Lord Chaos looked again through his vortex, his only way to communicate with the outside world of his realm. Right now, he was looking several images of his next protégées, all ignorant and happy of what was yet to come.

"Lord Chaos" he heard the voice of Hemera, Nyx's daughter and a loyal ally.

"Lady Hemera" he bowed back at the primordial of the Day, showing his respect.

"News had arrived. It is time" she announced. Chaos perked up, not because of what's was about to happen, but because his quiet and silence participation was almost over.

"Excellent. You'd like to stay to see?" he offered her. Hemera shook her head.

"I must return to my duties. Putting a stop to my mother has become my primary task" she explained, bowing and leaving the room, leaving Chaos all by himself again.

"Let's see how this would develop..." he mumbled to himself, turning again to the vortex. The image that was showing now was the Olympian council.

"The main topic of this meeting..." Zeus started, imposing himself "...is the arrival of a very disturbing news"

"What is it, Father?" Athena wanted to know, raising an eyebrow.

"News had come to me than Perseus Jackson has been gaining power. Enough to destroy and overthrow Olympus" Zeus accused the son of Poseidon, glaring intensely at his brother, who was looking back, incredulously.

"Are you hearing yourself, brother?! This is my son you're talking about!" Poseidon reminded him "Percy is loyal to Olympus!"

"Does this means we're taking precocious?" Athena wondered, ignoring Poseidon's outburst. She's been used to it after eons of quarrel.

"Perseus Jackson must die" Zeus announced. The entire council (except Hera, who didn't have love for the boy, Ares, who's been dreaming with pulverizing him since the boy was twelve, and Athena, who was quietly thinking in her place) started to argue against the King of the Gods, even Hades (who was invited as an official matter) and Hestia (who barely lift her eyes of her hearth) "SILENCE!" Zeus roared.

"Father, you can't do that!" Hermes butted in. He felt a great debt towards Percy, not to mention he's one of his favorite cousins "If we execute him, all our children will immediately turn against us!" he reasoned.

"Hermes is right. Whoever Perseus supports, our children will follow" Hephaestus agreed with Hermes.

"Is that you all want to be overthrow, you fools?!" Hera accused them "We must get rid of the problem from its root!"

"Touch a single hair from my son's body, again, and it's your champion who's gonna face my wrath!" Poseidon threaten Hera. In reality, Poseidon didn't want to harm any other demigod, because he knew Percy would never forgive him. But he had to act like he didn't mind.

"If you mess with my daughter's boyfriend, let's just say your descendant will be no more" Aphrodite warned him.

"Hey! Don't you dare mess with my kid!" Ares snapped at her, glaring "Or your little favorite couple will do bye-bye" he swore.

"Ares, I hope you haven't threaten my daughter of you'll lose more than a battle" Athena turned to him, her voice low and calm.

"Zeus, please... Try to be reasonable" Hestia tried to calm down everyone "This is not the answer"

"You'd spent too much time in your little fire to realize the danger of the situation, little sister" Hera mocked her, evilly. Hestia looked down, keeping quiet. Apollo, Dionysus, Artemis, Hades and Demeter watched the argument like a tennis match.

"So, it's settled" Zeus looked pleased with his decision.

"But, we haven't vote" Apollo pointed out, but a glare from his father shut him up. He already was hanging from a string, he didn't need more.

"Perseus will die" A thunder sounded far away, settling the decision.

"Looks like Zeus had made his move... Let's see what happens next" Chaos murmured to himself, focusing in Hestia.

Hestia appeared in the middle of the Fields of Mars, disguised as another legionary. As soon as she got closer to the limits of New Rome, Terminus recognized her, but kept quiet at her request. After looking around, she found what she was looking for.

"Percy!" she called the son of Poseidon, who was ignorant of everything. He was sitting with his friends and girlfriend of four years, carefree of their problems.

"Yes, can I help you?" he asked, politely. Curiosity flashed through everyone's eyes.

"You already tried" Hestia changed her appearance to her Greek form.

"Lady Vesta" Frank Zhang bowed at her, like everyone else.

"I don't have much time" she hurried them "Percy, you must flee, immediately"

"Why?" Jason Grace asked, frowning.

"Zeus believes you're gaining power and you're planning to destroy Olympus and overthrow him" Everyone gasped, and even a few chuckled.

"But- That's not true!" Percy defended himself.

"I know, and everyone in the council agrees with you, specially your father. But Zeus is not listening to reasons. He will kill you" Hestia told him "You six, you must flee. Alone, you're weak. Together, you're powerful"

"It wouldn't be better than just Annabeth went with Percy?" Piper McLean questioned.

"When Poseidon heard that his son was about to be killed, he started a chained reaction: every Olympian is taking one of you as leverage to stop Zeus"

"What about Camp? The Legion? Chiron? My brother?" Hazel Levesque tried to stay strong.

"Hades is in Camp Half-Blood, talking to the campers. I'm sure Nico would be glad to come here and explain anyone" With that last warning, the goddess forced everyone to look away while she flashed away. Only then, everyone realized the danger they were in.

"Frank, is there any way we could take a boat? Or even fool the guard's change?" Annabeth Chase was already analyzing possibilities for escaping.

"The guards would be more than possible. If a boat disappears from the pier, even when we don't use them, we'll be followed" The Praetor of the Twelve Legion assured her.

"So, we should lay low for a couple of hours and use the change of guards in the tunnel to make it" The former Praetor and actual Pontifex agreed.

"Let's roll then" The Savior of Olympus suggested, taking the last word.

Chaos smiled from his throne, getting ready for his entrance. Olympus has no idea what is coming for them...