Chapter 1:

Unfocused eyes stared unblinking at the sky that was blanketed in dark clouds. The fresh drops kissed her blood-drenched face and body, leaving areas that were touched tingly from the cold drops. She paid no heed to it, just let the heavens weep for her and those who remained alive, those who still had to endure the pain of fighting the war that was nearly lost. Her time was nearly over though, her body motionless as her head faced heavenward with no will to avert it.

Her once jade orbs, full of fierce and burning valor, were now turning a glassy moss-green shade having been drained from the war, also indicating her time was nearly up. With two broken ribs, a punctured lung and a gaping hole through her abdomen, it was a miracle she was still breathing, albeit with much difficulty.

She had let her guard down for a second too long. The prolonged exhaustion made her own limbs seem foreign to her, aimlessly dragging her body forward robotically. She didn't even register to fight back before seeing the treelike arm extend and push through her midsection like butter. Zetsu left the woman to collapse in a heap mercilessly, not abandoning her before making sure she saw his smirk of pure arrogance and victorious intent. The woman supposed she wasn't worth the effort to be finished off immediately.

She only had a few minutes at most to live, as her blood was escaping her tattered figure like a steadily flowing river, not pausing as it left every open scrape and wound.

It was rather humorous how irony played out, that the very woman who surpassed the great Tsunade, and who had the reputation to heal any wound thrown at her, wasn't able to treat her own injuries. All those strenuous hours of studying jutsu after jutsu deemed no use in her current life or death situation.

Her mentor and teammates always pestered her for her stubbornness, as they attempted many times to make her see her own limitations and follow through on them as a medic-nin. But Sakura was a compassionate woman by nature, and would rather cut her leg off than turn her head away from a patient. This trait led to her downfall on the battlefield, as she could barely lift a finger nor channel her chakra to heal the gaping hole that used to be her midsection.

She was calm of all things. Despite all that happened, she was grateful that she was blessed with dying alone. She could reflect back on her friends' smiles and laughter, to the memories they all shared. She can die with smiles and not have to have their tears of despair collapse on her face.

She let out a loud and strained cough, spewing out blood collected in her mouth as well. She was drowning in her own blood, the very thing that kept her alive for all this time was now killing her. Her favorite color has always been red. It was always a color of warmth, compassion, strength, love...but after being in the war for two years, all she ever saw was red, from the blood of her loved ones and her enemies. Red in war meant only death.

It tore at her heart every time when a loved one would die in her arms or she wouldn't make it in time to see their last breath.

She was useless after everything, she only had Naruto left. He was still fighting hard and leading those who remained to fight. She still felt the vibrations from the explosions of jutsus and bombs radiating from the earth. But she felt nothing anymore, she was numb. Her face draining of blush. A ghostly parlor made way with splotches of blood decorating her body, making the contrast of white skin all the more prominent.

The war had hardened her. Her surroundings and sense of responsibility led her to be hard as steel. On the contrary, her heart was still beating, and as long as it kept beating, she would always be emotional. Even if she displayed a poker face, her emotions would be boiling on the inside of her. Though her emotions were what drove her to protect others and keep her Will of Fire alive, it was her downfall in the end. Not even being able to heal her own self and dodge a simple attack. Her Byakugou pulsed weakly atop her forehead. She knew if her body wasn't in shock from all the wounds, her pain would be beyond bearable.

Sakura had made peace with her own death for a long time. After all, Shinobi were born to die fighting. She was the one who helped motivate the other shinobi to fight without fear, declaring it was better to die fighting than doing nothing at all. During her musings and not minding that her life was flashing before her eyes, Sakura vaguely distinguished the sound of Katsuya coming over to her shoulder.

"Sakura-sama! Don't worry, I'll heal you with my remaining chakra!" The slug reassured Sakura while hurriedly pulsing her chakra into Sakura's wounds.

But the Kunoichi would have none of it. And forced her vocal chords to mumble out, "No...don't waste on me." It came out in gurgles due to the accumulating blood still in her mouth. But it was audible enough for Katsuya to look back and answer her master firmly.

"Naruto-kun strongly demanded to have you healed. He sensed your chakra fading with his Sage mode. Nidaime Hokage teleported me here and is searching for other survivors."

Sakura should've known the blonde boy would be looking out for her. She also knew the Yondaime Hokage was exceptional at teleportation jutsu but wouldn't leave his son on the battlefield, so it made sense for Nidaime Hokage to teleport here.

Katsuya's healing chakra contained the Kyuubi's combined with hers so Sakura felt the foreign powerful chakra enter her system, courtesy of Naruto she figured.

Her strength was coming back to her as she threw away the notion that she was allowed to die right there as her cheeks regained a healthy peach hue, her eyes no longer glassy and unblinking. But as she forced her arms to support her back off the ground her legs still contained the brunt of her exhaustion, and behaved like jelly. Ignoring Katsuya's gentle words to wait a minute to let her body accept the new chakra, she pushed her weight off the ground. She still had the Will of Fire in her and can now fight again, she had to try and die with more purpose this time, not by inattentiveness as she nearly did few minutes prior.

Lifting her head and scanning her surroundings she saw the Nidaime himself approach her with his red eyes surrounded by black. While walking to her place he pulled long metal spears that impaled his back and one from his skull. His face showing that of crestfallen features, not the serious, adamant man she saw the first time upon his arrival on the battlefront.

Even the already deceased became exhausted and waned of hope. His poise was more sagged, not feeling he'll receive a peaceful sleep in a coffin for a while, as long as Madara and Kaguya were alive.

He returned her gaze in silent understanding, before addressing her verbally.

"Even Naruto is sensing the war to be lost soon. There are more allies dead than there are alive. Even with my grandniece's and your healing prowess and strength, death still occurs. Soon Naruto may be the only one left alive and to him, there will be nothing left saving. As the king of a nation, or village, is the children and citizens and shinobi combined, not the Hokage. Naruto realized this and asked to have you found and relocate you somewhere safe-"

"N-No! I will not cower and run away! I am a Shinobi and will fight all I have." The kunoichi refuted as audible as she could with her strained vocal chords. Despite her almost dying, she now had power and strength to help out with the war, even if it was a lost cause, she didn't get her chakra reserves replenished to turn her back on her comrades when they needed her.

"If we don't save those left then the war will have been for nothing, those who died would have been killed in vain. They all fought to be free and save the future generations. Even here, you are the only one left breathing. Your Will of Fire is deeply admired and your devotion to your comrades, but now you must retreat." Tobirama responded to the pinkette calmly, scooping her up swiftly in his arms bridal style before her legs gave out again.

While Sakura contemplated what happened, she observed with awe as the Nidaime Hokage used his left hand to perform seals and she subconsciously held on to the Shinobi tighter as blinding white light flashed and enveloped them entirely.

"I'm already a dead man, but you can make things all right. Madara wouldn't have succumbed to the Curse of Hatred if not for my killing his brother. You can fix this, and prevent this future." He spoke seriously to her, while Katsuya cushioned herself in Sakura's right pocket of her Jounin vest. The history books wrote Tobirama as a serious and dangerous Shinobi, but it was clear as day that he had his heart and loyalty out to his comrades and village, which is how he ended up dead in the first place, by sacrificing himself to save his team.

Still holding onto the Kunoichi tightly, every part of her body tingled and vibrated as she felt her limbs being stretched to impossible lengths and spiraling towards a gaping hole, losing conscious along the way. Her body became colder as Tobirama's arms left her in millions of floating pieces.

Then she fell.

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