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Draco woke up abruptly to the bright sunlight shining on his face. He angrily shut his bed curtains, upset that they had been opened during the night. Who needs sunlight anyway, he thought, mumbling and turning over in his sleep. His foot struck something hard at the end of his bed, and he sat up, crying out in pain. "What in the world..?"

There was one large box at the foot of his bed, wrapped in dark green Christmas paper. He rolled his eyes. "Oh, I almost forgot. It's Christmas", he said sarcastically to nobody in particular. That's because everybody but himself had gone home for the holidays in his room. He turned up his nose at the thought of spending the holidays with his father. "That would be one jolly party," he said, thinking about the lectures and discipline he received in the summer break.

Yawning lazily, he reached for the present. "At least they didn't completely forget about me. I wonder what they sent this year. 101 Ways to Convert to Dark Magic?" He could feel his sarcasm coming on strong today. Christmas wasn't exactly his favorite time of year. Somehow he just wasn't one to get into the spirit of things.

The rip of the paper sounded strangely loud in the empty room. The paper fell to the ground to reveal a large box, which he opened in no hurry. Draco was very confused by what he found inside the box. "Compaq Presario? What kind of bloody contraption is this?"

Inspecting the electronic devise further, he suddenly remembered learning about these in Muggle Studies in Sixth year. They were called computers, and practically every muggle had one. They were the latest advance in technology, now that they had what they called the "World Wide Web." Muggles thought highly of themselves, they thought they were quite clever for inventing something which such "power". Draco smirked, amused. "Muggles don't know what power is. Fools."

Suddenly he realized there was a card on his bed as well. He opened it up and read the note in his father's messy scrawl.

"Draco, we decided to send you an enchanted muggle computer for Christmas this year. It functions like a regular muggle one, but it's got some...magical features. Some of the other Death Eaters have been using it to communicate because the Ministry doesn't have a very close watch on wizard's computers. However, you needn't get involved in that yet. You can just play around with the Dark Wizard chat rooms installed on the computer. Meet some more people like us. ~Lucius"

The note annoyed Draco greatly. "He doesn't even trust my choice of friends. What a prat. I don't even know how to work this thing, why did he send me this piece of rubbish?"

He lay back in his bed and left the computer. However, after a few minutes, curiosity got the best of him. "The chat rooms sound interesting. Maybe I could meet some more girls to use to my advantage. That's always fun."

He opened the box and pulled out the shiny black laptop. He opened it up and set it in front of him on the bed. He guessed that the large button in the front was the on button, and pressed it. He was surprised when it sprang to life. A green Slytherin symbol appeared on the screen, hissed, and then switched to the main desktop. Another screen popped up that asked Draco some questions. He read them over and then began typing, rather slowly.

"1. Name?"

He typed in "Draco Malfoy" and hit the "next" button.

"2. Choose an Email Address. (this is the name in which other wizards can send you mail.)"

He needed to think of something clever. Drumming his fingers on the edge of the keyboard, his mind went over a few possibilities before finally typing, "IceyGaze", and pressing the "next" button again. This time instead of going on to question three, an alert window popped up. It read, "Your new email address will be "[email protected]" Is this alright?"

He hit "yes" and continued on with the questions.

"3. Write a short paragraph describing yourself. (Likes, dislikes, funny quirks, anything that you want other witches and wizards to see.)"

Letting out a breath, Draco began to think. Finding things to say about himself that would sound appealing to others wasn't his specialty. The blinking cursor on the screen was becoming annoying, so he gave up thinking and just typed. "If you are looking for a good time then you've come to the right place. I'm a 16-year-old guy who knows how to treat a girl. If you want to know more, you've got to ask." He grinned. That ought to entice a few ladies. Yet again, he hit "next".

"4. What level of education have you completed?"

He typed in "7th year student."

"5. Would you like your personal information viewable to others?" He had to think about this one. He typed in, "Only if I agree to them seeing it first." If he wanted to meet people, he couldn't let everyone know he was a Malfoy. He wanted raw opinion before they knew his name.

"6. Are you single?"

Draco laughed out loud at this one. "Single and looking." He answered, grinning.

The screen swirled black, and then returned to the desktop. A screen popped up, another alert window. "Thank you for filling out the information. Your email address has been set up and your profile started. To view your profile and/or edit it, click on your preferences below. To check email, click on the owl icon in the corner. To look at web pages on the internet, click on the broomstick icon at the right side. To chat with other witches and wizards, click on the cauldron icon on the left. If you need any other help, click on the spell book icon at the bottom of the screen. It can answer any question worth being answered."

The screen disappeared and Draco contemplated what to do. On impulse, he clicked on the Cauldron. Another screen popped up, this one a little different from the rest.

"Hello, IceyGaze. What type of chat would you like to enter?"

The choices included Dark Magic, Teenagers, Adults, Wizards only, Witches Only, General, and Freestyle. There were captions under each of the categories.

Dark Magic- The chat for wizards up to no good! Teenagers- Something to do for those bored teenage witches/wizards. Adults- Must be out of schooling to enter. Wizards Only- Men's chat. Witches Only- Women's chat. General- A little bit of everything. Freestyle- Be careful in this chat, there are no charms restricting anything.

After clicking on "Teenagers", a larger window opened up. There was a list of everybody in the chat room, and a box at the bottom to type in. He wasn't really sure what to do. There were about 25 people in the chat, talking about various things. They were talking about Quidditch, what they were doing for Christmas, what crazy spells they'd accidentally cast on younger siblings.not really anything Draco was interested in. He clicked in the little box and began typing.

IceyGaze: Anyone in here from Hogwarts?

For a moment, Draco thought everyone had disregarded his question. Then someone replied to him.

Firefly: I am.

IceyGaze: Are you female?

Firefly: Yes. If you want to talk we can PC.

Draco scratched his head. He was going to have to learn the lingo.

IceyGaze: What's PC?

Firefly: Private Chat. I'll initiate it.

Seconds later, a small box appeared on Draco's screen. In it, he saw that the only people were him and Firefly.

Firefly: Now nobody else can see our conversation. I haven't seen you around, are you new?

IceyGaze: New? New to computers? Yes.

Firefly: Oh, well then nice to meet you. I've had my computer for a couple of weeks already. Most of the wizards I've talked to are rather daft though. You seem different.

IceyGaze: Do I? How so?

Firefly: Hmm..I just have a feeling. Nice profile. You know how to treat a girl?

IceyGaze: I've been told as much. So you go to Hogwarts, huh? What year are you?

Firefly: 6th year. Yourself?

IceyGaze: I'm a 7th year. You're not too out of my league you know.

Firefly: -raises eyebrow- Is that so?

IceyGaze: -grins-

Draco was beginning to get the feel of this. He was having fun chatting with this anonymous girl. He could totally be himself, or be someone completely different, and no one would know the difference. He was starting to rethink his opinion on this computer.

Firefly: So, do you have a name?

Draco's fingers froze over the keyboard. What should he say? He couldn't dare tell her his real name. If she went to Hogwarts, she knew about the Malfoys. He'd have to be clever and cautious while talking to this girl, he realized.

IceyGaze: Does it matter?

Firefly: It be nice to be able to call you something other than "hey you".

IceyGaze: Well, you can call me whatever you like.

Firefly: -pouts- I want to know your name though.

IceyGaze: Well that just isn't an option.

Firefly: Can I call you Ice?

"What a fitting name", Draco said out loud. He was surprising himself by how much fun he was having chatting.

IceyGaze: Only if I can call you Fire. What is your name anyway?

Firefly: Well that's not fair. I'll tell you my name as soon as you tell me yours. You've gotta play by the rules.

IceyGaze: So I guess for now we're Fire and Ice, huh?

Firefly: It's kind of romantic, is it not?

IceyGaze: You wish.

He took a minute to stretch his fingers. He couldn't believe what a flirt he was being. This could be anyone, he realized, they could be making everything up about themselves as well. But something about the girl just drew him to her, he couldn't wait to find out more about her.

Firefly: So tell me about yourself.

IceyGaze: What do you want to know?

Firefly: Well, right about now, I think I want to know everything.

IceyGaze: Let's see. I'm an only child, I play Quidditch, I get good grades, and I know how to treat a girl, as you already know.

Firefly: You play Quidditch? Oooh...That narrows it down!

Draco smacked himself in the forehead. He had to be more careful. Until he got to know Fire better, he couldn't let her find out who he was.

IceyGaze: What makes you so sure I'm on one of the Hogwarts teams?

Firefly: Where ELSE would you play? So anyway, tell me, are you at Hogwarts right now, or did you go home for the holidays?

IceyGaze: Not telling.

Firefly: You're a tough one. I stayed at Hogwarts, I was thinking if you did too then maybe we could meet up somewhere and meet each other.

IceyGaze: Too bad. I went home.

He didn't really want to lie to her, but it was too soon to meet. Much too soon.

Firefly: Oh well. There's always the rest of the year. So what house are you in?

IceyGaze: What's with all the personal questions?

Firefly: How else are we going to get to know each other?

IceyGaze: What makes you so sure I want to get to know you?

Firefly: I'm beginning to understand your screen name. You're not a very open person are you?

IceyGaze: It seems that way doesn't it?

Firefly: Well, you know something?

IceyGaze: I know a lot of things.

Firefly: Well, here's one you might not know already. Fire melts Ice.

Once again, Draco found himself frozen above the keyboard. This girl was smooth. He was beginning to like her for it.

IceyGaze: Well, we'll just see if you can keep that promise.


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