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Part 1

A low bitter wind blew across the bustling streets of St. Canard on that late afternoon of Christmas eve. The Ratcatcher sped down the highway in the direction of Audubon Bay bridge. He was just coming home from a grueling SHUSH assignment. Although he thrived on his battles against the forces of evil, he was all to glad to have this adventure behind him. Christmas was a time to be with family and friends,a time to be home. A small smirk played across his beak as he pictured his daughter on Christmas morning, diving head long into a heaping pile of brightly wrapped gifts. And the picture of bright wrapping paper, ripped to shreds and flying in every direction. His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of sirens in the distance. He lifted his eyes in the direction the sirens were coming from. Thick black smoke rose against the star filled sky. In the distance an eery glow of fire could be seen, he didn't think, he merely reacted. Turning the ratcatcher in the direction of the fire and kicked it into overdrive.
He arrived at a terrifying scene, The St. Canard boarding school for girls stood in gulped inflames. Screams and cries for help could be heard from within the flaming structure. Police officers and firefighters were already there. The building was being hosed down from all sides, for what good it seemed to do.
Darkwing jumped from the Ratcatcher and ran over to the fire chief , who stood in front of the burning building shouting instructions to his men. Darkwing placed a hand on the fire chiefs shoulder. The old fire fighter startled as he spun around to face Darkwing. Seeing who it was a look of hope appeared in his eyes. Whatever the police thought of Darkwing Duck, the crime fighter had already gotten the reputation for being able to escape any situation. It was a skill he had proven in more than one seemingly hopeless rescue. "Darkwing Duck" The fire chief exclaimed "there are four young girls still inside.We have no way of getting to them...", he gasped looking toward the flames blocked the entrances. He turned back to look at Darkwing "Is there, anyway you can..." but the crime fighter was already gone, the fire chief looked back at the building, knowing where the vigilante had gone. And he prayed that Darkwing could succeed where everyone else could not.
Inside. Fire on all sides and black smoke blanketed the room, making it impossible to see, but somehow Darkwing had managed to navigate through the deadly flames, desperately trying to reach the young girls that were trapped inside. In truth Darkwing didn't know how he had managed his way through the flames and smoke to find the children, but there in a bedroom huddled in fear were the four girls.
"It's all right. I'm going to get you out of here." Darkwing assured the girls as he gather them together. He strained to see through the black Vail of smoke. The girls were all crying and clinging to him in fear, choking and gasping for air. He turned to the oldest girl who appeared to be about 12 "where is the nearest bathroom?", the girl looked at him oddly for a moment then answered. "We have our own bathroom in here.", she pointed to a door that was blocked by flames "We tried to get in there already, but the fire.." Darkwing motioned for the girls to stand back. Quickly, Darkwing pulled a mattress off one bed and dropped it on top of the flames that blocked the bathroom door. It smothered the fire under it, acting as a narrow bridge between them and the bathroom. Darkwing coaxed all the kids into the bathroom where he soaked all of them down with water. He plugged the bathtub drain and turned the faucets on full blast as the oldest girl did the same to the sinks.
In minutes the floors of the bathroom was flooding over and water rushed out into the bedroom. Fire hissed and cracked as water came in contact with it. extinguishing all in its path. But Darkwing knew that the structure was already week and that the water could worsen it. And that the smoke ventilation could increase. It was still a better chance than what they had . "Stay here" he told the girls as he rushed over their makeshift bridge that was now a smoldering pile of cotton and springs. In only second he had returned with another mattress, this one he emerged in water. He looked up at the oldest girl who. like all the others. was wearing a dampened cloth over her mouth. „Stay close behind me. Keep together", he instructed her. She nodded and began to gather the smaller girls close together having them hold hands and form a chain. Darkwing led them through the burning walls of the narrow hallway until they had reached the top of the stair. The stair case was engulfed in flames, there was almost no way down, almost. Darkwing dropped the mattress at the top of the stair case and instructed the girls to get on. The mattress acted like a toboggan on a snow covered hill; they slid down the burning stairway, propelled through the flames and landing hard at the bottom. Darkwing let to his feat grabbing the smallest girl in his arms and taking the next youngest by the hand. "Come on" he called.
He knew that the front door could only be a matter of yards away and that would be where the fire fighters were concentrating the fire hoses. Still he could not see but a few feet in front him. There was a load creak from over head. Darkwing looked up but could see nothing but smoke. Then a there was a deafening snap as a support beam came crashing down. Instinctively, Darkwing pushed the girls back, a sensation of unbearable pain swept through his body, that was the last thing he remembered.

Hours later, the fire had finally been extinguished. In the Critical Care unit of St. Canard hospital a lone masked figure lay motionless.IVs, monitors, oxygen masks, all kept vigil over his fragile condition . The girls he had rescued from the fire were all right. Darkwing had gotten them through the worst part of the fire. The firemen were able to get them out the rest of the way along with an unconscious Darkwing. As usual, everybody but Darkwing was recognized for their heroics. The firefighters, the police and paramedics were all praised for their part in saving the kids from the fire. Even the Media seemed to brush aside Darkwings part in saving those kids. No one seemed to care about Darkwing Duck in the least, with the exception of two people.
Launchpad and Gosalyn had only just learned of Darkwing's condition and were rushing to the hospital. As they arrived Launchpad stepped up to the receptionist desk "We're friends of Darkwing Ducks. How is he?"
"One moment please", the receptionist replied flatly then spoke into the intercom " Dr. Downs to the front desk please." Moments later the Head Surgeon arrived at the desk. "These people are inquiring about Darkwing Duck", the receptionist gestured towards Luanchpad and Gosalyn.
"Is he going to be all right?" Gosalyn asked with a shaky voice.
Dr. Downs Glanced down at the little girl then looked at Launchpad. "Are you family members?", he inquired hopefully.
"Ah...no...but we are close friends.....", Launchpad explained hesitantly.
A scowl appeared on the doctors face and he replied gravely " I'm afraid that information can only be provided to immediate family, sir. Now if you know of any close relation we can contact......"
Launchpad shook his head "Secret identity..."
The doctor heaved a heavy sigh "I'm afraid in the face of these events we have no choice but to remove his mask."
"What!?", Gosalyn and Launchpad chimed together."You can't reveal his true identity!", Gosalyn exclaimed "Do you realize what would happen if people found out who he really was?"
"I'm aware of the consequences involved in this decision....but if it is the only way to find his family...."
"No!", Gosalyn injected anxiously. She paused then continued in a calmer tone "I think there is one family member we know of.....just give us a little time to find her."
Dr. Downs looked the child in the eye and said with a all to serious tone "Little Lady, a LITTLE time is all we can give you....I suggest you act quickly."With that Gosalyn grabbed Launchpads arm and drug him out the front door.
"Gos, you're the only family DW has. What are you up to?" Luanchpad asked in a weary tone.
"Protecting dads secret identity...I hope." Gosalyn answered still pulling him along. "you'll see."

Twenty minutes later a masked figure dressed in green and black garb entered the hospital and approached the receptionist desk. People throughout the halls of the hospital stopped to stare in bewilderment murmurs of excitement filled the halls "Is that who I think it is?" "Oh my gosh, that's her," "Wow, what is SHE doing here."
Impervious to the voices around her, the figure addressed the receptionist "I'm here to see Darkwing Duck.", she announced in a tone of authority . The receptionist stood staring at her in disbelief. It took her a moment to find her voice "You're Quiverwing Quack, aren't you!?"
"That's right, and I'm hear to see Darkwing.", Quiverwing answered impatiently.
The receptionist collected herself before going on "I'm sorry but only family members are aloud to see the patient..."
"I know that....Darkwing is my dad."
"You're Darkwing Ducks daughter!?"
Quiverwing nodded
"One moment please...", the receptionist replied as she scurried from behind the desk and hurried down the hall, disappearing around the corner.
A moment later she returned with Dr. Downs .
The doctor looked at the masked child with skeptical eyes "I'm told that you are Darkwings daughter?", his voice full of suspicion.
Quiverwing nodded "Can I see him?"
The doctor was silent for a moment then asked slowly "What about you mother? Why isn't she here with you?"
"I don't have a mother," Quiverwing answered agitated.
The doctor continued to inquire "Well, what about other family members. Do you have aunts, uncles...grandparents? Any grown up family members?"
"No!", Quiverwing snapped, her tolerance clearly wearing. "I'm it. It's just me and dad, no other family, grown up or other wise. Now let me see my father!"
The doctor exchanged looks with the receptionist then motioned for Quiverwing to follow him.

to be continued...