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Sleep. It was a necessity that came all easily to him (much to the chagrin of his wife.). He was infamous for falling asleep in lectures, during meetings, movies, special events, name the place, he will probably have fallen asleep for at least a portion of the time there.

Along with this gift waking up came with the same grace (he wondered how his beloved ever put up with him.).

So when he became aware of his surroundings one Sunday morning, it wasn't with a groan or a start, but a small smile.

He felt the definite weight of two small bodies on his chest and the sudden presence of sticky fingers poking his cheeks.

He felt the smile widen when a child size pair of lips pressed themselves to the cheek opposite the one getting the poking assault.

"Papa! Papa! Papa! Papa!" The little voices called, now both attacking his cheeks. With one surrendering sigh, Combeferre opened his eyes.

Sitting directly on his chest was his troublemaking duo. Sarah was still in her nightgown, her curly chestnut locks sticking up in every direction. Ben, though also still clad in cowboy pjs, had his hair in some kind of order.

His children's rather unkempt morning appearance was completed with sticky fingers covered in batter and their own faces white with flower.

"Good Morning Mes petites." Combeferre laughed, propping himself up to scoop his children into his arms. Both squealed with delight and proceeded to cover more of Combeferre with their battery paws.

"What do we say to Papa babies? What's today?" Éponine questioned, now appearing in the doorway, a tray laden with breakfast items in her hands, Gavroche at her side, carrying a coffee mug with a boy on the side and juice.

"Papa Day!" Sarah squealed, flinging her arms up and nearly clipping her brother's chin in the process. Ben yelped, but wasn't too fazed, because the food tray was all the closer to be eaten now.

Gavroche came to the bedside first, putting the coffee and juice down before hurling himself into Combeferre's free side.

"Happy Father's day Papa." Gav whispered clutching tighter to the man he called father when he felt Combeferre squeeze back.

Éponine maneuvered into their bedroom and carefully placed the breakfast tray on the bed before leaning over their children to place a sweet kiss on her husband's lips.

"Happy Father's day Henri." She whispered.

"Thank you Mon Cherie." He replied placing one more kiss on her nose. "Mmm, you put cinnamon in the pancakes?" He questioned, removing one of his hands from behind Sarah to taste the blotch of batter on Éponine's cheek.

"How can you possibly tell from one taste?" Éponine laughed, worming herself onto the bed and pulling a hungry Ben into her lap (three seconds from his sticky fingers demolishing the pancakes.).

"Where I find my taste buds to be quite advanced, you and Sarah have extra freckles around your nose." He nodded towards her nose as he pulled Sarah into his lap and reached around to pull Éponine, Ben, and Gav closer to him on the bed.

"Gav was in charge of sprinkling." Éponine laughed while Gavroche defended his 'sprinkling' skills.

"Papa chalk Papa, chalk!" Sarah clapped, Ben joining soon after.

Combeferre raised an eyebrow to his wife before questioning. "That is powdered sugar on one of the pancakes and most of Sarah's curls right? I shouldn't warn Joly of any ER visits?"

Éponine only laughed softly before leaning over to kiss her husband once more, much to her children's disgust.

"They haven't quite figured out every letter sound that chocolate has yet Henri."

Combeferre breathed a sigh of relief before turning his attention to his children.

"Well, shall we?"

Needless to say, the entire bed set was in desperate need of cleaning before the waffle stack was even acknowledged.

Musichetta awoke that morning in an odd fashion. It wasn't odd because anything extraordinary, but it was odd for the fact she was the only one left in bed. Of their unique family, she was always the first to crawl out of the bed, which was an impressive task within itself seeing as she'd usually wake up curled into Bousset's front and globed onto Joly's back (On very special mornings she'd be pressed tightly between her two lovers who in turn were facing each other, holding their arms together above her nestled form.). But this morning she found herself in a very empty bed.

Rising slowly and collection her robe from the bedroom floor, she clothed herself with it as she went to the foot of the bed to check on their angel. Her eyebrows disappeared within her wild curls when she came to discover that the infant wasn't in her crib sleeping soundly. The only thing in the beautiful lavender and pink bassinet Feuilly and Grantaire had fashioned them was the pale yellow blanket Cossette had knit and Jessie's plush elephant.

Worry was the first thing to seep into her bones as she slowly padded to the kitchen, but it was soon replaced with bliss as she came upon the sight before her.

She found her baby girl sitting quite happily in her little bouncy chair on top of the granite island. She was gurgling joyfully and waving her small stubby fists up and down as she watched the show before her. Both of her fathers were making quite the spectacle of attempting to feed their month old daughter her (in Musichetta's humble opinion.) mush.

She had to stifle her laughter when she realized Bousset was wearing half the jar of mashed banana and apple. He didn't seem to mind though as he air planed the small plastic spoon through the air, trying make a landing in his daughter's smiling mouth. Joly was holding onto Bousset's arm, smiling brightly at his daughter, encouraging her to take the food Daddy was holding because "It's good for you Baby girl! It'll help keep you from getting diseases!"

Bousset shook his head lovingly and then whooped in celebration when Jessie finally clamped her toothless gums on the spoon.

"And the airplane has landed!" He cheered, swooping in to pepper Jessie's cheeks with kisses.

"Only about twenty-seven and a half airplanes to go for her to get a balanced breakfast." Joly sighed, lifting the patria (Enjolras' personal gift to every new infant. Or as Grantaire refers to it, the 'invitation to the squad' gift.) Bib to clean off the food that decorated her rosy cheeks.

Bousset laughed once more and pulled Joly to his side, placing an equally sloppy kiss on his cheek.

None of them had noticed Musichetta leaning on the doorframe, capturing each moment with her phone and wiping the escaping tear from her eye.

Soon enough though, after the thirteenth airplane made a successful landing did she reveal her presence in the kitchen.

She moved forward and wrapped her arms around her boys, squeezing them tightly to herself, sandwiching her in the middle. When Jessie noticed her mother had entered the scene, she squealed with delight, clapping her little hands together.

Kissing both of them she whispered, "Happy Father's day Daddies."

Cossette grumbled silently to herself as he popped over the remnants of the bubble wrap her husband had covered their living room in when their son began rolling over. Now at nearly 6 months old and threatening to stand at any moment, Cossette cringes at the thought of what else her aloof husband could do to baby proof their house.

Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she catches sight of the clock and realizes that she managed to capture eight blissful hours of sleep, meaning either two things; 1) Alex had finally slept fully and peacefully through the night or 2) her husband was a saint.

As she came into the doorframe of her son's room she found it was the latter. In the center of the room was Marius bouncing Alex lightly in his arms, rubbing his hand up and down the boy's truck fashioned pjs.

"Come on Alex, come on buddy, don't you wanna sleep? Just because the suns up doesn't mean you can't go back to bed bud."

Alex's little shoulders were shaking slightly in what Cossette figured was dying sobs. Their little boy's teeth were coming in and where he was passed the stage of not sleeping through the night; teeth breaking through sensitive gums did backtrack sleeping patterns slightly.

Cossette leaned against the doorjamb and crossed her arms against her chest and smiled softly watching her Husband chatter aimlessly to their son about nothing and everything.

"We don't want to wake Momma bud, Momma's been up a lot because your little teeth are being meanies, but don't worry bud, once their in Daddy's gonna get you all the sweets and junk food your little hands can sink into. Good foods too, but don't tell Momma about the junk food."

Cossette stifled her giggles and he continued to bounce Alex up and down. Finally after another twenty minutes of Marius' mindless babbling, Alex finally shut his eyes and began to snore lightly.

Cossette smiled once more when she saw Marius look skyward, relived and moved to put the baby down in his crib.

Cossette moved into the room and slipped her hands around her husband's waist, pressing her lips against his back in a loving kiss.

Marius relaxed into her grip. "I thought you'd still be sleeping Love."

She sighed happily. "No, eight hours was enough for one night, how long have you been up? When did Alex start to cry?"

Marius rubbed one hand over his watery exhausted eyes and looked at his watch.

"I think around 5, I was getting up to use the bathroom anyway when I walked by Alex's room, I went in to check on him and he was beginning to fuss, so I just picked him up, wanted you to sleep."

Cossette smiled, moving to stand in front of Marius so she could press her lips to his. "Thank you."

"Of course my Love."

"Oh, and happy Father's day Daddy."

Marius laughed aloud. "It's today isn't it?"

"Mm-Hmm. How's about I work on a father's day feast and you catch a few more hours of sleep. Sound good? We're not going to meet everyone at the café until later in the afternoon."

Marius sighed contentedly. "That sounds wonderful. I love you."

"I love you too darling."

Later, when the twins were snoring loudly against their parent's shoulders as they chatted amiably with Jehan and Courfeyac around the couches and Bousset was rocking a sleeping Jessie while laughing at Marius who was struggling to keep the ice 'boo boo bunny' in his son's mouth, Enjolras sighed and leaned into Grantaire's chest.

"What's the trouble Apollo?" Grantaire mused, his pencil moving gracefully across the page as he captured Musichetta and Cossette at the counter and Azelma arm wrestling Feuilly from Bahorel's lap. He smiled he captured Joly in the moment of checking Alex's temperature because "Too much exposure to ice can cause health problems."

"Nothing, just wondering about things."

Grantaire hummed, not pushing his fiancé to elaborate, however, Enjolras continued.

"Would you want one?"

Grantaire's pencil halted for a moment. "One?"

"A baby." Enjolras whispered, his eyes falling on Sarah who was fidgeting wildly even in her sleep to curl deeper into her father's chest.

Grantaire let his pencil drop and he shifted slightly to face Enjolras directly.

"Are you serious?"

He wanted to laugh at the color that flushed his lover's cheeks, but he kept it in check when Enjolras because to stutter.

"I mean, I understand you don't, I mean it's a lot and a hassle and I get " He stopped when Grantaire pressed his lips against his.

When they broke apart Grantaire was smiling wildly.

"My dear, noting would make me happier that having the opportunity to raise children with you."

Enjolras broke into a wide smile. "Really?"

"Of course. There's no one else I could imagine starting a family with, you'll make a great father one day."

Tears popped into the corners of Enjolras' blue eyes, something that had become much more frequent within the past year.

"So will you." He whispered.

Grantaire lifted his bottle, pressing another kiss to his fiancé's lips.

"To our future father's day."

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