Written by Colonel Karl L Schubaltz

Anachronism is: "One that is out of its proper or chronological order, especially a person or practice that belongs to an earlier time" or "The representation of someone as existing or something as happening in other than chronological, proper, or historical order."

Leon: *sitting at a table, pondering, in deep thought* Hmmmmmm....

Van: *sees this* Hey! Guys! Mjr. Aethelwulf is in deep thought! He's going to solve our problems!!

Rudolph: Is he thinking of the fate of the Empire?

Hermann: Or the Republic?

Fiona: Or how about dealing with the Death Saurer?

Ryss: Or the Death Stinger?

Karl: Is he pondering the best tactic necessary to defeat the enemy?

Thomas: Or is he finding out how I can win the affections of Miss Fiona once and for all?

Irvine: World peace?

Moonbay: Or the fastest way to make money?

Camford: To cure all diseases?

Raven: Or the perfect zoid to defeat all others?

Hiltz: Red hairdye?

Prozen: Or white?

Ryss: Or blue?

Dr. D: What about the gravity cannon!?

O'Connell: Or my family's apple orchard or the perfect aereal zoid?

Zeke: Roar rowr grrrrrrrr? [or getting Thomas off Fiona's back]

Leon: *outburst* I GOT IT!

Everyone: *listening intently* Yes??

Leon: Damn... lost it again.

Everyone: D'oh!!

Van: Will he think of ways to bring good rain to the droughted cities?

Irvine: Or how to bring my Command Wolf back from the grave?

Fiona: What about drying the cities that had been flooded?

Thomas: Or for Miss Fiona to be mine?

Karl: Or for Thomas to get a clue.

Thomas: *snort*

Karl: =ppppppp

Raven: How about to bring Shadow back.

Ryss: Or to make Raven mine.

Prozen: Death Saurer! Bring my Death Saurer back!

Hiltz: Death.... he said death... *Butt-Head laugh*

Rudolph: What about the Empire?

Camford: And the Republic?

Hermann: How to kick Hiltz's ass?

O'Connell: Or getting my money back from Moonbay *GLARE*

Moonbay: =ppppppppp

Leon: I GOT IT!!!

Everyone: YES?? *intent stare*

Leon: I was wrong...

Everyone: DAUGH!!!!

Van: This suspense is killing me!

Fiona: Does Van love me?

Thomas: Does Miss Fiona love me?

Karl: Is Thomas adopted?

Thomas: =pppppppp

Karl: =pppppppp

Rudolph: Is Marianne having an affair?

Camford: Or is Rob Hermann Guile's son?

Hermann: O.o;;;;

Raven: HA HA!!


Moonbay: No!

Prozen: Will I have the Empire?

Ryss: Will I win the lottery?

Hiltz: Look. Weed.... can I smoke it?


Everyone: *looks intent* Yes? Yes?

Leon: *runs off-screen, runs back with a microwave in tow and places a bag of popcorn inside, then sets it for 5 minutes and presses Start* Ta-da!

Everyone: *anime facefault*

Leon: *triumphant smile*

Hiltz: *eye twitch* Let's just hope he doesn't learn how to use a gun...


Hiltz: *falls down dead, bullet to the head*

Leon: O.o;;;; so THAT's how that magic shooty thingy works... *hands the gun back to Hermann and runs off*

Everyone: -.-;;;;

Karl: ....and I'm married to it....

Thomas: Sucks to be you, dude...

Karl: =pppppp

Thomas: =pppp