Death Walks Among You

An Overwatch One-shot by Andrew J. Talon

Disclaimer: This is a non-profit fan based work of prose. Overwatch is the properly of Blizzard Entertainment. Please support the official release.

The hate was all that flowed through his veins. Anger was all that bound his cells together, kept them growing and regenerating through the hellish inferno. Pain chased him, stirring the fury that brought his guns out. Every shot, every blast, the rage escaped him. But it was there, threatening to burst out as every shell left his shotguns.

A woman's face appeared, sometimes. He did not remember her name. Children too-Whether they were her's or another's, he didn't know. The hate burned through him more heavily, hanging in the air as smoke from his shells. He had tried to escape it, tried to flee. The rage choked through lungs that were necrotic one moment, healthy the next, with an infinity of pain in between.

Other faces in his mind stirred the hatred... But the reaction of his body was different. The smoke choking him felt... Good. Right. The flames of rage stoked, rising within. They escaped as a smile, as an act of cruelty that filled him with unholy glee.

Revenge alone was not the motivation, for it would have just burnt him out and left him hollow. Rage alone did nothing. But purpose... That purpose in death, in inflicting it, that made the pain into pleasure. The assumption of an identity, a truth-He reveled in it.

The past was just a dream, the existence and life of an unknown being. It gave him his form and provided him the skills for his function. But now he knew what he was, what he was meant to be.

"Death... Death walks among you..."

Now and forevermore.