Chapter 1

Little orbs of light. That's all they were. It's dreamtime and the sky is dark, and the bright lights hung over imagination land. And there was Joy, and she was so… Joyful, because her human was finally reaching for her dreams! She was finally happy again, and that's all that mattered.

Meanwhile, across the headquarters sat another feeling, gazing up at the twinkling orbs. It was Disgust, and she had no idea what these were. They seemed to merely be these gross blobs of whatever they were. And why in the world were they over imagination land? She rolled her eyes at the thought.

Bang! Came a thud from inside the headquarters

"Who's watching me?!" Disgust whirled her head around, her short hair fanning behind her. "Oh, hey, it's you."

"What are you doing out here?!" Fear asked with concern as he stood up.

"Oh, I'm just looking at there weird blobs in the sky. Aren't they gross?"

Fear walked outside to look toward the sky, then quickly turned away. "We're being invade…!

"What were you even doing inside?" Disgust interrupted.

"Doing what?" Fear was still panicking at what he just saw.

"You know, you were freaking out running in circles and crashed into the window and I found you on the floor," She scoffed, "At this hour?! Are you, like, kidding me?"

"How did you know?" Fear seemed surprised.

"Oh please. I've known you long enough," Disgust rolled her eyes.

"Ok, ok, so Anger was doing dream duty," he began, "and Riley was having a dream about getting no dessert, so he tried to push the button, so I pulled him away and he tried to hurt me!" he began to shiver.

"Typical," sighed Disgust, "Why don't you come out and join me," she gestured, "I want some company.

Fear slowly tiptoed outside to sit next to her.

"Now, back to these gross blobs. She once again pointed toward the sky over imagination land. "What do you think they are?"

He slowly turned his head up to were she was pointing. "We're being invaded!" he started again. He covered his eyes and clung to her. She laughed nervously, feeling his shivering enveloping her.

"No, no, we're not," she gently pushed him off of her. "Listen, they can't hurt us, they're probably just balls of squishy, oozey goo," she tried to comfort him.

"Yeah," Fear said nervously, taking his hands from his face, "Just like those…"

"Ew, stop!" Disgust shrieked, this time burrowing her face into him. Little did she know what she just did, and forgot what he was going to say. She was pondering over the fact that she was pretty much leaning on him for comfort. She knew how she felt, and she began to sit up, blushing more than ever.

"Well, that was, like, kind of awkward," she mumbled, crossing her arms and gazing down.

"No… thank you," Fear nervously said.

"Wait, what? What are you talking about?!" Disgust half-shouted. "What do you mean? What do you…'

"You- you distracted me from those freaky orbs," he explained nervously, "You are a much better sight to me… bright but not scary. Just…" he unknowingly paused, doing and saying nothing, just gazing into her eyes.

Her focus was on one thing; his gaze. And anything else that was on her mind melted away like snow. Her heart raced, and she was mesmerized. Wait! Ew! This shouldn't be happening right now!

"Um, so, yeah, do you want to try looking at the blobs again? M-maybe they're not as bad as we thought," she stumbled on her words.

"Uh… ok," agreed Fear.

So the two feelings turned they're gazing toward the little orbs of light, and in that same moment, that very surreal moment, they heard foot steps tiptoeing across the head quarters. One gasped, one shrieked, and in haste, they wrapped their arms around each other. And they both felt comfort.

There's more to the story, and I can't wait to write some more. I've been reading different FearxDisgust fics on the site and I thought the ship was so adorable that I just had to write one of my own :P But, there's more, and I'm so excited to be writing it! ^_^