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"Excuse me could you tell me where I Alexandra Cabot is?"

Olivia looked up and stared at the man who was asking for Alex. He was a tall man with dark brown hair and blue eyes that appeared to see right through you. In a way his eyes reminded her of Alex's but they weren't as bright as hers.

"I'm sorry who?" Olivia asked

"Alexandra Cabot"

Olivia cocked her head to the side as the man repeated himself.

"Sorry man wrong establishment" Olivia answered as she went back to mixing the drink she was making when he walked up. She had no clue who this man was but she be damned if he was getting close to her "I've never heard of her."

"Are you sure?" He asked not letting up "She called me earlier today and asked me to meet her here. She's a tall blonde with piercing blue eyes. If you ask me she's absolutely gorgeous."

Olivia sat the drink down and walked over to where the man was standing "Look, I've told you I have no clue who you are talking about. Now I suggest you walk out of here before I throw you out of here."

"Ok" he said as he backed up "She called me and asked me to meet her here that's all. If it wasn't for that I wouldn't even be here."

"That's a lie and we both know it." A familiar voice called out from his right causing both Olivia and his head to turn. "Trevor I'm surprised you didn't know this place existed since you frequent strip clubs more often than your deviant clients do."

Trevor broke out in a smile as he looked Alex up and down "If I recall you were once one of my deviant clients and you now dress as a stripper."

"When you no longer have a trust fund and all you know how to do is dance you have to pay the bills somehow."

"So can I get a private showing."

"No you can't" Olivia growled as every muscle in her body tensed. Since the man had attacked Alex in the VIP room she had refused to allow Alex to dance in there anymore. She was surprised that Alex had not fought her on it as much as she had and figured it was more to calm her than anything.

Trevor looked over at Olivia and raised his eyebrows at her. She seemed overly protective of Alex and the look in her eyes told him she would have no problem hurting him if need be.

"Honey dancing for Trevor would be the equivalent of being caught by my brother stripping." Alex answered as she leaned over the counter and placed a kiss on her the bartender's cheek "Besides I agreed to no more private dancing and I will not go back on my word." Alex turned to face Trevor with a huge smile on her face "Trevor I would like you to meet Olivia, my girlfriend and part owner of Andromeda's Galaxxxy."

"Sleeping your way to the top I see." Trevor said laughing "I never knew you had it in you."

Olivia clenched her jaw hearing him accuse Alex of sleeping her way to the top. "For your information she has worked very hard to get where she is in this club."

Trevor started to open his mouth and reply with a smart comment when he caught the look in Olivia's eyes. He had seen that look before but it was usually in his clients and he couldn't help but wonder what Alex had mixed herself up in. Glancing between the two women he simply nodded and made a mental note to talk to Alex once they were alone. If she had called her to escape an abusive relationship he was leaving with her tonight if he had to call in every favor he had.

"Follow me we can talk back here where it's quieter" Alex stated as she motioned for Trevor to follow her.

Trevor glanced back over his shoulder as he entered the door marked private. He felt a shiver go through his body at the look from Olivia and glanced around the room to look for cameras. When Alex had secured the door behind him he turned and faced her.

"Listen if you need help leaving let me make a couple of phone calls and I can have you out of here in ten minutes." He said in a very low voice unsure if the room was wired for sound.

'Leaving? Why would I need help leaving?" Alex asked shaking her head "I know this isn't the career I planned but I am very happy here."

"But the Bartender, Olivia."

"What about her?"

"Alex I've seen people with the look that she had in her eyes. I defend them for beating their wives or raping someone. So if you need an escape give me ten minutes."

Alex couldn't help but start laughing listening to Trevor "Olivia is why I called you here and asked to see you but not because she puts her hands on me. Well she does but not in the way you're thinking. The last thing Olivia would ever do is hurt me."

"Alex she has a temper and its boiling just under the surface."

"Yeah she does" Alex answered as she motioned for Trevor to take a seat "And I've seen it firsthand too but not in the way you're thinking."

Trevor looked at Alex with questioning eyes as he ran his eyes up and down Alex's body. He couldn't see any physical bruises but that didn't mean she wasn't emotional or mentally abusing her.

"Stop looking for signs I'm lying" Alex said through clenched teeth "Olivia would kill herself before she would ever hurt me in anyway shape or form. I have never felt as safe with anyone as I do her. So you can stop the overbearing over protective big brother routine right now."

"OK" Trevor said relenting as he leaned forward "Then why did you call me?"

"About two weeks ago I was performing in the VIP room when the customer became physical with me."

"Physical how?"

"When I refused to take it any further than a dance he smacked me. Olivia saw this on camera from the security room and flew out of there after the man. I couldn't stop her in time and she tackled him outside and beat him before I could stop her. It was obvious he had a broken nose but I'm not sure of any other injuries."

"So she's being charged with Aggravated Battery and you want me to defend her. I can do that but I will need a tape of his attack on you in the VIP room to plead defense on her behalf."

"He never called the cops that I know of but I'm scared of any future repercussions and I wanted your advice on how to handle it."

"If she hasn't been arrested or at least questioned by now then I believe you're safe from any criminal ramifications but civilly is a different story. He can come after her for monetary damages and that's a lot easier to win than a criminal case. You only need preponderance of the evidence to win the jury on your side. And the settlement can be extensive."

Alex closed her eyes and shook her head as she heard Trevor explain what they were looking at. She hated that Olivia could possibly lose everything because of her. "What do we do?"

"You have to be notified of the pending lawsuit and you have thirty days to respond. It has to be delivered in person or by certified mail only. Once you have received it the court is notified and you have thirty days to respond. So the second she is served, if she is served, call me. I will file a counter claim on her behalf."

"Can we beat it?"

"We can but it will involve revealing what happened to you and I will need that tape as evidence."

"I'll can get that for you. I need to know how much will you charge?"

"Alex I'm not going to charge you and I'm not going to tell your parents where you are either. I for one and very happy you have broken free of them and finally able to live your life. Although to see the look on their face if they ever discovered you were a stripper. Please lord let me be there for that."

Alex couldn't help but laugh hearing Trevor. He had always despised how they had treated her and talked to her in attempts to get her to become someone she wasn't. If they only knew how much he had encouraged her over the years to break free and be herself they would probably fire his firm from representing their business and she knew he couldn't afford that.

"But seriously I will not be the one to tell them"

"I know" Alex said standing as he did and hugging him tight "I can't thank you enough for this."

"Alex, I'm here for you if you ever need anything. I don't care what it is."

"I know and thank you" she said as she opened the door smiling at Olivia who's eyes was glued to the door "We need to have dinner one night that way you can get to know Olivia." Alex turned to face Trevor "She really is the best thing that ever happened to me and you don't ever have to worry about me being hurt by her."

"I'm like your big brother, its my job to worry." Trevor said pulling Alex against him for another hug "But I would like to have dinner and get to know her. Because if she's willing to attack a man to protect you, to hell with the consequences, she's already won my vote."

"That's good" Alex said smiling brightly as she looked over at Olivia "Because, I've never felt what I feel for her with anyone else. I know without a doubt she's my soulmate."