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Mizuki's POV

I cracked open my eyes to capture my surroundings. A dull throb embedded my stomach as I looked down to see a large bruise. Wonder where I got that? As soon as I sat up I hit my head on something above me. I looked up and saw...a roof. I was in a cart.

What? Why was I in a cart?

Then the memories returned.

How I tried to help the Mikasa girl, getting kicked in the stomach, getting kidnapped and taken away on horseback.

I was being sold.

Out side of the cart I heard muffled voices arguing with each other. I leaned next to a crack in the wood the listen in.

"So you lost the girl?"

"Only when two kids came and stabbed my friends!"

"Do I give a shit? That girl was an exotic breed when we told the buyers we got her they started throwing prices at me left and right we could have gotten enough money to get out of here!"

"How could I have known that?"

"You can't! But it doesn't matter now that we lost the girl!"

"But I got the girl who stabbed my friend and she looks alot like the one we targeted... but better"

"Show me"

The roof opened up to reveal a man with scraggy brown hair and a normal looking attire staring down at me. This was the guy the captured me right? So I really was being auctioned off. At least Eren is ok, if anything happened to my little brother I may just lose it.

"I told you! Same black hair, pale skin, and the eyes are really a deal sealer" Oh god more compliments about my eyes. 'Oh your eyes are so gorgeous!' 'Oh I wish I had your eyes!' 'Oh are those real? How did you get that color?' It makes me want to vomit. Another reason I like Eren is because He only compliments me when I've earned it like when I learned how to use that low kick technique.

"What color are they? I can't see" The man grabbed me by the hair and yanked me to the dull light. I made out a black expanse between the men's heads so I guess it's nighttime.

"Holy shit, can people even have purple eyes?" Shut the fuck up...

"I guess so, she is gonna go a nice price but I don't think as well as the prime target" Just let me go...

"Yeah, idiot. But at least we get something out of this" Let me go h-

The world went dark.

As soon as I regained consciousness I sprang up from my sitting position and tried to find out how to get home only to see my feet walk but my body stay behind. Why?

My wrists were chained to a post.

I looked back up at the sky but then I realized something. There were stalagmites jutting from the ground and to the ceiling. Some stray lights fromthe city around me reflected this light and I saw that the 'sky' was actually a roof of stone. I was in the underground.

I was in a place similar to a public circle. People were gathered around me. Most were dressed in fine robes with a few bodyguards while some other wore tattered clothing and had eyes filled with lust. Oh god what am I gonna do...

"Now lets start the bidding! We have a lovely girl in the prime of youth. Hair as black as coal and eyes an astounding color violet! Do we have any bidders starting at say...100 dollars?" What! I was going for that? Oh shit I'm gonna end up some slave for a noble guy or even worse...I may even get sold to the pedopheolic guys staring at me. Someone please help me!

A hand shot into the air. It was a guy with tattered clothing and a creepy smile etched onto his face.

"100 dollars! do we have a 150? yes 150 sir thank you very much!" A hand from some rich guy went into the air calmly.

"150? yes 150 going once! going tw- ah 200!" This time it was a girl with tattered clothing and auburn red pigtails who raised the bet. She looked only a few years older then me but her face was laced with determination? Why was a girl auctioning for me?

"200 going on-250 to you again sir!" The same noble raised his hand feverishly.

The pig-tailed girl raised her hand again and shot the noble a death glare. I just noticed that a group of men on the corner were staring at the girl with hatred in her eyes but also...fear? Who was this girl?

"300! going once! going twice! Sold!" Oh fuck...oh fuck...please NO! I felt hands untying my shackles and shoving me towards the girl who won me. She looked at me with an indifferent face. Almost hiding emotion. A complete 180 from the face I witnessed moments ago.

She led me out of the auction crowd and over to an alleyway. In the shadows stood two people. The first had sandy hair that stuck out at some places. he wore a white shirt with a grey vest underneath it. Next to him stood a guy that was surprisingly my height, he had black hair that was styled in an undercut. He wore basically the same wardrobe as the first guy. Who were these people?

I felt the girl's hand grasp my shoulder as she looked over to her companions. The first one to speak was the guy with blonde hair.

"Isabel what did you do?"

The girl who I assumed named Isabel looked at her friend with complete calmness but she looked kinda exited. The thought made me shiver. Exited for what?

"What does it look like? I bought a girl from the auction" Thats it I'm not gonna just give into this!

I looked at the girl and took a step back from the group. Sadly that just led me to a dead end at the alleyway "P-please just let me go!" Damn it I stuttered? Now I sound weak!

The blonde haired guy looked agitated to say the least but I did not expect what came out of his mouth "Let you go and then what? Where will you go?"

I stopped moving and froze. I was unprepared for this.

"Isabel why did you save her?" came a quiet voice from the guy my height.

"Levi-bro I'm sorry but a girl like that won't last a day here!" A girl like that? what the hell is going on?

"Still, you just wasted 300 dollars on a stray" The blonde countered.

"I don't care! I would feel guilty knowing that I could have saved her and didn't. You understand right Farlan?" She hopefully asked.

"I guess...but prices are getting higher and we might not be able to take care of our self and a random stray" Looks like they forgot I was here.

"Hey you! Whats your name brat?" I was taken aback from the cold voice of the guy called Levi.

"Well it isn't brat" I hated it when people called me names. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Bullshit.

Levi looked me over before turning back to Isabel "If she stays then shes your responsibility" Does this guy have emotion? He just has that bored look like hes trying to solve a puzzle with his mind.

Isabel smiled wide and walked over to me "I don't believe we had a proper introduction. I'm Isabel Magnolia. That's Farlan Church. And that's Levi Rivaille. Whats your name?" I hesitated before answering. Did Isabel really just save me? Probably.

"M-Mizuki Jaeger" Something that caught my eyes just then was a strapped harness on the girl's chest. Were those...

"How did you get 3DM gear?" I blurted out. Crap I shouldn't have said that.

"You know what it is?" Came a surprised voice from Farlan.

"Yeah. The survey Corps and the Garrison use those..." Memories of me and Eren standing on boxes to look at the Survey Corps came to mind. Eren...

"Well so do we! Now guys lets get home" Levi was up on the rooftops in an instant. Wow was the gear really that fast?

"Hey Mizuki, the place we stay at is a bit far from here so you're gonna have to ride with Farlan" She nodded to Farlan who scooped me up in his arms bridal style. OOO...kaaayyy

He clicked on the handles and flew up towards Levi. That feels nice! I wish I could use the gear like that.

When the three took off I noticed Levi was leading the front. I thought Farlan would be the leader but Levi doesn't look any younger then me? Or was he just short...

The buildings of the underground city shone brightly but as I came to a thought the city looked nice I looked below us. Blurry images of people lying in the streets and sick piling up in the alley broke the illusion.

I looked ahead as we swung through the air like we were flying. It was amazing. I felt free.

When we arrived at the place Isabel called 'home' I just stood in the doorway. Isabel eventually grabbed my hand and led me inside. It was actually clean compared to the rest of the city.

I sat down on a brown chair alone while the three all claimed the large blue sofa. As I was about to speak Levi cut in.

"So why are you here?"

"I-It's a bit of a long story" Please don't ask. Please don't ask...

"It's ok, we have time to kill" Isabel goaded me on to tell them but I couldn't really refuse.

"Fine. My dad is a doctor and one day he brought my brother Eren and I to a checkup on a family. When we got there the parents were murdered and the daughter was gone. Our father told us to get the military police to help but my brother and I knew then when they got there the daughter would have been gone. So we ran through the woods trying to find the girl who was named Mikasa" I paused before reliving the worst part of the story.

"We found the cabin they camped out at and Eren stabbed the first guy and I stabbed the second to death. I untied Mikasa but as I did a third guy showed up. He captured me and took me here" A tear fell down my face at the mention of my idiotic little brother.

"So you're from the surface? Whats it like there?" They obviously couldn't see my tear thank god so I tried to answer all their questions.

"The building's have much more vibrant color and the air is clear. The sky is great to look at but I really love the night sky" Isabel and Farlan were engrossed in my descriptions of the world outside of the underground and even Levi was interested, though he didn't show it.

"Eren and his best friend Armin found a book one time that talked about the world. My dream is to go to the ocean"

"The ocean? What's that?" I smirked a bit as I wen't on about it.

"It's this salty body of water that stretches everywhere. So deep that you can't reach the bottom" Farlan scoffed.

"Come on that can't be true. Salt is way to valuable to be floating around somewhere" If only I had that book...

"Just hear me out. Theirs alot more then just the ocean. Also giant lands of fire and ice, rocks that take days to climb"

"Sounds like a fantasy to me but I guess if it was real then it would be cool" Isabel grinned.

"Yeah. Armin, Eren, and I all promised that someday we would go see the ocean first-hand"

"Sounds like a good dream" A wave of sadness washed over me as I realized something.

"Although...Now that I'm here it looks like they will be going without me"

Silence greeted the conversation as I rested my head on the chair. A hand grasped my own and I turned to see Isabel.

"You're gonna be with them you know. And when you get there you're gonna tell us even more about the ocean" Isabel vowed.

"Me too! The ocean sounds awesome so you gotta let us come with you to find it!" Farlan agreed.

I closed my eyes before listening to the monotone voice of Levi "If you two idiots are going then I guess that means me too"

And for the first time in months. I smiled.

~~~End of Chapter 2~~~