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Chapter 1

Nick wasn't sure what happened to his life. It all seemed so clear months ago when he decided to take the next step in his relationship with Juliette and ask her to marry him. He really thought, at the time, that they were going to live happily ever after. That was before he started seeing weird, creepy things and his aunt showed up to tell him he had some kind of gift. Then she end ended up being killed and Juliette started to stop trusting him because he felt the need to keep his "gift" a secret. It also didn't help that Nick managed to piss off a Hexenbiest called Adalind Schade enough to make her put Juliette in a coma which thankfully Juliette awoke from…somehow. He couldn't catch a break through because Juliette didn't remember him and left Portland after getting fed up of everyone trying to make her remember.

His "new" life wasn't all bad through, his mother was alive. Then there was Monroe and Rosalee, he'd probably had never met them if it wasn't for him being a Grimm. Nick was also seeing someone to, surprisingly enough it was his boss, Sean Renard. It started out with them just getting a couple drinks after work, they'd talk about cases and Juliette but somehow it turned into dinner, movies, dancing, and finally sleeping together. Most nights it ended up with Sean staying over, some of his clothes were hung up in the closet next to Nick's.

Nick found that for some reason he felt more relaxed with Sean then Juliette. It was like he could tell him anything, there were a couple times when Nick almost told him about being a Grimm. Sometimes when he had time to let his mind wonder, he'd imagine what it would be like if Sean knew. With Juliette, he thought she'd freak out, think he was crazy, and leave him but Nick couldn't see Sean doing any of those things. Sean would probably end up believing him and find some comfort in the fact Nick didn't feel the need to keep secrets from him.

Their relationship was moving very fast and Nick found he really didn't care through he hasn't given Sean the okay to move in to Nick's house yet. Not because Nick didn't want him to but he kept feeling like it would be too fast for others to see Nick letting another lover live with him. Sean didn't push him but dropped some hints letting Nick know he'd like to start living together. One of the bigger hints Sean gave him was by complaining how much his rent has been raised.

Also, Nick wanted to tell Sean about being a Grimm before they moved into together.

"Something which would probably be better soon," Nick thought as he looked at the small, long, plastic, white, pregnancy test which read in all capital letters as PREGNANT.