Hey everyone!

I'm so sorry I just dropped off the face of the Earth and never returned to this story; I never meant for it to happen, seriously, I had the whole story mapped out from start to finish when life really hit me hard, as I mentioned on my profile update. Anyways, I do have some good news!

Arrow's Flashpoint is, officially, going to be rewritten. I don't have all the details sorted out yet but with the end of the Arrow TV show coming upon us, it's reignited my old love of the Arrowverse versions of our favourite superheroes. As I haven't written on here in years this story will likely be a last improvement (I hope) over the previous version, with less grammar and spelling mistakes, better story pacing, more consistent story telling.

It will also be heavily canon divergent. I still plan to follow the major plots and keep a vague resemblance to the story lines (most of the villains will remain, a lot of Flash will be unchanged except the Iris/Barry relationship and Oliver/Felicity, etc), but I'm going to have more timeskips in between chapters and cut out the episodes we already know/don't effect the characters much rather than trying to cram Ollie into every single episode like I did before.

Haven't decided yet whether I'll keep the minor Glee crossover aspect with Sebastian as Barry's twin or not; I really do like him but I got some negative feedback on being unoriginal over the idea.

Anyways, I will HOPEFULLY have the first couple of chapters published at the end of the month and through December, no promises, but I definitely want to start the new year off with this story under way.

Thanks to everyone who kept encouraging me to come back to this story even after all these years; you're the reason I never really lost my love for the Olivarry ship. Love you!

- Luna

P.S. If anyone has any suggestions they'd like to make for this updated version of my story, please don't hesitate to let me know, I'm always up for fresh and fun input, whether it's for fluff, angst or other categories. What canon plots do you want to see appear in this new story? Should I include DeVoe and Barry getting arrested, him getting trapped in the Speed Force? The Invasion and X-Earth crossovers? Let me know!