiro's voice came over Lee's headset. "Exalon, this is the B-Gundam... glad you're all right."

With tears in her eyes, Lee said, "Likewise. Stay tight, Koshiro, we're coming to pick you up."

"Roger," Koshiro replied. But as the B-Gundam rejoined the Exalon, Koshiro couldn't help but wonder what really happened.
From the battle with the Gelgoog to surviving Earth's reentry, Koshiro's felt that he did this before, but where did this sense of familiarity come from? Was it the G-System, or something... more?


The Exalon has returned to Earth. But they are not out of trouble yet. They are attacked by the Terran Alliance in their Gun Sniper Mobile Suits. In a twist or irony, they are saved by the AMEC. When the Terran Alliance issues a challenge to both sides, the Exalon and AMEC agree to join forces and send their best Mobile Suits to battle them.

Next episode: Mobile Suit Combat

Welcome home, Exalon.

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