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Eren's POV

It's cold.

The forest was freezing. A chill went down my spine every time I breathed in the air. My brown jacket was just about the only thing that kept me from dying of hypothermia right then and there. But luckily I was so fired up that I didn't need it.

I was going to save that girl. And I knew that I would kill the people who took her too. Air pounded at my heart as I ran through the forest, trying to keep up with my sister who was equally as enraged as I was. Her medium length black hair intertwined with the crimson red scarf she wore, It flowed behind her and she ran. I could tell she slowed down to match my pace and looked over to me. Her dark violet pools narrowed into slits as she pointed ahead. There was a cabin. Mikasa had to be there.

"Eren did you get the knife?" In response I flashed a gleam from the knife's blade.

"What are we going to do?" I asked. She was usually the one to come up with a plan on the go and had no trouble pulling off the plan.

"Well we can't just charge in, they have better should probably try to act lost at the door then stab one while they're distracted" A good plan bu- wait.

"Did you just say I should go?" She always teases me about how I was a bit weaker then her even if it was only a little bit.

" offence Eren really but, you can look alot more pitiful then me" She approached the door and cautiously opened it without making any noise.

"Fine, I'll pass you the knife once the first bitch is dead" I spat at their existence.

"One more thing Eren" She fixed her captivating gaze to mine and grasped my right hand.

"Don't screw up. Always fight but make sure to keep a calm head over the storm" She recited from Armin's book.

"Same with you Mizuki" And with that I gave a small push on the door. The room was old with cracked walls and abandoned flooring. Two men stood in the room talking to each other and then there was the girl. She wore a white pattered dress as she was frozen to the ground. She was a bit smaller then me and had black hair reminding me of Mizuki's but Mikasa's was longer.

"Oh I'm sorry" I gave a fake apology in the most innocent voice I could manage.

The men scoffed and the first one walked over to the doorway.

"Don't move from that spot you little vermin!" Look whose talking.

He threw open the door and looked down at me "How the hell did you even find this place?"

"uh well...I was...the woods, got lost and I saw y-your cabin" Mizuki was pressed right next to the doorway hidden from sight, ready to attack once the first man was dead.

The 2nd man made a wave of his hand "Lost in the woods huh?" he crouched down to my level "Kid your age shouldn't be out there on his own to begin with" I tensed slightly as his disgusting hand ruffled my hair "Big bad wolves are liable to pounce on you from outta nowhere" Well that's damn ironic.

"It's alright now though, you'll be safe here. My buddy and I will be happy to-" He made a strangling noise for a moment and his pupils dilated.

I moved his hand off of my head "I appreciate that sir, but i'm not stupid. And i'm the last thing you'll ever see" I jerked the knife out of his blood coated chest, some red liquid getting on my jacket.

The other guy finally came to his scenes and sprang out of the chair. "What the hell do you think you're doing!"

I closed the door and quickly tossed the knife to Mizuki. She crouched in anticipation.

"Hey you little bastard get back here!" He flung the door open and Mizuki stabbed the knife straight into his shoulder. He wasn't dead but he dropped his axe and stumbled back into the other room. He fell down a little bit away from Mikasa. Her eyes widened in shock as well when I yanked the knife out of his bleeding skin and viciously brought the knife down again and again...

I vaguely remember Mizuki running over to the girl with the axe in her hand. The bindings were made of rope so she easily cut through them and checked her over to make sure she was ok. Just as I brought the knife down for a final time I looked over to see my sister staring at a doorway I didn't notice. There stood a 3rd man.

He looked over to my sister and when she scrambled away he kicked her in the stomach. Blood erupted from her mouth and Mizuki clenched her injured stomach. I jumped off the corpse and ran to help her but the man was already gone.

And so was my sister.

I ran out the doorway to make out the man fleeing away on a horse with my unconscious sister in his arms.

"MIZUKI!" I yelled after her. But it was no use. She was gone.

I motionlessly sat next to the blazing fire outside the cabin. Mikasa sat next to me but she had silent tears dripping down her face. She was gone. My sister was gone, probably dead or sold off by now. I may never see her again.

And it's all my fault.

If I hadn't been too slow to fight the third man she wouldn't have been taken.

All I could think of was her, Her violet orbs sparked with calm concern for me. Why am I only realizing this now? She always looked out for me, protected me, tought me. She acted like the strong big sister she was.

I only remember seeing her smile once. If only I could be with her again I could see her lips curl into a grin. Why did I take that time for granted!


The only time she smiled was about four months ago

During school breach Armin and I got interested in the book his grandfather gave him. Thats when we vowed to see the ocean and lands if fire and ice. Armin told a few people his dream when they asked him the next day. He ended up getting picked on by a couple of bullies a year older then us. I tried helping him but ended up with a fist in my gut.

They were about to hurt me more but she ran up and kicked the first guy away. when the two other lackeys turned tail and ran she looked down at me and held her hand out for me. I turned her away. I tried getting up but the contact the guy's fist had with my stomach drove a hard impact on me.

Mizuki rolled her dark purple eyes and grabbed my hand anyway. She yanked me to my feat while I cringed at my wound. Frowned deeper then usual she helped me suspend my weight. Armin had given his thanks and went to go get my dad but she stayed behind with me.

"Eren you damn idiot you're not strong enough" She insulted me as I limped back to our house.

"Why are you?"

"Excuse me?"

"Why are you so strong?"

"Because I've trained. Not alot but a little"

"So that's why I heard you beating up your pillows at 2am"

"Yeah but to be honest I only know that one move"

"Could you teach me?"

She stopped walking and looked at my hopeful expression. My eyes widened when she smiled and gave a little laugh. She never smiles. Ever.

"Sure, but I won't go easy on you"


My hand formed a fist so hard my knuckles turned white but I didn't care. My sister was gone. Theres no changing that. All I can do now is make sure I keep on living. Mizuki always had my best interests at heart even if she teased me and bullied me from time to time. When I showed her Armin's book she quickly developed a shared interest with me. She was especially excited about the oceans. The vast wide lake of salt that stretched around the world. I would go to the ocean with Armin not just for me but for Mizuki as well.

"I-Im so sorry..." I heard a quiet sad voice from my side stutter. It was Mikasa. I won't let her blame herself when I'm truly the one to blame.

"No, don't be sorry she would've want that" I was on the verge of tears but I needed to be strong for Mikasa.

"W-what was her n-name?"

"Her name was..Mizuki. In an old language it meant 'Black Moon' She was always very proud of her name.." This generated a small sob from her. I looked down at my feat. It was Mizuki's scarf. The blood red color radiated brightly against the flame's light.

I grabbed the scarf and stood up. The young girl was trembling in tears for her savior's disappearance. I wrapped the fabric around her neck and head to stop her crying. She opened her chalk black eyes to me and then at the scarf.

"It was hers. Please wear it to keep warm. Mizuki wanted you to be happy so please be happy...for my sister's sake" I placed my hand on hers and I looked at her in sheer desperation. My sisters death will not be in vain.

I heard another noise come from behind me and I turned to see my father. His face showed no sign of anger at my disobeying orders. He only showed sadness. He looked at Mizuki's scarf tied tightly around Mikasa then turned to her face.

"Mikasa, Remember me? We met a few times before when you were younger" He shakily asked. He was deep in depression but had no tears in his eyes.

"Y-yes Dr. Jaeger. I'm sorry sir but could you please tell me how to get home? I don't have anywhere else to go" Mikasa was probably worried he thinks it was her fault Mizuki was taken.

"Mikasa, How would you feel about coming to live with us" I merely closed my eyes and the first tear rolled down my face. It wasn't Mikasa's fault she was taken but nobody can replace my sister. I may become friends with Mikasa but she will never be my sister.


"We have both been through alot but I do know that you need your fair share of rest"

I have had enough of this. Mikasa will come stay with us. I'm going to make sure that she always lives happily in thanks of the girl who saved her life. My sister.

"Come on, Don't worry about it. We gotta get home"

My room was simple enough. It had a double decked bed off to the side and a desk across from it. A large window painted across the end of the room but I remembered earlier today. Mizuki and I walked into the room together. Now I'm walking in with Mikasa. And no matter what, nothing will happen to Mikasa, my dad, or my mom. I will keep them safe.

Whenever we slept I usually slept on the bottom and Mizuki slept on top. She said she loved being higher then me but I knew she was just joking.

This time I'm sleeping on the top.

Mikasa fell asleep the moment she hit the pillow. A final tear traveled down her cheek. I carelessly wiped it off before climbing up to my bed. As I laid down I curled my hands around the pillow and breathed in my sister's lingering scent. It smelled like the wind and the sky. But not a sky of blue. A sky of black. The stars swirled around in combination to create heavy tears in my eyes.

I let go of all the emotions gathered up during the night and slowly sobbed into her memories. As I shifted around on the mattress I felt my hand brush against something under the white pillow. It was a picture of Me and Mizuki a couple months younger then we are now. I clenched my hand around the image and held it close to my heart. Just before I drifted into the bleak expanse of nothingness I formed one clear thought in my head.

'My sister is gone...forever'

-End of Chapter 1-