My decision isn't meant to be malicious; I hope that you believe that. If anything, this decision is made out of complete and total pure love for all parties concerned… Look at you, so small, so perfect.

Daria put the sonogram picture in the scrap book that she had on the dresser. For better or worse, she had made her decision about what to do. She would have and raise the baby in New York with no contact with Trent. She hadn't told anyone about the pregnancy- other than Jesse. She had made a point to avoid Jane like the plague, keeping their visits to face chatting, above the neck, and phone calls. Jesse had agreed to keep her secret only because he really didn't know what else to do. He didn't want to mess up Trent's marriage with something like this- besides the guy was already having a baby with his wife and Daria hadn't really recovered from her and Trent's break up. He came and spent time with her whenever he could and as she grew bigger he would find himself there more often.

"The band broke up," Jesse announced over dessert that consisted of coffee cake and milk. He watched her reaction as he drank from the jar of milk that Daria had poured for him.

"Oh?" she sounded casual, but kept her eyes down as though studying the cake.

"Yeah…it was pretty mutual for everyone. We all have…other priorities and stuff. We just weren't feeling it anymore."

"How do you feel about that? I mean, music is like a part of your blood. Can you just give it up?"

"I don't plan to. I said Mystic Spiral broke up, that doesn't mean that each of us won't find our own way of satiating our individual thirsts for musical satisfaction."

She nodded.

"I see. Any ideas as to what you were straying towards?"

He shrugged. He didn't really want to talk about how Trent had suggested that they do some duet type stuff for a while and he had turned it down. It was obvious to anyone that she still had it bad for the guy and he didn't really want to throw Trent in her face.

"I won't fall apart if you say his name Jesse," she said sensing that there was something concerning Trent that he wasn't sharing. "I want you to feel free to talk to me about anything- including Trent. He and I- well, that was a lifetime ago."

You're carrying his child.


"He's your best friend. I don't expect you to just cut that part of your life out, just because you feel sorry for me."

"I'm not here because I feel sorry for you." He didn't look at her as he spoke. "I like you and I think that you got a raw deal on this whole thing."

"I'm a grown woman." She corrected kindly. "I got involved with a married man. It's my own fault."

"You weren't the only one involved," Jesse countered and looked at her with unwavering certainty.

"I kind of pushed him into Jesse."

Jesse looked at her skeptically.

"I went there and threw myself at him. I made all of these declarations and even after he told me about- about her…I kissed him. Then we went back to my hotel room and…I should have used my brain." She finished quietly.

"The heart wants what the heart wants and there is no shame in taking a chance on love." Jesse waited a moment, allowing his words to sink in. "Trent is the one that's married. He made a commitment to someone and he is the one that broke it."

"…with me."

"True." Jesse sighed. He hated these kinds of conversations. He didn't like that she was looking all hurt and taking the blame for something that wasn't just her fault. Best friend or not, Trent bore some of the responsibility for Daria's pain, the baby being without a father- shit all of it. "Try not to beat yourself up about it Daria. What's done is done…and it's probably not good for the baby either."

Daria's hands flew protectively over the protrusion of her abdomen. He was right and she knew it. Raking herself over the coals was a counterproductive move.

"Have you changed your mind…about telling him?"

"…no, I haven't. I'm just not sure what it would do besides put everyone's life in pure upheaval."

"He would have his dad," Jesse nodded to her belly.

How did you know that it was a boy?

"Trent's married."

"That just means that he," he nodded toward her belly again, "would have a brother."

"Trent's having a son?"

Jesse nodded.

Two women- both amazing and he knocks 'em both up- and they still love him. Damn Trent, I need to bottle whatever the hell it is that you have. Hell, do you even know what you have?

"I don't mean to upset you and I've tried to give you time to come to terms…with things."

She listened to Jesse's concerned voice.

"I just think that you're kind of- well, hiding from the reality of the situation. Your family is in Lawndale. Trent, the father of your child- he's in Lawndale. Your best friend is Jane- she's Trent's sister. Are you really willing to give up all the people that love you? And for what, to save face or something?"

Her face remained expressionless, but for her eyes. They sparkled now with tears barely held in check. She didn't dare speak. He moved to sit beside her. She leaned so that her head now rested on his shoulder.

"I just-"

"Why don't we start with Jane? We could tell her first and…go from there."

"Sure. Do you have a large shot of Hennessey to get me through it?"

"Sorry kid," he looked down at her upturned face, "you're carrying special cargo there."

"Dang it," she mocked snapping her fingers with a smile on her face. "Well, no time like the present. Hand me my phone."

He retrieved the phone from the table and handed to her after giving her an encouraging smile.

Here goes everything…