Okay, I know it has been a LONG time. Writer's block is a major pain to get rid of. Now either this is the end and a new tale is born or the story rambles on peeps, your choice. For now, the answer to everyone's question — Sarah Williams: beautiful and dead or very much alive?

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Chapter Twelve

Mixed eyes snapped open in fear as Jareth abruptly sat up in bed. How had he gotten in bed and when did the sun set? Looking about he realized that he was in Sarah's room. Where was Brenna? His minions should have caught her by now! Where were his angel's remains? He could smell her scent all around him and on his body. At that thought, memory barely jogged his recall that as he sat up Sarah's head had been lying on his chest.

He looked at the bed for a moment to see she was there with him and obviously had fallen off of his chest in his waking. Since the attack, she had always been on her back and slightly elevated for her sweet sake. Any other position could have stopped her breathing in the night. How did she get in his arms?

Her groan snapped him from his shock. Was she waking on her own?

The moment that green eyes slowly opened, Jareth felt his heart race with hope and joy. His Sarah was awake at last! Yet, there was a feeling all around him that did not sit right. Jareth created a crystal to read on the currents of time to discover a frightening truth — NO TIME HAD PASSED! He had dreamt all of it!

He woke the same night that he took Sarah and her brother from that filthy apartment Aboveground that had been a prison and near death sentence for his beloved. What could this mean? The obvious was clear as he wondered about the nature of his dream. The creator of dream visions and guardian of all sleep had blessed Jareth with a chance to avoid that horrible possible future.

Sarah saw how worried his face was and knew the signs of a troublesome dream, "Jareth?"

"Morpheus, has decided to interfere in the futures of the young," Jareth stated, knowing that his sweet Sarah would know who Morpheus is.

Before she could say any more, he created a series of crystals and twirled them about in his hand. The first he charged and filled for his parents. This crystal begged for their visit and explained his dream in full. Next prepared for his sister, explaining his dream in full and asking her to be near Sarah always until Brenna attacked and they were able to rid themselves of the toffee-nosed twit. The next crystal he sent to King Herne of the High Northlands, as Jareth knew the Captain of his Guards was the soul bond of his sister – what was wrong with his playing matchmaker? He then sent a crystal to each of Sarah's three friends explaining the situation. Jareth knew the Trio would never allow any harm to befall his Sarah. Finally, Jareth created a warning crystal for King Antor explaining his foresight warning of Queen Iona's possible future. After all, Jareth would not allow that pain to any man, having lost his beloved once before and nearly so for a second time.

Finished Jareth looked into those worried green eyes he feared he would never again see. He had a second chance with her yet again. He brushed his thumb across her lips before first kissing her forehead and then her nose. Thought it clearly had taken him minutes if not a couple of hours to suffer, the time in the nightmare had felt eternal to the Goblin King, "I will not allow that dream to come true, my beloved Sarah."

"Tell me, so I know what to look for," Sarah pleaded.

Jareth relaxed back into the bed and was grateful to feel her climb back into his arms of her own volition. Once Sarah was resting comfortably in his arms, Jareth explained in as much detail as he could remember the possible future before them. It made Sarah think. "Jareth, could my father still love me deep inside?"

Despite her continued love for the man, Jareth hated her father. "Anything is possible I guess."

Then Sarah sat up with a wicked smile on her face. "Why should we wait to show Daddy the truth and punish Dan?"

Jareth smirked at his love — this was the powerful woman that he had fallen in love with so long before, "why indeed?"

Two further crystals went out. One sent Dan into that oubliette and the punishment he sincerely deserved Jareth saw in his vision. The other invaded Robert Williams' dreams with the truth, but Jareth decided to add to them both. For Dan, the man had to suffer with the assault from Sarah's boss and later give birth to twins under his care as a foster parent to Sarah. Of course the labor would be worse than Sarah's first child and end up in an emergency C-section. Yet, it was Dan who suffered, not sweet Sarah. Then Dan went into a mental hospital as he finally broke through to become a true Dan trapped in Sarah's body!

Jareth walked into character within the midst of Robert Williams' vision just as Sarah pulled Toby into her arms and did all that she could to keep him warm. It made Robert proud that his little girl still loved her brother so much and that the feeling was shared visa versa. Yet, this man did the Labyrinth's Winter Queen wrong. Such Jareth was not ready to forgive yet. A snap of his fingers stilled the room beyond Jareth and Robert.

When Robert understood the change he looked at the mismatched eyes in dread, "Who – what are you?"

The Goblin King smirked at the startled mortal. "I am the King of the Goblins and the Labyrinth."

"Like the guy in Sarah's play? The character she made that doll of that was on her dresser. I have to be dreaming!" Robert began looking around for someway to wake up. "This can't be real!"

"Well, you are in part right. You are currently in the middle of a dream, one I sent to you as punishment for the injury you have done my Winter Queen." Jareth snapped.

Robert tried to keep calm, but this was growing stranger by the minute. "What I've seen, how do I know it is the truth? Dan has never done me wrong. He is the best big brother in the world!"

"Best you say," Jareth sneered. He could not believe how dense this male was! "Is this the same man who attempted to rape both of your wives and planned on doing so with your only daughter? The same man who wished you away to my sister's custody while I was ill and unable to fulfill my duties as King. Really, you were lucky that your sister knew the tale back and forth by heart or else my beautiful Queen would not be alive."

"I don't have a sister," Robert snapped.

Jareth grinned, "Not any longer. She sacrificed herself, taking your place when she was unable to complete my Labyrinth. Just became betrothed for the first time not a few months past if I remember correctly. However, that is neither here nor now.

"It is only because your son knew of my world and hoped that my love for Sarah remained strong that spared her the worse of fates. Go look closer at the items in the kitchen and see if you can deduce what she had planned for herself."

Robert did as asked and saw nothing but the bleach and dish soap — then it hit him what those two ingredients combined could do. "She wouldn't ... she loves Toby and Karen too much!"

"You ripped them from her. She had no possible way to see them. She believed I no longer loved her. And the sole parent she wanted to make proud of her refused to hear her side of the story when it mattered most." Jareth charged in his anger. Then he smirked, "by the way, Toby is with Sarah and I in our castle. I wonder if you remember the right words."

At that second, Robert's eyes tore open. He was still in his bed with Karen sleeping just enough away from him to show she refused to forgive his stupidity. What had he done? His beautiful little girl almost killed herself because he refused to hear the truth. "I wonder if that was what happened with Linda."

"What are you talking about now?" Karen growled. She ripped out of her troubled sleep when she felt her husband sit up suddenly. Now to hear him whimper about his ex-wife, it grated her nerve even further than before.

Robert didn't hear her as he tore out of the bed and across into Sarah's almost bare bedroom. What he saw was how he felt in his heart. He had betrayed his baby girl worse than anyone could have. Tears flooded his eyes as Karen gasped, "Where's Toby?"

"With the Goblin King and Sarah," Robert said as if he was running on autopilot only. While Karen tore out of the room and down the hall, he went over and sat on his daughter's once bed.

Robert remembered how Sarah had loved the transition from crib to big girl bed. Taking one of her fairytale books, Robert himself created the extension on the wall to hang her 'Princess' curtains and when she was small had a Royal Stair case to help her climb into the bed all by herself as any self respecting Royal would. He remembered how much fun it had been to create them and how Sarah had adored her official and one of a kind Princess Bed. Since it was almost to the point where she had too many stuffed animals, Robert looked deeper into the book and found the perfect design for a set of cubby shelves. Now those cubbies were bare.

Her pictures were gone along with the memory album of the life she missed desperately after Robert remarried. All of her costumes were missing along with her regular clothes. Sarah had been in the process of packing her books and toys when he had tore her from the place. So much remained and so much was gone.

In the vanity mirror, Robert could easily see the Escher print Sarah just had to have for her birthday going into Middle School. That was a perfect picture of Robert's insides. Nothing seemed right to him now. Next to the mirror was a resemblance to the man who had shown him the truth. All he knew and cared about in that heartbeat was he wanted his baby back, but she seemed gone forever.

He went to her vanity and opened the drawer to find her favorite play, the last one her mother gave her in their former happy life and the one which inspired his revealing nightmare — 'The Labyrinth.'

Robert took the book up only to have it fall from his fingers when Karen slammed into the doorframe, "I can't find Toby and Dan is gone!"

"I told you Toby is with Sarah and the Goblin King, Karen." Robert snapped. He wasn't angry with his wife, only at himself.

Reverently, he again took up the book to find it opened to a page and couldn't help reading it.

The girl was lonely, frustrated, and felt so forgotten. Did she matter at all that whoever continued to go into her rooms to steal her things for the screaming brat she was again forced to watch while her father enjoyed the good life with a woman she refused to see as her mother? Not so much did she mind her half-brother wanting her bear. The girl knew how magical and soothing her knight could be. Still, at the least they could ask her for it instead of going into her room as if she had no place or thing that was her own.

Robert remembered how many times Sarah roared about that damn bear of hers when Toby had it. He never understood that the anger was not the least bit about the bear. That was until that night he and Karen had come home to find Sarah cleaning off her vanity and Toby cuddled against the bear peacefully. Sarah never again took the bear from the boy and many times gave it to Toby if it fell or become misplaced – in the latter instances scolding the bear about not fulfilling his duties to his Prince.

First Linda and then Sarah, Robert had ignored his first responsibility — their happiness. He wondered about the sister who had given up her freedom for him and if that had been a story. Could he really believe his dream to be true? Why could he not remember her?

Karen had no pity for the guy who clearly figured out the truth. "Wonder what sent Dan packing without his things."

"More than likely, he is getting worse than I received from the Goblin King. Sarah almost killed herself tonight." Robert answered. "Bleach and dish soap."

This had Karen appalled, "we have to go get her now! Damn it Robert, get it in your head! Your brother is a pervert!"

"I know it!" He roared back as the tears fell despite trying to fight them off.

Karen sneered, "well took you long enough to see the truth."

Robert couldn't help his tears as they poured even more. He wanted his baby back, "I wish I could talk and hold my baby girl again right now. I wish that Sarah was in this room right now."

Karen snorted as the lights flickered out, "I'm surprised you'd get a second chance."

Then the sweetest sound ever touched Robert's ears, "Karen. Please, let's not fight."

Robert's breath hitched in his throat. Was this real? Looking in the mirror, he clearly saw that Goblin King again, only standing in the man's arms was ... oh, it was Sarah! "Am I still dreaming?"

Sarah seemed skittish, understandable after the way he had treated her. Still she shook her head and spoke with a soft voice, "no, this is reality."

Karen looked to her former King in worry, "is Toby safe?"

"He is safe, as well as a very well behaved and fine lad." Jareth assured her as Robert crept closer, afraid touching Sarah would shatter the dream he had woken within.

Sarah wasn't sure what was going to happen. All she wanted in life, outside of the love of the King she now knew truly wanted her at his side for life, was to have her father's love again. When their fingers met warmly, Robert sobbed. "Oh God, please don't let this be a dream."

Gently, he drew Sarah from the arms of her true love and again held the child he so dearly loved and missed. Robert had not admitted it, but all the time she was lost He missed his precious daughter. Tear poured out with the grief and pain that father and daughter had felt for so long as Robert and Sarah collapsed to the floor. Despite her being grown, he took his baby in his arms and rocked her lovingly. "I wish we could go back and stop this from happening like it has."

Suddenly the lights flickered and a wind roared through the room. To even Jareth's surprise, someone decided to answer Robert's wish – despite the lack of legal wording. In heartbeats, beside father and daughter stood the High King and Queen of the Underground — Eban and Tryamon. Jareth had not expected an answer to his crystal message this quickly, "Mother, Father."

Tryamon smiled, "We worried when, upon Our arriving at the Castle beyond the Goblin City, neither you nor Lady Sarah was to be found."

The last thing that Sarah wanted was for her love to find himself in trouble with his parents as she was, "My Dad wished for my return using the right words."

Eban was giving his son a harsh look while Tryamon beamed onto Sarah as the young woman and her father stood, "Ah, the Lady Sarah. I have wanted to meet you for so very long."

Jareth smiled on his love with the deepest pride, "Sarah, may I introduce my parents – High King Eban and High Queen Tryamon. I know that I do not have to introduce you to them."

Sarah was in a panic, she had no idea how she was expected to act in front of High Royalty! As if sensing her fear, the High King took her hand and softly kissed her knuckles. "The young woman who taught my son his place in romance, indeed it is a pleasure to meet you."

"And a pleasure to meet you both, Your Royal Majesties," Sarah was suddenly very grateful she read so many fairytales with proper etiquette woven into the stories – at least she hoped that it was so.

High King Eban had a twinkle in his eyes of pure amusement, a sight that Jareth rarely saw. The high ruler truly had to be impressed with Sarah. "Such formality is unnecessary, Lady Sarah. We are not holding court ... as of yet it would seem."

Sarah looked to Jareth nervously, who simply walked over to her and took her hand in his own to give her added support. "I see that you received my message crystal."

High Queen Tryamon nodded, but her husband answered, "And your dream is true about the spell the father is under."

This stunned Robert, "Spell? What are you talking about?"

"A so-called Princess has enchanted you to think the worse of my Sarah and the best of your brother. She was out to destroy any chance Sarah and I have of marriage," Jareth explained.

"Marriage," Karen spat in shock next. "Sarah?"

Sarah was just as stunned. Did Jareth really mean that? The desire and hope in his eyes answered her unspoken question as he held her close. "When you are ready Sarah, I will ask you for your hand in marriage. However, I wish for you to understand what becoming my wife and Queen entails before we come to that. For now will you stand at my side as my Winter Queen?"

Tears flooded her eyes as a smile grew on Sarah's face. With a bright chuckle in her chest and throat, she nodded and jumped into his arms, "Yes, my love and King."

"I'm afraid that such is not to be," High Queen Tryamon whispered in obvious grief.

Before any could say a word, the High King ended all arguments. "As former Princess Brenna has cast the spell, the curse will in time reweave itself even stronger. Do you wish such upon your chosen Winter Queen, my son?"

It broke Jareth's heart. To protect she who he loved above all, he had to reset time back before the attack upon her! How tempted he was to utter the words he had heard his sweet Sarah growl many times. Yet, this was beyond unfair. "I would never do such to my Sarah."