Web of Romance Spider-Man One Shots


Co-Writer GreyKing46

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Most people would think of it as a peaceful day in New York, and they were right... for the most part.

As we speak Venom And Spider-Man were fighting throughout the streets New York, web-swung from building to building as the punched and kicked at each other or shooting blasts of webbing or trying to make the other crash into a building. It was a fight of speed, endurance, strength, brains and will power. And, for once, Spidey was winning.

"Give it up Venom. You're not fighting a joker today." Spider-Man called out as he swung past the Chrysler building and clung to the side of said building. It had been a very stressful day for him; Aunt May was low on money because her washing machine AND cooker broke, J.J.J. was screaming at him for more pictures, MJ broke up with him a few weeks ago and he was low on money for his rent! He was NOT in the mood for Venom today

"You're ALWAYS a joker Pete! But your jokes do more than hurt!" Venom hissed back not noticing the foot flying into his face.

"Really? That wasn't my intention. THIS WAS!" Spider-Man spoke as he swung back to the building as Venom flew into the building opposite, his body limp, before he fell down towards the concrete below. "Not yet buddy. I'm not too keen on Symbiote Pizza." Spider-Man caught Venom in a net of webbing protecting him from his death as he was slowly lowered to the ground.

"Spider-Man has damaged New York property! Why are we letting this Wall Crawling menace destroy our fair city in his "crusade" of "protecting" it?!" J.J.J. roared through on his Daily Bugle giant television.

"Thanks Spidey." A police officer thanked the Wall Crawler

"No problem." Spidey web swung off and let Venom to the police, who collected the hosts body into a containment cylinder with the Symbiote having hidden inside his body.

*time skip*

Nearly a week later, in prison, Venom's host, Eddie Brock, was secluded in his own cell snoring in his own web made hammock as he contemplated his revenge on, he imagined SO many ways to torment him. Maybe killing his Aunt or someone else close to him? Oh that would hurt Parker!

But unbeknownst to Eddie, the symbiote that gave him his spider-powers was slowly separating from him. The black ink like substance dripping on the floor quickly before it slunk away through the bars of the cell and down into the sewers to free itself.

Using Peter's memories of this sort of journey the Symbiote was easily able to slink through the sewers while Venom thought 'WHY?! Why did I bond to that... that villain?! I... I know why... to hurt Peter... but I... I was mad! I didn't mean to hurt all those people! All I wanted to do was to help… to help the world… to help HIM.' It thought lamenting, hating itself a bit, but it heard a man's voice… someone old. Someone... mad.

"Damn, damn, damn, damn!" the voice screeched. "Another faulty clone! I don't have enough for a complete Gwen!"

The symbiote slid to the location of where the voice was coming from, it saw a tall thin man dressed like a green animal creature messing around with a computer like device and a large opened tube. 'A clone…? The Jackal…' the symbiote observed, recognizing the man from the memories it gained from Peter

Jackal stomped in anger, kicking the dust. "If only there was enough!" he chuntered as he left the room while leaving the machines running while unbeknownst that the Venom symbiote was seeing his work.

'A… HUMAN clone… Who or what is a Gwen?' Venom asked itself, looking through Peter's memories to see the blonde haired woman as it quickly crawled over to the machine. It crawled up the machine and, through the glass window in the tube, it saw a beautiful blonde haired girl with blue eyes 'She… she's beautiful… with this…I can be nearer to him.' Using the knowledge it saw Jackal input into the machine it slithered into the mixing chamber with the half-clone setting it up for the completion process.

"Cloning process nearing completion, 69%." The computer spoke while the machines were whirring loudly drawing the attention of Jackal, who had went up to his sleeping quarters where he would have fantasized with his picture of Gwen so he had to run into the chamber but he would arrive after the process was complete

"What's activated the cloning chamber?!" Jackal shouted to himself in anger. Someone was in HIS lab?! Messing with HIS Gwen?! They would PAY!

"Cloning process complete 100%" The computer answered as the chamber opened revealing a naked Gwen Stacy clone.

"I… I… I'm human…" Venom-Gwen spoke in awe, her voice being slightly deeper than Gwen's. She stumbled over her new feet; she landed on her hands from the fall but upon landing she saw her face in a puddle of water. She had a very similar body shape to Gwen, she altered it slightly so she wouldn't be an exact copy so in human terms she was more like... her own daughter with Gwen Stacy? Was that right? She made her waist slimmer, her chest slightly bigger and made her legs longer than Gwen's while in the face she made her nose slightly smaller and 'cuter', her eyes a more 'seductive' shape, her lips plumper her skin paler and heightened her cheek bones. So she LOOKED like Gwen, but it was more like a coincidental passing glance. And, finally, she had made her hair black "I'm…beautiful…" she muttered, putting a shaking hand on her face in amazement

"Where is the clone?!" Jackal shouted as he tried to find out what had transpired.

Meanwhile Venom-Gwen had hidden herself in the shadows, making sure she wasn't discovered as she quietly left the hidden lab 'I have to hide…I have to get out of here!' she told herself. Carefully exiting the sewers she reached a man-hole which lead to New York's shopping district. 'I'm out… that Jackal guy is crazy!' she thought as she panted, her new body not use to exercise. She went near a famous clothes store and saw what she could possibly wear. While she couldn't make normal looking clothes she COULD create a black costume which covered all of her body that looked similar to Spidey's 'black suit' or Venom's form. 'I guess I can only transform THIS much…' she thought in disappointment 'But I can't walk around in this all day.' She added before Venom-Gwen reached for the door handle... and accidentally tore the entire DOOR off. "... Oops…" Venom-Gwen muttered before she jumped at the loud sirens that where now blaring. She was worried because now the alarms were going off which means police which is BAD. Because she didn't want to get into trouble she web-swung off so she can try and find Peter, using her memories from both Brock AND Peter to remember where he lived.


Over at Peter's apartment building, Peter was still watching the news where the clothes store where Venom-Gwen was, was now on the news "Was that… Venom? When did he get out?" Peter whispered in disbelief as his neighbours were asleep. He heard a knock at the front door "Who could that be… Err... Hello?" Peter muttered as he opened the door.

"Hi…can…can I come in?" Venom-Gwen asked as she had transformed her costume to imitate black bra and underpants on, blushing as she held herself as if she was freezing

"What? Yes of course, come in." Peter hurried her in to protect her from the cold and from any predators that might be out there, although he was momentarily shocked by the fact she looked fairly similar to Gwen "What happened? Are you alright?" Peter asked concerned for the woman.

'I have to think of something…' Venom-Gwen thought "I… Err... I was…" she tried to think of a convincing lie but nothing was coming to her mind.

"Hey, it's alright. You don't have to tell me anything you don't want to. Okay?" Peter reassured her kindly.

"Thank you." Venom-Gwen answered with a smile

A few minutes later Peter had gotten some clothes for the girl he had taken into his home, just the smaller cloths that no longer fit him. He had given her a black shirt and blue trousers as to cover her. "Are you okay in there?" Peter asked in the bathroom.

"Y... Yes. Thank you." Venom-Gwen answered, blushing 'He's caring for me… but will he hate me if I tell him who I am?' she asked herself. She stepped outside wearing the clothes Peter gave her "How do I look?" she asked

"A lot better with clothes on." Peter smiled

'Does... Does he not like how I look?' Venom-Gwen looked in fear

"Do you want a cup of hot chocolate?" Peter offered

"YES! Err I mean: yes please." Venom-Gwen immediately answered then reassessed herself, blushing brightly

"No problem. I've got to know: what's your name?" Peter asked with a small smile

"I'm… Ven... I mean Veronica." Venom-Gwen gave herself a new name.

"Well Veronica, I'm glad I could help you. I've got to ask: do you live near here? Is there anyone I can contact?" Peter asked

"No! No... I... I don't have anyone." Veronica answered, looking down as she pretended to look sad

"Oh… okay. Listen I don't have much room, you can stay here for tonight and hopefully we'll find a place for you to stay." Peter offered

"Thank you." Veronica smiled. For the rest of the evening Veronica slept in Peter's and him on the settee. Although she wanted to be near him she knew it could turn bad if she snuck into his bed.

*the next day*

The next morning Peter found himself next to Veronica making him panic. He DID go to bed in the other room, but he woke up in the middle of the night because he needed the bathroom so he just instinctively went to his room once he was finished, still half asleep, and went to sleep with her 'CRAP! Bad Peter! What were you thinking?!' He thought in panic, scared stiff since he had his arm around her waist.

"Hmm… morning…" Veronica smiled as she awoke, happy to see Peter so close to her

"Morning." Peter smiled awkwardly as he tried to slide his arm away from her waist.

Veronica felt Peter's arm around her and snuggled closer to him, not wanting him to let go 'He's warm…' Venom-Gwen smiled

'Oh man, oh man, this is bad!' Peter blushed "Err… l... listen I… I didn't mean to sneak into your room. It just sort of… happened."

"I don't mind, I know you're not that sort of person." Veronica smiled up at him

"How do you know that?" Peter asked

"You helped me when I came here. You offered to call any family I might've had." Veronica explained

"It's what anyone would do." Peter explained with a more at ease smile

"Not really…" Veronica frowned.

"You knew someone?" Peter asked about her cryptic question

"Yeah…an old friend." Veronica thought but didn't want to indicate Eddie Brock.

"I take it, your friend wasn't supportive." Peter slipped out. "Do you want some breakfast?"

"Please." Veronica smiled as she sat up, holding over the covers close to her body as she brushed some black hair behind her ear.

"Let's see…" Peter looked into his fridge. Though it was a little sparse he had enough to make breakfast for the two of them.

He nodded and got to work, taking out the items needed to make pancakes…although, for some reason, he felt like adding cocoa powder would be a good idea today.

Veronica slipped into the clothes that Peter gave her the previous night with a glowing smile. 'This time...maybe.'

She wrapped her arms around herself with a smile 'Maybe we can be together... maybe he will accept me. Maybe... he won't hate me.'

Veronica smelt the cooking of beautiful pancakes and chocolate harmoniously being mixed together. She imagined the pancakes being tanned on the surface, fluffy on the inside and tasting of sweet, sweet chocolate...hmm...chocolate pancakes...salivating...

"Hey Veronica! They're ready!" Peter called through, snapping her out of her thoughts.

"Coming." Veronica answered as she thought about being trickled in chocolate syrup with Peter liking her clean. "Hmm..." She moaned slightly with a blushing grin.

She soon entered the kitchen, drooling at the chocolate pancakes.

"Looks like you really like pancakes." Peter grinned at Veronica

"Hmm...yeah..." She drooled

"Well, eat up." Peter smiled, drying his hands

Peter looked on in amazement and feeling slightly creeped out at the sight of Veronica eating as savagely as she did.

"You seem to like pancakes." Peter asked awkwardly

'More the chocolate...' Veronica thought then gulped "Sorry." She gave an embarrassed cute smile.

"How long has it been since you ate?" Peter frowned

"A while..." Veronica answered truthfully.

"Well, you're more than welcome to stay here. I just need to make sure I'm stocked up." Peter rubbed the back of his head.

'You're already stocked up quite nicely Peter...' Venom thought in a flirty manner.

She smiled and looked at the drink he poured her, a glass of milk, and slowly drank from it to hide her blush.

To be continued