Sad and I'll admit that I am acting vicious, but it will get better – promise.

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Chapter One

Sarah sat there looking at the coco in front of her as another lame holiday song was piped over the restaurant speakers. She hated coffee, so this was all she could afford. Her last dollar literally sat before her. And tomorrow the landlord would knock on the door to tell her that she had to move out the day before Christmas. Oh, he'd hint at the idea that there were other ways she could pay – but she wasn't low enough for that.

She was laid off after her boss tried to get her on his couch and she spoke up. The same day she only called to check on her little brother, but Karen informed her that she was to never contact them. Sarah heard her brother in the background calling out for her.

How that hurt, to hear him want her there for the holidays. Sarah wanted him in her arms so much. Their father, Robert, had disowned her when she accused his brother of trying to rape her. He believed his brother over her!

Sarah was thrown out of the house, and dumped into the roach trap she now called home. She was told to never call the house, and had a restraining order put on her. And now, a month later – nearing Christmas, she had nothing and no one.

She would have called on her friends, but where she was … no she was too ashamed to summon them to that place. Sarah felt like everything was worth nothing anymore. If only she could fall back into that oubliette.

She swallowed her coco and left for her 'home'.

She went around the corner from the restaurant, and up the stairs. Why did she bother to lock the door? There was nothing for them to steal and she didn't care if she lived or died anymore.

She kept her gloves and coat on because she had no electricity or water. Her father said that he'd get them turned on, but he never came through on it.

Going through the cabinets she was only able to scrounge a can of cranberry sauce, a jug of bleach, dish soap, and one last soda. Quite a Christmas feast.

Don't worry this isn't over yet.