"You two seem better," Jane spoke to her sister in law while they shared a glass of tea for Jane and water for the extremely pregnant mother to be.

The woman nodded in agreement with a glance towards her husband in the laundry room where he was starting a new load.

"We are." She looked at her sister in law a bit hesitantly. "I know that she's your friend…and I know that she didn't do anything alone, but…"

"You're my family and this whole thing is messy, but I want you to know that I only want what's best for everyone," she held the other woman's eyes levelly, "including you."

"Thanks Jane. Trent and I have been talking about names, for our daughter. What do you think about Samantha Janel?"


"Yeah, you've always been so supportive of our marriage I wanted to give a nod to that while giving my daughter her own individuality as well."

"What can I say, I'm honored." Jane stammered slightly in surprise at such a privilege.

"We're the lucky ones Janey," Trent spoke as he rejoined the ladies and put an arm around his wife. "You've always been a good sister and we know that you'll be an even more awesome Aunt to our little one here."

Seeing her brother with his hand over his wife's protruding belly with such expectant proud made Jane so happy for him. He was basically a good guy, he just got caught up in past feelings and unfortunately him and all involved were paying for it. Jane smiled at the couple.

You guys might just be okay. You've weathered some big blows and you both seem to be holding on. Keep it up kiddos and I think that you'll be fine.

"On to some equally as important topics," Trent said to both the ladies that were now looking at him, "what'll we have for lunch?" they all laughed and Trent raided the fridge to see what he could come up with for his two lunch companions. It was shaping up to be a lovely afternoon.

"I enjoyed this afternoon."

"Me too."

"Ready for bed?" her breath held slightly as she awaited his answer.

The couple looked at each other in the lamp lit bedroom that they hadn't shared in quite a while. There had been nothing formally declared, yet both had known him falling asleep on the couch hadn't been an accident after the third time. Things had been changing between them in gradual stages and now each could feel that it was time for them to move forward.

"Only, if you are."

She nodded slightly and they both reached down to turn down their respective sides of the bed.

"I'm gonna shower," she took a last loving look at him before going into the restroom, "I won't be long."

Trent looked to the space that she had been in for a while even after she had departed.

She's such a good woman- extraordinary really. I hope that I can make her happy again. Man, it doesn't seem so long ago that she and I were practically newlyweds and our biggest problems were what to have for dinner.

The warm water from the shower felt good hitting her shoulder blades and sliding down her back. She closed her eyes and stood there for a moment, soap in hand and allowed herself to joy this relaxing moment and how nicely the day had gone.

Mmm… Trent-

Her eyes flew open at the feather light touch on her shoulder. Her husband stood there looking for confirmation from her that his presence was accepted. There had been a time that there would never have even been a question of it. They had jokingly called it 'water conservation' and had often made a joke of it. She gave a nervous smile and he returned it. No words passed between them. He picked up the soap and proceeded to gently lather her up the way that she had loved so many times before. He took great care in making sure that went in slow circular motions on and around her belly. She allowed herself to lean back against him slightly so that she could enjoy the feel of his long arms around her. The feel of his lips on her shoulder sent familiar warmth through her. Such a simple intimate gesture, she had forgotten this kind of thing that they had. Now here it was between them again… She let the water rinse off the luxuriating suds and turned to him. She brought his mouth down to hers for a deep kiss. She picked up a loofa and proceeded to lather him up and give him a bath with the same loving care that he had done for her. She took special care with area between his shoulder blades and as she rinses him down she gave him a soft kiss in the middle of his back. To her delight, he gave a surprised shiver. Turning back to face her he caught her back in his arms a kissed her deeply once again. They soon exited the shower and still in silence toweled dry. The bedroom light was soft when they entered, she wearing a simple nightgown and him in his boxers. Once in bed and the beside lamps were turned out each moved so that they could embrace.

I didn't realize just how much I missed this. I didn't know how much I missed you and us together like this.

It's been entirely too long my love…

They made love that night each reaffirming, now physically, the commitment that they had made to each other before.