A/N – Family Life is a series of 30 snippets about Draco, Hermione and their two children – Scorpius and Lyra. The snippets are set chronologically and are set in the same universe, but it's not really a proper story. It's just snippets of their life as a family beginning with Scorpius entering the world and ending with Lyra moving out and leaving her parents alone again. The collection is very light and fluffy.

This is set with no war and no animosity between the two sets of friends. Over the course of the story all of Hermione and Draco's friends will feature at various times as well as their children. Just to keep people straight, here's a quick rundown of who's with who and who their children are.

Harry and Ginny are together, and they have three children. James, Albus and Lily. Ron and Lavender have Rose and Hugo. Theo and Pansy have two daughters, Faith and Angelica. And finally, Blaise and Daphne have a son, Alex.

Each snippet is between 800-1,000 words, with a couple of exceptions. Updates will be Tuesdays and Thursdays, but there might also be an odd chapter posted on other weekdays or sometimes over the weekend depending on how much time I have.


It was well past midnight and Hermione Malfoy was wide awake. Not wanting to keep her husband, Draco, awake she quietly slipped out of bed and made her way into the nursery. Staring down into the cot, she felt a burst of pure love as she looked down at the reason she couldn't sleep, her new-born son, Scorpius. Hermione and Draco had brought Scorpius home from the hospital earlier that day, and even though the baby had been no bother, Hermione was still nervous about her new role as a mother.

All her life, Hermione had fully prepared for every endeavour she'd ever embarked on. Before she's started Hogwarts, Hermione had read all her books so she was fully prepared for her time at school and she'd done the exact same thing every year after that. There wasn't a lesson she attended where she hadn't been fully prepared. Her life after school had been approached in very much the same way, she'd considered her career carefully before embarking on training to become a lawyer, specialising in fighting for the rights of magical creatures and the underprivileged.

She'd even thought long and hard before embarking on a romance with Draco. Even though she knew he had changed since their school days, she still considered things carefully before agreeing to go out on a date with him. Even her pregnancy had been thoroughly researched, she'd read every pregnancy book she could get her hands on and attended every single antenatal class she could so she was prepared for the birth itself.

However, there wasn't really a solid set of rules to bringing up a child and she was nervous she would mess things up. Hermione had read several childcare books in the latter stages of her pregnancy and she often found different books gave contradicting advice. She was smart enough to know that each child was different, and what would work with one wouldn't work with another. The children of her best friends, were proof of how different children could be and how different the experience of parenthood could be.

Both Harry and Ron had become fathers for the first time a little over two years ago. Harry and Ron had both being thrilled to have children, as were their wives Ginny and Lavender. However, the first few months of parenthood differed vastly for the two couples. Ginny and Harry's little boy, James, was the sweetest little baby ever and he never made a fuss. Unfortunately things weren't as easy for Ron and Lavender. Their daughter, Rose, had been a handful from the very beginning and Lavender had suffered from post-natal depression. The first year of parenthood for both of the couples had been vastly different, with Ginny and Harry finding things much easier than Ron and Lavender. Luckily, things were much better for Ron and Lavender now and they were even talking about having more children soon.

Although luckily, Hermione also felt slightly better about becoming a mother knowing her closest female friend, Daphne Zabini, was going through the exact same thing. Daphne had given birth to her and Blaise's son, Alex, mere days before Hermione had gone into labour. The two witches had gone through their pregnancies side by side, and Hermione was drawing confidence from the fact they would go through motherhood the same way. They would be able to lean on each other for support and their boys would grow up side by side.

"I hope I don't let you down, Scorpius," Hermione whispered quietly, gently stroking the top of her son's head. While she could compare notes with Daphne at other times and alleviate her worries, it was hard to do in the middle of the night.

"You won't," A voice from behind her said quietly.

Turning her head, Hermione found Draco standing in the doorway of the nursery. Her husband looked half asleep and she felt bad that she'd woken him yet again. For the last few weeks she hadn't had a full night's sleep as the worry about becoming a mother had begun to play on her mind. Unfortunately, Draco seemed to sense when she wasn't in bed with him and he would get up looking for her.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you," Hermione said as Draco crossed the room and peered down at his sleeping son.

"Hermione, you should be sleeping when Scorpius does," Draco said gently. "He'll wake us up often enough without getting up when there's no need."

"Sorry, I just couldn't sleep," Hermione replied with a sigh. "I just keep thinking I'm going to mess this up. You know what I'm like, I like to have the answers before I do anything. Raising children isn't like that."

"Hermione, you don't need a manual to be a mother," Draco said gently. "You're a natural with Scorpius. Just follow your instincts and you'll be fine. You're going to be a great mother, I just know it."

"I hope so," Hermione replied with a small smile.

"I know so," Draco insisted. "Now stop worrying and come back to bed. I'm sure Scorpius will wake up soon for a feed, and it would be nice to have some sleep tonight."

Taking a final look at their sleeping son, Hermione let Draco lead her from the nursery and into their bedroom. Settling down in their bed, Hermione settled herself in Draco's arms and tried to get some sleep before Scorpius woke up and needed feeding.

"Sleep Hermione," Draco muttered, already half asleep again.

Following her husband's advice, Hermione closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. Scorpius woke up three times during the night, and every time she got up to deal with him, Hermione felt her confidence as a mother grow. By morning her doubts were much less significant and within a week she wasn't as worried about her lack of knowledge with being a mother. She knew she would be fine as long as she had Draco at her side and luckily for Hermione, her husband wasn't going anywhere. He would be with her as their raised their son, and possibly other children in the future.