New Beginnings.

Moving as slowly as she could, Hermione got ready for the evening ahead. They were due to attend Lyra and Alex's engagement/house warming party. The pair had been together for two years, and the engagement and moving in together hadn't exactly came out of the blue. However, it did have Hermione in a slightly maudlin mood. With Lyra moving in with Alex and Scorpius having already moved out, it was hitting her that both her children had flown the nest.

"Are you ready yet?" Draco called, entering the bedroom.

"Yeah," Hermione replied with a sigh as she picked up her bag.

"Don't sound so maudlin, we're going to a party not a funeral," Draco said.

"I know, but we're celebrating our little girl leaving home," Hermione argued. "Forgive me if I don't find it an altogether happy event."

"We're also celebrating her engagement," Draco pointed out. "And you know how happy Alex makes her."

"I know, I should make the effort," Hermione admitted. "And I am happy for her, really I am. I just can't help but think about how things are changing. First Scorpius left home, and now Lyra. My babies are grown up and they don't need me anymore."

"That's not true," Draco soothed. "They may have both grown up, but Scorpius and Lyra still need you. They just need us in different ways these days."

Conceding that Draco had a point, Hermione brushed aside her sad feelings and plastered a smile on her face. She wasn't going to let Lyra down and show her how sad she was that she'd moved out. Her daughter was celebrating one of the happiest moments in her life, and she intended to be by her side celebrating with her.

Arriving at the house Alex and Lyra had just bought, Hermione and Draco were greeted to a party already in full swing. Friends and family were dotted around the house and it took them almost ten minutes to find Alex and Lyra in the back garden with Scorpius and a few of their other friends.

"I thought you weren't coming," Lyra said, giving both Hermione and Draco a hug.

"We wouldn't miss this for the world," Hermione reassured her daughter.

"I'm pleased you're both here," Lyra said with a smile. "Help yourself to food and drink in the kitchen."

"Are your parents here, Alex?" Draco asked. So far they hadn't seen Daphne or Blaise, but he suspected they were around somewhere.

"They're around somewhere," Alex replied. "Hopefully they're not upstairs in our bedroom."

"Don't worry, I placed a charm on the room barring anyone entry," Lyra told her boyfriend as her parents laughed at the thought of Blaise and Daphne using their bedroom. "No-one but us will be fooling around in our bedroom."

"And that's our cue to leave," Draco said with a grimace. As much as he approved of Lyra and Alex, he hated to hear any allusion to their private life. Lyra was still his little girl, and he didn't need to think about the fact she was no longer an innocent virgin.

Making their way back inside the house, Draco and Hermione grabbed a couple of drinks and set off to find their friends. After a few minutes they found their entire group of friends sitting in the room that was in the process of being turned into Lyra's library.

"There you are," Theo called as the Malfoys joined the group. "We thought you'd decided to stay home and make the most of your empty house."

"We can do that later on," Draco replied flippantly, although he glanced over at Hermione in case the mention of their empty house had upset her again. Luckily she seemed fine now they were at the party and she merely chuckled at Theo.

"So what do you think of the house?" Hermione asked her friends. Apart from Blaise and Daphne, none of their other friends had seen the house that Lyra and Alex had recently bought.

"It's beautiful," Ginny answered.

"I bet it was expensive," Lavender added.

"I have no idea," Hermione said with a shrug. "Alex and Lyra didn't divulge what they paid."

"It's not as if they can't afford it, is it?" Ron chuckled. "They both have substantial inheritances, Alex is a top quidditch player and Lyra's well on her way to owing her own Medi-Vet practice."

"Is Lyra thinking of opening her own Medi-Vet practice?" Pansy asked.

"Yeah," Draco replied. "It's definitely something she wants to do."

"I'd take my pets to her," Ron said. "Rose's dog had a thorn in its paw last week, and I took it to Lyra while Rose went to work. Lyra had the thorn out in no time, and the dog's as right as rain."

"She's always been a natural with animals," Harry said with a fond smile. "I can remember some of the strays she used to bring home."

"She was still bringing strays home before she moved out," Draco said. "In the last year we've had all sorts of injured animals staying with us."

"That's one of the reasons she wants to set up her own practice," Hermione added. "She wants to create a shelter for injured and abandoned animals."

"What about kids?" Ginny asked. "Are her animals going to take priority over having children?"

"We are too young for grandchildren," Draco declared, outraged at the suggestion he could soon become a grandfather.

"You're our age, and we're going to be grandparents in a few months," Harry retorted. James and his fiancée had recently announced that they were expecting their first child.

"I'm sure grandkids are still a way off," Hermione said. "Lyra and Alex aren't even married yet."

"Aren't you forgetting Scorpius?" Pansy questioned. "He could make you a grandparent."

"He'd have to find a serious girlfriend first," Draco snorted. "He shows no sign of settling down, and he's not stupid enough to get a casual fling pregnant."

"You hope," Theo said with an evil chuckle.

Hermione and Draco briefly shared a worried look, before dismissing the thought of Scorpius getting some random witch pregnant. They were sure that one day both of their children would provide them with grandchildren, but for now they were happy to just enjoy the life they had. With both Scorpius and Lyra off living their own lives it gave them time to concentrate on each other. They could spend a few years enjoying being on their own again, before they became grandparents and the next chapter of their lives began.

The End.

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