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Mizu: The Road To Hell (Part One)

Ameko: Paved With Good Intentions (Part Two)

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Shiganshina District. A land filled with smiling faces, bustling around with children in tow or a hand slung across a friend's shoulder. It was a land of opportunity, of acceptance, most places were in wall rose.

But it was also a place populated with happy humans, with human friends, and opportunities for human beings.

This was no place for me...

"Ah, Trans… There were no issues getting here, I imagine?" Mr. Shultz said, clapping my father on the back.

He waved his hand indifferently while at the same time straightening the cowl above his head so he wasn't seen, "No... Now can we skip the small talk? We have gone the needed amount of time for her training to almost be completed..."

All false facades of enlightenment faded from the older man's eyes, hardening into a dead glare.

"So... it's done?" My father nodded, pushing me closer to the man.

"Ever since she turned six, as instructed..." Mr. Shultz surveyed me warily, narrowing his eyes at the muscles that had woven themselves into my skin.

The man grit his teeth and gripped my elbow, yanking me forward. "Not nearly enough... but she'll do..."

'She'll do'. Of course I'd be enough. There were no other options... No other children have been brought up as a titan's child.

"Octavia would have been proud, you know. We're one step closer..." A step closer? But why would that matter... everyone knows that the mission will be a success whether I undergo the procedure or not...

"How have... the other children... taken the process?" My father said, pausing in between his sentences so that way he doesn't say anything that would offend the man in front of him.

"Hmm? Oh yes... The Braun child has accepted the process. We will be testing him out next week. As for Hoover... His system is rejecting the large doses. It will be a miracle if he survives" Reiner and Bethold... I've met them twice... They were the other children, the others who have been bred for the mission.

A bead of sweat traveled down my father's temple as we walked into the small, man sized hole within the wall that led to the outside.

As soon as my feet stepped on the grassy earth I clenched my muscles together, expecting the worst. When nothing happened I gently opened my eyes to the silver moonlight. Father had said that the land was crawling with titans, large creatures of destruction. But there were none around... why?

"A-And... What about Doctor Jaegar?" Mr. Shultz's grip tightened in anger, looking back to send a fiery glare at my father.

"That traitor... He's in Shiganshina, like he said. That pig said that he wouldn't reveal us as long as he left his daughter alone" Who are they talking about?

"But we need her! In order to breach the walls-" Mr. Shultz scoffed, running a hand through my hair in a way that sent shivers down my spine.

A foreign smile appeared on his mouth, like a crescent moon turned on it's side. "She might have been useful... but we have your daughter. I'm sure that soon, if need be, we can just capture the girl... and his son..."

My father's eyes widened, just as we approached the stone hideout that lay concealed by the thick trees. "A son!? Jaegar had a son!?"

"Yes you fool, didn't you hear me? Because he carries Jaegar's blood that still makes him compatible. In other words, we need those two children" With shaking hands my father closed the door behind us but didn't seem pleased at the safety of the bunker.

"How... I mean... we can just kidnap the children and bring them here" Mr. Shultz brought his hand back and slapped my father roughly, "How do you even function, Leonhardt?"

"I... I don't know sir..."

He released me in order to crouch next to my father's sniveling form, "Then tell me. Why is it that we can't just take the doctor's children?"

Father didn't say anything, he only crumpled in on the floor, clutching his face in pain.

"Because if we do then Jaegar will tell the Military Police about the plan?" I squeaked.

Mr. Shultz slowly turned his head to look at me with the crescent moon smile returned to his face. "What a pity... that your eight year old child could be smarter than you?"

"I'm sorry sir..." He whimpered.

The general spat at my father before taking my hand again and pulling me over to the bedside. "Now Annie... do you know what this is?" He donned a large syringe filled with a clear green liquid.

My stomach dropped, "The... the serum... sir..."

"Good. Now once this happens you will become ready. You'll be the third in a race of human beings, ready for a brand new world..." Flashbacks of Berthold shrieking on the dirty cot passed through my mind as large straps were covered over my chest and legs, disabling any movement.

"So... don't die you little bitch..." And he injected the needle into my vein.

And my screams echoed inside the stone fortress.

I surveyed the screaming girl on the table, watching as her skin shifted and crystals flashed within her own skin. She must be in agonizing pain... If only I could get the brat to speak and stop screaming. Then I could truly be able to picture the glory of her new form.

But there was still one problem...

Jaegar's children... Originally it was just supposed to be the girl but if she has a brother...

Well, if she has a brother than our plans might go even better than intended...

But it all boils down to Grisha Jaegar... And the possibility of him revealing his work...