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Black Widow Part 3 Chapter 92

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It was a while later, Peter and Natasha were still together and currently in bed.

"That was nice." Natasha smiled, holding herself close to him

"Hmm..." Peter hummed, keeping his looped arm around her shoulders "I love you Tasha..."

"I love you to." She smiled

"How did Fury take it when you "lost" your communicator?" Peter chuckled

"Don't know yet." She grinned "I left a message."

"Well...Until he calls, how about we go out? You, me and nothing but time." Peter suggested

"Good." She smiled

"Do you want the first shower or shall I?" Peter asked

"Who says we have to take separate showers?"

"Hmm..." Peter smiled

*Time Skip*

"Oh...Best shower yet..." Natasha purred as she got dressed

"That it was." Peter added

"You are perfect." She smiled, kissing him

"I've got you to inspire me...I try to be." Peter kissed her

"Hmm...Where have you got in mind for our "date"?" Natasha purred

"Surprise." He teased

"Oh...You KNOW how I like your surprises...Especially BIG ones..." She rubbed his crotch.

"I don't think that's a surprise anymore Miss Rushman, you've seen it enough." Peter smiled, laughing lightly

"And I love it. Almost as much as you..." She kissed him again.

*Time Skip*

"Okay, here we are." Peter smiled as they arrived at the location

"Paris?" She asked as they got off a plane

"Of course...I wanted to treat you to somewhere you may have been but not for business." Peter answered

She smiled, kissing him gently

"Well then...Ready for vacation my lady?" Peter extended his arm out

"Ready, Monsieur Parker." She purred in a perfect French accent

"This way, Madame Romanov." Peter smiled as he tried his best at his own French accent

"Almost." Natasha teased as they walked down the streets of Paris.

"Well I'M not a super spy." He teased

"Maybe I can teach you later...But right now, let's go." Natasha smiled

"You're French Accent IS enticing." He half joked

"Well my lover..." She spoke in her sultry French accent "We will have to make it last then...Won't we?"

"That we do." He nodded

The two spent hours wandering around in Paris; they went to the shops for clothes and souvenirs, the restaurants for their lunch and even a few wine tastings for a few bottles for their next meal at dinner time

"This is magical." She smiled

"It is...Huh, it's about dinner time." Peter pointed out on his watch.


"We got here at eleven and we've been walking for eight hours...I say it's time for dinner." Peter quipped

"You sure you don't want to skip to dessert?" She teased

"Oh...I can NOT have dinner..." Peter smiled as they hugged

"Really?" She smiled

"Yeah...I'm up for dessert." Peter kissed her

Natasha smiled, kissing him deeply again

"Hmm...Hotel room?" Peter asked

"How about the Spider-Jet?" Natasha asked

"Ooh...I didn't know you were kinky..." Peter teased

"Maybe I'll 'eat you' after." She winked

"Err...Don't-don't even joke about that." Peter gulped lightly

"Why?" Natasha asked

"Black Widows EAT their mates." Peter answered

"Which is why I did the joke. I'd love to eat up your dick, feel you shoot that cum down my throat." She whispered

"Oh...You are SUCH a slut..." Peter teased her kissing her heavily

"Only for you, my love." She smiled/flirted

"Let's get moving." Peter teased as he and Natasha ran back to their jet.

Natasha laughed, the two entering the jet

Peter set the jet on autopilot to head back home and began to make out with Natasha, their hands exploring their bodies as their lips connected

They fell onto one of the seats, taking off each other's clothes

"God, you're beautiful..." Peter whispered happily, exposing her D-Cup breasts.

"It is why so many people lust for me." She purred "But only you can touch me. Please me. Because I love you."

"Ready to make love in the air?" Peter kissed her as they removed their trousers

"An actual first for me." She joked with a nod

"Well then...I'm happy to give it you..." Peter kissed her and entered her wet pussy.

The two moaned into the kiss, fitting perfectly with each other

"Hmm!" They panted happily

"Y-You're so tight." Peter moaned as he thrust into Natasha's pussy

"I can feel you against my womb!"

"I love you Tasha..." Peter moaned happily as he came into her drippy wet pussy

"I love you Peter! I love you!" She begged/moaned

As the jet flew back to New York the two remained in each other's embrace as the jet landed

*Time Skip*

It was a few months later and Natasha was sick

"Urgh...What the heck is going on...?" She frowned as she gripped her stomach while she was sitting with Peter.

"You... Don't think maybe?" He asked nervously

"I...No...No I...I can't be...The Red Room and the serum..." Natasha frowned

"Look at this Tasha...You MIGHT be pregnant!" Peter answered


"Actually...It's not." A mysterious voice appeared before them, revealing Weaver: Grandmother of Spiders.

"Oh please my dear...Is that any way to treat your lover's grandparent?" Weaver sighed nonchalantly and transformed the gun into a cuddly spider plush "Or the woman who gave you back your womb?"

"... What?!" They both asked

"Oh, I gave you back your womb...You can be a mother Natasha...Or as your sick sessions are any indication, you already ARE." Weaver answered

Natasha was wide eyed, shocked, before she caught herself "How do we know we can trust you? We've seen a lot of fucked up stuff before."

Weaver smiled lightly and placed her hand on Natasha's belly "Because I'm not like those you've met before...I'd NEVER harm my grandson's lover. Nor would I hurt my grandchildren."

Natasha flinched. She felt as if she should trust her but... She was the Black Widow. Words meant nothing

"Let me show you both..." Weaver spoke as she revealed the Web of the Multiverse, showing multiple worlds involving Spider-Men, Spider-Women and others. Worlds showing Peter with Natasha in an alternate life, each with children...Sometimes one, sometimes more.

"My desire...is to see my family life happily...And that's what I want for the both of you." Weaver answered

Peter smiled, hugging Natasha at the sight

"So...I AM...?" Natasha asked, Weaver's reply was a simple nod and smile

"We're gonna be parents..." Peter choked back on happiness

Natasha whimpered gently, in fear and joy

"It's alright Natasha...You're strong. AND you have Peter with you..." Weaver spoke kindly like a grandparent

Natasha hugged Peter close, smiling

"I'll leave you two alone now." Weaver smiled

"Wait...Just hang on..." Natasha asked

"Of course." Weaver answered

"You said "grandchild-REN"...Is...Is it twins?" Natasha asked

"Maybe...Maybe not. But that's the exciting part isn't it?" Weaver smiled and left.

Peter smiled, hugging her closer

*Time Skip*

Peter and Natasha were now at the sixth month mark, Natasha's belly got bigger with each passing day and they were just finishing off the baby's room.

Well, Peter was. Natasha tried to help but he was doing most of the work because of her pregnancy

"You don't think this is overkill, Peter? I doubt the baby wants a play-mat AND separate learning toys." Natasha joked

"I want our baby to be fine and happy." He smiled

"Peter...Our baby...Has: You. Me. A loving great aunt. And apparently a cosmic entity great-grandmother...Fine and happy are part and parcel." Natasha pulled him down next to her

Peter smiled nervously, kissing her quickly

"Hmm...I love you, Peter...No matter what happens." Natasha purred

"I love you to Natasha." Peter took her hand gently

*Time Skip*

The baby was born, both parents were anxious to know the gender.

"It's a boy!" The doctor said... Before Natasha screamed, a second child coming

"AH! T-Twins?! P-Peter!" Natasha breathed through the pain gripping her lover's hand tightly

"I've got you." Peter answered

"I've got the second, Doctor." The nurse answered

"It's a girl!" The doctor said, some time later holding the second born child

"A-A girl..." Natasha panted as that was it. Their twin children. Their son and daughter.

"Two." Peter smiled, taking the boy while the girl was passed to Natasha

"They are beautiful." She smiled

The boy had Peter's brown hair and hazel eyes, while their daughter had her mother's red hair and green eyes. They were just so cute.

"They are." Peter nodded

"What...What shall we call them?" Natasha teared up kissing her daughter on the forehead

"Why don't you name them?" He smirked

"A-Are you sure?" Natasha asked

"Yeah, I'm sure." Peter smiled

"Nichole...And...Steve." Natasha answered

"Beautiful." He smiled

*Time Skip*

"Here we go buddy..." Peter smiled, putting his son in the crib

The child smiled up at him, hugging his blanket

"Night, night baby..." Natasha teared lightly as their daughter fell to sleep in the crib

Little Nichole was sucking her thumb peacefully, smiling

"Come on buddy...Time for bed." Peter tickled his son lightly

Steve giggled, hugging his arm, before falling asleep

With the kids asleep, Peter and Natasha left the room so they can start their long nights of lack of sleep.

"I love you Natasha." Peter kissed her

"I love you too Peter...You get first watch." Natasha answered

"Deal." Peter nodded

To be continued

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