Daria looked at her parents and waited for their reactions. Her mother held a perfect poker face, with eyes that seemed to be trying to see into her daughter's brain and figure out something. Her father had instantly launched into proud grandfather to be mode. He held her hand gently squeezing it and told his daughter how he was going to make sure that his grand kid learned how to fish- the right way and other 'very important' things that only he, as a grandfather, could bestow upon him or her. She looked at her father feeling grateful for how he was trying to ease her acute discomfort with the reveal of her pregnancy to them.

"What about the baby's father?" her mother finally asked quietly.

Daria swallowed the knot in her throat before answering.

"Honestly mom, I don't know." She took a steadying breath and felt the reassuring squeeze from her father's hands that remained clasping hers, even when she had tried to pull away. "I made some- careless decisions and I didn't think of the consequences to my actions."

"And now you're about to become an unwed single mother and the father gets to just do whatever he wants to whomever he wants." Helen's voice remained level, but Daria could see the protective flame in her mother's eyes.

"It's not like that mom- well not exactly. He's not a bad man. We just got carried away."

Her mother looked at her daughter carefully.

She still harbors feelings for this man.


Daria's eyes watered slightly when she thought of him now. She hadn't meant for it to happen and she forced all thoughts of him from her mind on a daily basis, but right here and right now with her parents sitting across from her wanting to know about their grandchild and all parties involved- it became much more than she thought that it would be.

"Daria…" her mother's concerned voice brought her back to focus on Jake and Helen's faces.


Jake and Helen exchanged looks briefly.

"What?" Daria asked them both.

"Um, Trent came by- a few months ago." Helen spoke. "He voiced some concerns for you. I thought that it was inappropriate given his marital status and him becoming a new-" Helen looked at her daughter sharply. "Well, I told him that you were not his concern and that he should focus on his wife and child- not my daughter."

"He didn't- he doesn't know mom. I haven't told him yet." Daria ran a hand through her hair. "Look, he and I-" she looked away. "That was- well it's over and I just wanted to catch you guys up on what has been going on in my life. I don't expect anything from anyone, but it you want to be a part of your grandchild's life then I wouldn't mind that."

"Of course we're gonna be there for you sweetie," Jake said softly. "You're our little girl. Heck, I'll even be your delivery coach."

Daria and Helen both laughed at this. The thought of Jake, the man that avoided all talk of 'womanly troubles' when Daria and Quinn were growing up, being in the delivery room participating in the most womanliest of events- well it provided a much needed laugh for the ladies.

"Thanks dad, but I'm okay. I have my doctors and the Lamaze teacher has been very informative on what to expect."

Jake looked slightly crestfallen, but perked right back up.

"I'll read up on everything, just in case…you know for back up and stuff."

"Okay dad."

"When do you plan on telling Trent," Helen spoke as gently as Daria had ever heard her.

Daria plastered on a smile that was much braver than she felt.

"Jane is arranging that for me."