Ankha's mother was murdered when Ankha was a baby in a theft gone wrong and her father was a dead beat who left her mom, or so thats what Ankha was led to think. After transfering to Hogwarts from Roanoke Academy, secrets from her past begin to reveal themselves and, no matter how hard she tries, she cannot put the peices together, until the past is staring her right in the face.


A/N:Ok, this is the prologue to the story I am writing featuring Ankha. If you have not read her story, Gold and Silver, Fire and Ice, you should go read it. (also, if you haven't you might miss a lot of the puns) I will update as regularly as possible, but I am writing on another story as well, which will be my first priority. I hope you like it. Read on!!!

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Ankha walked down a long, dark hall. Ahead of her was a room that was brightly lite. She noted upon entrance that the room was a small nursery. It was decorated for the most part with horses, with stuffed animals along the walls and a huge mural of a horse in a feild gracing the far wall. She walked over to the crib in the center of the room and looked in. A baby laid in it sucking on a bottle. Ankha reached down to touch it, but was pulled down; she was now the baby. She stared at the ceiling, which had baby horses prancing across it. She heard a person coming into the room humming the tune of Rock-a-bye Baby. He walked slowly to the crib and was soon leaning over it. She smiled at him, as though she was happy to see him, and reached up to his brown hair. Red eyes glinting at her from above. He began to sing:

"Rock-a-bye baby

On the house top

When daddy comes

The breathing will stop"

He put his hands around her throat and she began to gasp for air. She didn't know what was happening to her, but she could feel the life slipping away. Then she was floating above the young baby. The child had turned an awful shade of purple and wasn't moving.

"When daddy stops

Then mommy will call"

He removed his hand as he heard a voice calling down the hall, seeming terrified.

"And she will see baby

Already gone."

The man dissapeared as soon as the woman came into the room. The woman began to scream hysterically. Ankha felt hands pulling her, shaking her, but she didn't want to go; she wanted to comfort the woman, but she had no choice.

She opened her eyes and breathed in air, just realizing she hadn't been breathing. For a while the room spun in circles before slowing. Around her stood several girls, their faces pale white. The one beside her spoke up.

"You weren't breathing, we thought you died."


A/N:I know this was weird! but it sets the mood for what is to come. I do not believe that this will be as...well...demented as this, but I am not promising anything. I am almost through with the first chapter, and it will hopefully be up before next weekend.

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