AN: I wasn't going to write something new. I've been stuck when it comes to writing for what feels like a million years. It hurts to have stories so close to my fingertips yet so far away.

Then I saw a trailer for the Suicide Squad that sparked a light in me that made me write like a whirlwind. A funnel of letters becoming words that filled a page. Don't fear though because once those floodgates opened my other stories started whispering in my brain again.

This is for all my fandom friends who love me for all my randomness. I'm sometimes funny. I'm sometimes scary. I'm sometimes romantic. I'm always confusing.

I'm a lot like Alice . . . I mean Harley Quinn.

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Chapter 1

She kept spinning around like a whirling dervish. Around and around she goes when she'll stop nobody will ever know.

The thought of this made her giggle loudly. The sound echoed in the corridors.

"Will you shut the fuck up?" A man yelled from another cell. She wasn't sure which one it was. There was so many angry voices in this place. They sounded like hissing vipers. It made her want to take a knife and slit their throats making all the hissing pour out of their throats with the waterfalls of their blood. This caused more giggles and more spinning.

It took some time to figure out how to rig her strait jacket to hang from the upper bars. Those coppers upstairs thought she was stupid. They were the stupid ones. Spinning calmed her. Spinning calmed everyone. She was the goddamn expert not those community college shrinks they had trying to find out what made her tick.

It made her spin even faster. Spin to forget. Spin to feel fucking alive.

Her laughter only got louder.

A different voice screamed, "Can you just fucking sedate her? Some of us need some goddamn sleep."

Spin. All the bars were blurring. She was the butterfly and this was her cage. She was fluttering for survival.

"Shut up, dude. Little girl sounds like bells," The big one snarled. His face was covered in scars and it reminded her of a reptile's skin. He scared her. The reptile man seemed kind but he was the type who would eat her alive.

Her boy wanted to eat her. Fuck her and most likely kill her. Janey with her roses told her that he was death. Her Janey had kissed her so sweetly before sticking the syringe in her neck. Said it would bring her power. All she knew was that it fucking hurt like a bitch.

Her boy. His lips caked with brightly red paint. When he kissed her it made her look like she was covered in his blood. When he ripped his teeth against her breast, she was covered with her own.

"Jazzy, Jazzy, Jazzy—"

Her words started out softly and increased in volume as she spun.

"Jazzy, Jazzy, Jazzy—"

It was a song. It was a curse.

"Shut her up!" The doctor yelled. He was a mad man. She knew best. She used to prescribe him drugs to stop him from killing the nurses.

"Baby, I know where you are! Jazzy, I know!"

She could see his tattoos of death as he stood by the water. There were boats being filled with boxes. There was his laugh. It filled her ears. It sounded like destruction. It sounded like love.

They stood and watched her spin. Tyler wrinkled his nose in disgust at the sight. "She's insane, Bella."

"You're telling me nothing that I don't know, Ty." She looked into his deep, brown eyes. Their affair ended long ago but occasionally she was still a sucker for his dark skin and bright smile. It was not so freely given anymore and she missed it. Bella stiffened up and willed her brain to push old affection to the back of her mind. Affection made you weak.

"Mike is going to shut this all down. I'll have to agree with him. You need to trust the law enforcement," he sagely counseled.

"The law enforcement lets a grown man dressed like a bat do all the work, Tyler. I don't think they can handle this." She saw the copper headed man clutch the bars and look up to where the stood. Bella just gazed at him with a scowl. Her beating heart she just attributed to stress and not his crooked grin.

Tyler took a deep breath. "If this is about your dad—"

"This is about the city and Alice Brandon is the only one who can find him. The others will stop him and his friends. They prevail and they get freedom. They fail and we throw them under the damn bus. It's a win for us either way." She still stared at the man in the cell. He had green eyes that she remembered noticing in his mug shot.

"You sure?" Tyler sounded nervous. It was the appropriate reaction.

"Absolutely." Bella had no qualms only a head full of hope.

She looked down at Edward Cullen. The man never missed when he had a target in his sights. He winked and blew her a kiss.

She stifled a gasp and muttered, "Fucking villains."

Alice kept spinning and spinning.

"Jazzy, Jazzy, Jazzy—"