"I have something to tell- well, show you- and don't freak out okay?" Daria said into the phone that she held level with her face.

"I make no promises other than to try," Jane declared giving her friend her full attention.

Daria looked at Jane and was regretful for what was to come. Jane had grown her hair out and now had it pulled back into a ponytail that hung past the nape of her neck, with exception to the wisps that had fought their way free around the angular features of her face. It reminded Daria of how much growth Jane had done and why Daria herself felt as though she had not grown any. Jane was truly her best friend and had stood by her through the whole affair- in spite of how she felt about it. Jane had even help her to try and heal from the whole thing and hadn't been judgmental at all. Daria slowly moved the camera out so that Jane could get a full view of her burgeoning belly.

"Are you- Is that- You're…pregnant?"

Daria moved the camera back up to her face.

"Yeah… I found out a while ago and…" she shrugged.

"How is my little niece or nephew?" Jane's voice was oddly calm.

"The baby's fine," Daria squeaked out. "I didn't plan this…"

"I know. How are you…..?"

Daria gave a weak reminiscent of a smile.

"Thanks in large part to Jesse and you…I'm fine." Search as she might, Daria couldn't find any of the hate that she had feared would be there.

"I'm glad that you told me. Have you told your folks?"

Daria shook her head.

"I told you first- well, after Jesse."

"When are you telling- everyone else?"

"I hadn't thought that far ahead."

Jane noted the discomfort, but it's not like this situation was going to get any better before it got worse.

"So you thought that you would ease into it by telling me first?" Jane gave a quirky smile.

"Something like that, but I really did hate keeping it from you."

Jane nodded and scratched the back of her head.

"He has to find out you know."

Daria nodded. She knew, but it didn't mean that she would like it.

"I'll go with you; just tell me when."

"Me too," Jesse spoke from the kitchen area.

"Thanks, but-"

"No offense but I don't think that the Mrs. Will agree to him meeting you solo."

Daria had to smile at that.

"No, I don't think that she would either," Daria cleared her throat. "But I have to try and approach this like an adult so I'm gonna call and make plans to speak to them both."

Jane's face immediately held worry, as did Jesse's.

"I don't think that's such a good idea," Jane voiced first.

"Yeah, the last time that you tried to talk to her you ended up in the hospital," Jesse offered coming into Jane's view on the screen for the first time.

"I know," she looked from the concerned Jesse to the concerned Jane. "I'm hoping that as a mother to be, she will be a bit more subdued and see that I'm just trying to make the best out of this situation."

All remained silent for a few moments more.

"I have to try…for the sake of my child- for both children."

"Let me set it up okay?" Jane filled in quickly. "I'll…cushion things as best as I can." She looked at her friend's determined face. "If she hears from you first, she'll go on the defensive. Let me just set up a meeting, okay?"

Daria gave a hesitant nod.