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Shriek Part 2 Chapter 118

Co-Writer GreyKing46

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It was a few weeks since Shriek was living at Spider-Man's safe house, and truth be told aside from her obsessive tenacity for Spider-Man and the want for him to fuck her...She was an okay tenant.

But on the other hand?

She did act a bit like an obsessed girlfriend sometimes

Whenever he came to check on her, he found her almost bare-naked or looking longingly at him.

Heck sometimes she would take his phone or something when he wasn't paying attention and go through it

He figured that if he didn't do something or talk to her about all this...She or himself, would do something crazy.

Or he'd just fuck her

...Quite frankly the second one was getting on his mind more and more.

Because he didn't want just sex

He honestly...Wanted to get to know her. As insane as it sounds...He wanted to get to know the REAL Shriek.

Especially considering their ... Situation

It was almost like they were living together.

Like they where a married couple

'Jeez, what am I gonna do? Me and Shriek...I mean...Damn...' Peter thought as he was bringing some supplies to the secret house.

"I'm home." He called jokingly

"Hi honey! I'm in the kitchen." Shriek responded happily, almost sounding like they were married.

Peter rolled his eyes, walking through

"I've got some...Stuff..." Peter spoke in shock as he saw Shriek dressed...Only in an apron.

"Go put it away." She smiled

"I...O-Okay..." Peter gulped

He put the food away, laughing nervously

'Oh my GOD! Why did she have to be like this?' He thought

Shriek was humming as she was cooking... But also as if she was expecting something

'Just...What...? What is she thinking?' He thought

He had to think about these sort of scenarios... Did she want him to hug her from behind and start 'messing' with her body?

Or did she want more? Did she want him to ravage her?

She didn't know.

"Peter? Aren't you going to hug me?" Shriek pouted

Peter sighed walking towards her and hugging her from behind

"Hmm..." Shriek smiled, purring happily, feeling him hug her...And guided his hands to her breasts.

"Hey!" He said nervously, trying to pull his hands back

"I...I've been lonely..." She whispered.

"Sorry." He laughed nervously

"Is it wrong I wanted physical contact?" She asked

Peter flinched, unable to answer that properly

"Peter?" She repeated, turning around, exposing her near-naked body exposed to Peter

"Yes?" He coughed lightly

"No bullshit...Am...I pretty?" She asked, looking sad and ashamed.

Shriek smiled and kissed Peter on his lips, holding him in her arms.

He smiled gently, kissing back

She gently rubbed her waist against Peter's waist, finding herself wanting him more and more.

She wanted more and more!

'She-Shriek's...She's getting hot! She wants to have sex!' Peter thought

'C... Crap!'

'I want him...I want him so bad!' Shriek thought, begging for his touch


She broke the kiss and panted, leaving a small saliva trail to their lips, letting it gently fall on her breasts. "Peter...Fuck me...Please..." She panted

"Shriek... Calm down." He urged

"But...But we...We're together..." She panted, frowning and with a blush on her cheeks.

"Calm down." He frowned

"I...Hmm..." She frowned but nodded, feeling rejected and released Peter from her hug. "I'll...Be in the other room..." She frowned

Before she left quickly

Peter sighed and leant on the kitchen top and felt a small sense of relief.

But he also felt bad

'I'm sorry Shriek...' He thought

*time skip*

It was a few days later since Peter and Shriek had that altercation in the kitchen.

And that was where we continue with Shreik

She was in the bedroom, huddled up in the foetal position and crying. She had the quilt in her hands, weeping into it.

'Why?! Why won't be fucking sleep with me!' she thought in sadness and anger

'You worthless whore!' A disembodied voice snapped at her. 'Look at you: a freak, fat and hopeless!'

'Shut up! Shut up!' Shriek shouted in her mind.

'Fatty Frances! That's what you are!' The voice snapped back.

'... He must be sleeping with that Black Cat slut!' she thought angrily

'Yeah, he's with a REAL woman. A GORGEOUS woman!' The voice thought

'SHUT UP mother! I'll be a better mother than you! Once I get rid of that pussy bitch trying to take him from me!'

'Really? YOU are gonna take out Black Cat?' The voice responded. Shriek identifying it as her mother.

'Yea! Have you seen how many people I've killed?!'

'NORMAL people. Black Cat is a league above them. You've got no chance.' The voice responded

'I've nearly killed Peter several times! ... Which I'm sad about... And that Cat is MUCH weaker!'

'Prove it! Prove that you can kill a petty pretty pussy! Prove you can kill one of your beloved Spider's friends!' The voice maliciously spat out

"I WILL KILL THE BITCH TRYING TO TAKE HIM!" Shriek yelled, pulling her costume out and getting changed

"Shriek? Shriek, what was that?" Peter called back

But he found her gone

"Shriek...What did she mean by that?" He whispered to himself in worry.

*with Shriek, time skip*

'Where is she? Where is she?' Shriek thought to herself in anger as she had arrived to a museum that had on display a very valuable sapphire.

She was sure the cat would be here!

'God. DAMNIT!' She thought. 'Fucking cat!'

She frowned, clenching her first

Then...That was when a silhouette dropped from the ceiling, keeping to the shadows.

'... There she is.'

"Hello, beautiful..." The silhouette smiled as it opened up the case.

... Only for a sonic scream to hit her and send her flying

"Ow...Uh...They've upped their security..." Black Cat groaned, joking a little

As she looked up she saw Shriek walking towards her

"Shriek? Haven't seen your face in weeks." Black Cat spoke

"I'm going to kill you." She snarled

"Okay, I know I've got this coming for a FEW people...I've NEVER crossed you." Black Cat answered

Shriek snarled and charged, starting to fight Cat hand to hand

"What. Is your. Problem?" Black Cat asked as she blocked and dodged the attacks.

"You slut!" Shriek snapped

"Says you. Last I checked you were with that psycho Carnage." Black Cat responded

Shriek snarled, grabbing Cat from the hair and slamming her head against the wall

"ARGH! Bitch!" Cat snapped and gut-kicked Shriek

Shriek flinched before she unleashed a close range scream

"ARGH!" Black Cat screamed as she covered her ears to protect them from bleeding.

Not that it helped

Shriek grabbed Black Cat's hair, lifting her up and started to wail on her with her fists. "He. is. MINE!" She chanted, hitting Black Cat over and over.

Felicia Hardy gasped in pain, blood dripping from her lips... When a bullet shot through Shriek's shoulder

"ARGH!" Shriek screamed in pain

"Two intruders. I've shot one. The other is already bleeding." A museum guard spoke through his radio

Shriek frowned, running away

"Freeze!" The guard shouted and shot off a couple of rounds, but missed both times. "Shit...I need an ambulance." The guard spoke through the radio, while tending to Black Cat.

*With Shriek*

Shriek was stumbling down an alleyway, panting

"F-Fuck...D-Damnit..." She cried as she looked at her flesh-wound, applying pressure to stay the bleeding

She stumbled a bit, panting, before she fell to her knees... And Spider-man landed in front of her

"S-Spider...?" She looked up, getting faint from the gunshot wound.

"Dang it, Shriek...What happened? You know what, never mind. We're heading back NOW!" Spider-Man examined her and picked her up, using his natural stickiness to grip her to him.

*time skip*

Shriek was looking tiredly up at the ceiling, she had been patched up from the bullet wound and had it removed from her shoulder. Peter was REALLY disappointed in her...No, disappointment wasn't even the word! Infuriated was more akin to what he was feeling.

"You could have died!" Peter snapped at her

"But I didn't." Shriek answered

"Do you know how I would feel if you died?!" He frowned, holding her shoulders and looking deep into her eyes

"H-Huh...?" Shriek looked back into his eyes, seeing that he had tears forming in his eyes

Peter just hugged her

'P-Peter...' She thought in shock

"I do not know what you where thinking of why you did that... but never do it again." He said with a shaky voice

Shriek's eyes welled up and cried into his shoulder

"Okay." She whispered, nodding "Okay."

"Yeah? Promise?" He asked


*Time Skip*

It had been a few weeks since Shriek went on that crazy episode...And she was just staying in, keeping to herself and doing as she was told.

She seemed to have changed a bit

She had become more docile...More...Well, not normal...But more domestic.

It was strange

'I wonder if Peter's okay?' She thought as she was making a drink for herself and went to turn the TV on.

She sat down, taking a deep drink

"We are live downtown in Manhattan, Spider-Man and Carnage are having a savage fight!" The newscaster spoke


"The serial killer "Cletus "Carnage" Cassidy" has been cornered by Spider-man after he tried to cause a fire in a heavily populated building." The newscaster spoke. "We're going in live to the battle!"

Shriek was shaking a bit

On the screen were panting Spider-Man and Carnage, caught in a destroyed building. "Spider...Man...I'm going to kill you!" Carnage hissed. "Then...I'll show your carcass...To that SLUT!" He threatened, the TV couldn't bleep out the words.

"You gotta... Try harder than that." Peter scoffed

"Well then..." Carnage snarled, creating a blade with his arm. "I'll try harder! RARGH!" He roared racing to Peter.

Peter frowned, dodging

Sparks began to pick up from the ground from Carnage's blade, before he turned around and raced after Spider-Man again, slicing the air and missing Peter.

Peter kicked him in the face, dropping down and tripping him up with a web blast

"GAH!" Carnage snarled as he tried to rip out of the webbing and sparked the ground, catching the webbing on fire and then throwing it away.

"HOW THE FUCK DID HE DO THAT?!" a random guy yelled

"What the? Get out of here!" Spider-Man called out

The two were surrounded by a lot of people, like always

"Looks like I'll add more to my corpse pile..." Carnage smiled with a great toothy grin.

*at the house*

"Oh god! Peter! I...I have to do something!" She thought.

But... Carnage was there.

Either Peter would be killed...Or she'd be under his thrall again...

But... Carnage... Would she be able to say no if he told her to do something when she got there?

But those people there...Peter was exhausted...She...She was going in.

She closed her eyes, shaking

"Peter...I...I'm sorry." She whispered

*With Peter*

Peter was holding his own against Carnage, and seemed to be winning, getting the upper-hand on the Kyntar covered psychopath.

"Getting...Tired...Spider?" Carnage asked as he was beaten bloody

"Nope..." Peter pushed through his exhaustion


"I'll rest when you're dead!" Carnage panted and threw a great tendril at Peter, who dodged it almost smoothly, but with fatigue setting in he barely dodged it.

But at the same time it was getting more and more do or die

The people had vacated the building, leaving Spider-Man and Carnage alone, this was getting too dangerous for them.

They almost seemed close to fainting

'Last chance Spider...!' Carnage thought as he webbed up a large pile of debris and threw them at Peter.

Peter was out of steam...But, he was pulled away from the incoming debris from someone, who wasn't touching him

"Whoa!" Peter called out as he fell to the floor. "Oof!"

"You okay?" Shriek spoke, in full costume as she used her telekinesis to protect Peter.

"Shriek?!" He gasped

"Shriek? Why're you here? Never mind; you here to kill the Spider yourself?" Carnage asked

Shriek glared at him, shaking lightly

"Well? You here to kill him with me, or you gonna kill him yourself; you dumb skank." Carnage insulted her.

Shriek's eyes narrowed, shooting a scream at him

Carnage screamed in pain, almost ripping off Cletus entirely due to its natural weakness to sound. "Th-The FUCK are you doing you whore?!"

"FUCK! YOU!" she yelled, each word emphasised with a sonic scream

Carnage screamed in pain again as it was being ripped asunder from Cletus' body, begging to escape, but its connection to the psychopath was so profound...It would kill him if it left

Cletus fell to the floor, holding himself in pain

"You...Will NEVER...Hurt him...Get it?" Shriek panted

Her lungs felt on fire from her lack of practice

"Shriek..." Peter panted, pulling himself up on the wall.

"Are you okay?" She asked

"Well...My bones feel like they're going to turn to dust and my muscles are screaming in pain...But yeah...I'm good." Peter joked

She smiled, hugging him

"Let's head home..." Peter groaned, the two heading out of the building, leaving Cletus in pain and unconscious.

To be continued

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