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Boei Academy

Chapter One

By Angel-Goddess


Night had fallen some several hours ago and the dark black atmosphere above was filled with the ever-present glimmering of tiny little stars and wisps of diaphanous, hazy grey clouds that was eerily lit by the pale light of the waning crescent moon. It was cool and calm and the silvery glow of the moon cast wavering, almost-sinister shadows through the empty and silent street. A car would hurdle down the quiet street once in a while, its headlights flashing like a lighthouse's beacon and alighting the dark, driving out anything that may hide in the darkness while its loud engine's sudden roar would break the unnerving silence that befell the hushed suburb.

A teenage girl with radiant blonde hair tied in two buns at each side of her head with golden hair streaming down to reach her ankles, walked briskly along the dimly lit pathway before turning in a corner, taking her shortcut through an alley that she always used to get to her destination quicker. Her eyes, which were an exquisite shade of cerulean-blue were framed in long black lashes, darted nervously around her surroundings. She had pale, fair skin that almost glowed under the moonlight's glorious beams.

Usagi sighed deeply as she walked home after a senshi meeting. She didn't know why they still held those meetings when Chaos had already been defeated and there was no longer any youma attacks in Juuban. These peaceful times almost made her wish that they had a new enemy because she had absolutely nothing to do. There no longer was any excitement in her life and, though she wouldn't speak of this to anyone, she craved the sense of adventure and even the thrill of danger.

She shivered as the chilly wind picked up, its icy breath pricking at her sensitive skin. It didn't help that she was wearing her summer uniform. The blue and white coloured sailor-like garb barely provided any warmth. She paused in mid-step and glanced around warily. Something didn't feel right. Curiously, Usagi was about to check her surroundings when someone unexpectedly grabbed her around the waist and clamped their big hand over her mouth, cutting off any sound that she may emit.

Usagi couldn't help but let out a muffled scream when a voice in her ear said, "It's no use screaming, sweetie, no one can hear you."

She squirmed in his bruising grip. The stranger's breath stank of the stench of alcohol. Usagi frantically elbowed her attacker and she heard him curse, "You're going to pay for that, you bitch!" He growled angrily. He shoved her against the nearest wall roughly. Usagi's head hit the hard bricks violently and her vision started to swim.

She could feel the man's hand touching her and trying to pull her clothes off. Usagi cried out for help and he backhanded her harshly.

Amongst all the tussle and fumbling, there was a distinct sound of a gunshot ringing out through the air and her attacker fell on his knees, his eyes wide with shock before he uttered a surprised choke and collapsed on the ground, motionless.

Usagi tried to look at her saviour, but her vision darkened and all she could see was black.


Ikuko stood near Usagi's bed. The girl herself was still unconscious. Bitter crystalline tears were running down Ikuko's pale cheeks. "How could this have happened?" She asked herself quietly, her voice shaking. "I shouldn't have let her go out alone, I'm a terrible mother."

Shingo looked up at his mother's tearful face. His own eyes shining with unshed tears, "'Kaasan, don't blame yourself for what happened! You're the best mother anyone could ever ask for!" he berated.

Ikuko just burst into tears and covered her face with her hands, her frail frame was shaking with sobs. Shingo bit his bottom lip and put a hand on his mother's shoulder, trying to comfort her as much as he could.


There was a soft groan from the bed and Usagi's long dark lashes slowly fluttered open to reveal unfocused cerulean-blue eyes. Everything seemed blurry so she blinked a few times to clear her vision and her eyes landed on her weeping mother and her upset brother. "'Kaasan? Shingo?" she croaked hoarsely, her sore throat wouldn't allow her to speak loudly.

Hearing her voice, Ikuko furiously brushed the tears away from her face and jumped up, hugging her daughter tightly. "Kami-sama, Usa-chan, you gave us such a fright! Promise me you won't walk alone at night again!"

Footsteps going up the stairs near Usagi's bedroom were heard and Kenji walked in, looking like he had skipped three days' worth of sleep. Once he saw his daughter was awake, he immediately brightened. He ran over to the side of the bed, "Usagi! Are you okay?" he almost shouted.

Usagi nodded, wincing slightly at the loud voice of her father. Her throat felt like sandpaper. "Hai, but I'm really tired though." she managed to choke out the words thickly.

"It's alright Usa, try and get some rest." Came the soothing voice of her mother, before everything went dark again.


2 days later

Usagi came home after being bombarded with questions from her worried and protective senshi only to find her parents in the kitchen, looking miserable over something. They were seated on one end of the table with piles of paper in front of them.

She decided to make her presence known when they didn't look up from their work to acknowledge her. "'Tousan, 'Kaasan, what's wrong?" she asked slowly, wondering why they had such weary faces. Both glanced up, visibly startled. Ikuko let out a small chuckle and hurriedly organized the different piles of paper to form one lone stack. Their seemingly innocent actions were so rigid that it reminded Usagi of herself when she was about to attempt to cover up something that she had done wrong. "What are those?" She curiously inquired, looking pointedly at the loosely assembled pages.

Ikuko bit her lip anxiously before glancing at her husband, silently telling him with a look that he should be the one to explain.

Kenji let out a relenting sigh at the look Ikuko shot him. "Usagi, please have a seat. We ... need to talk to you about school." he told her, hesitant. He waved a hand to the seats in front of them, gesturing that she should occupy one of those.

Usagi's heart started to race rapidly. What did Haruna-sensei tell them? Was she going to get expelled? Was she going to have to repeat this year again? So many questions fired through her head at once that she almost missed the fact that her father was asking her to sit. She felt numb all over.

Ikuko seemed to know what Usagi was thinking because she immediately spoke up, "Usagi, dear, it's nothing to do with your grades."

Usagi sharply released a breath she hadn't realize that she was holding. Observing both her parents' faces before sitting down on a chair opposite to both of them, she continued to contemplate what they were going to say.

Kenji took a deep breath and gave Ikuko a reassuring glance. This certainly was a rare thing to see. Her blunt father was often very direct with things. "Usagi … you need to learn how to defend yourself-"

Usagi frowned slightly at that, "Demo, I know how to defend myself..." She objected. Goodness knows she'd had a lot of practice and experience fending deadly monsters off.

"Yes, I know you do, but you need to learn more than just the basics!" Kenji finally blurted out. A small frown appeared on his thin lips and he picked up a few pieces of paper that were on top of the pile that Ikuko had in front of her.

Usagi raised her eyebrows, where was this leading? She stayed silent, not knowing what to say.

"What I'm trying to say is-" Kenji paused again and swallowed, his voice faltering. His eyes flitting almost nervously at his nodding wife before he turned his attention back to his patiently awaiting daughter. "We've just enrolled you to defence school." He finished clutching the papers in his hands with a white-knuckled hand. The pressure that he was putting upon the thin sheets made it crumple.

A smile slowly spread over his daughter's face. "Oh, don't worry, I can handle that! That's easy!" Usagi looked at her parents' faces thinking that it would be after school self-defence classes. "Um … what school?" She queried curiously.

Kenji's eyes darkened, "Boei Academy." He uttered so softly that Usagi nearly failed to hear what he just said.

"Boei Academy!?" Usagi shrieked in horror. "De-de-demo … doesn't that mean I'd have to switch schools?" She stuttered, eyes wide and disbelieving.

Ikuko cringed and almost recoiled. Well, truth be told, they had expected a much more emotional outburst from their daughter. But this was enough; Usagi certainly had powerful vocal cords, that's for sure. "Yes …" She answered, shifting uncomfortably in her seat at the arrant stare she was receiving from her stunned daughter.

"I don't want to go to Boei! I'm happy in Juuban High with all my friends!" Usagi tried to talk them through, desperately. They couldn't do this! They just wouldn't!

Kenji shook his head sadly, "Usagi, please, think it over." He reached over the table, in his hand he held a leaflet out to her with the broad title 'Boei Academy' written across it.

Usagi pursed her lips as she stared at the leaflet her dad held out to her. Her eyes had lost its shine, embittered tears were welling up to blur her sight but she tenaciously refused to cry in front of her parents. She took the leaflet with shaking hands and walked up to her room, ignoring her parents' call to her.

The blonde sighed shakily and closed her bedroom door behind her, leaning against it for a moment to calm her nerves. Before flopping onto her bed, she stared impassively at the cover, which showed the picture of the famed school.

Boei Academy was a well-known school. Its students were very successful and famous for their fighting abilities as well as their academic. Everyone knew of Boei but mostly the rich people attended the school.

It was a very strict school, the best in Tokyo in fact. There were always five boys who led the school, you could also say they were the top fighters. Once a new student is accepted into the school, they are immediately challenged by other fighters/students to test their skills. It was tradition for the Academy. If a new student is defeated fifteen times, they are considered a low-class fighter and are ignored by the higher classes. However, if the student is able to defeat those who have challenged them, they somewhat earn a reputation and is later challenged by the five leaders. If they defeat the head of the five leaders, they take the place as the leader of Boei.

Boei was more of a boys' school than a girls'. As many of them believe that men are more superior to women. The men considered that women were delicate and frail, more emotive, extremely easy to scare, that they tired quickly and are not as strong and as resilient as men.

Usagi bit her lip, wouldn't her parents' budget be strained? With the bills, Shingo's school fees, and school fees of Boei Academy?

She didn't want to move schools; she was happy where she was because she had all her inner senshi with her. Usagi swallowed the urge to cry. If her parents wanted her to go to Boei, she didn't have a say in it. She wanted them to be proud of her. New determination filled Usagi. She wiped away a stray tear. One way or another, she was going to make her parents proud. Even if it meant … attending Boei.


Usagi clutched her enrolment papers and her bag nervously as she looked up at the breathtaking building they called Boei Academy. She immediately admired the surroundings and the school itself. It was beautiful. There were no other words to explain it. It was like a dreamy fantasy scene that had been brought to reality. All sorts of flowers bloomed everywhere in the gardens, and hanging/climbing lively green vines with colourful flowers growing on them decorated the entrance walls. She knew that Boei Academy was a magnificent place, but not even the pictures could describe how marvellous the school looked.

As she neared the school's large, majestic gate of intricately wrought iron, she could hear the whispers of the boys, nattering about her.


"It's a new student."

"No way! A girl!?"

One of the boys obviously wanted to be heard over the others, for he had exclaimed loudly, "Who cares? She won't last here!"

A dark flush covered Usagi's cheeks and she looked down, staring at the pattern of the finely bricked pathway. A man in a guard's uniform opened the gate from the inside to admit Usagi.

As Usagi walked past him he bowed to her and said in an even and flat tone, "Welcome to Boei Academy." Usagi just nodded, not knowing what to say to him.

Usagi turned to face the building, only to notice that all of the students out in front of the school were silent and were staring at her with curiosity. Usagi's blush intensified, her legs felt like jelly. She tried to walk to the building casually, but it was hard, considering that her heart was pounding fast and nervousness had swept over her.

As soon as she pushed open the large, beautifully varnished oak door and stepped inside, all the talking and gossiping stopped as the well-dressed male students inside looked at Usagi. Once again, there was an outbreak of whispers.

Usagi bit her lip. Why, oh why didn't her mum come with her? This was so embarrassing! She then realised with horror that she didn't know where the office was. She couldn't very well wander around the huge school without anyone else with her. She'd no doubt get lost in no time!

Uneasiness made her head pound. It wasn't helping that the boys were all whispering about her. Usagi also noticed that she hasn't seen a girl yet. This is bad. She thought, gulping.

A girl in pink attire made her way to Usagi. She had wheat-blonde hair and blue-green eyes. "Ohayou! You must be new!" She called cheerily to Usagi, a small smile blossoming on her lips.

Usagi felt as if she had been dunked with a bucket of cold water as relief flooded into her. "Um … yes. Watashi wa Tsukino Usagi desu." Usagi managed to say, giving the girl a small smile that faltered a little from her nerves.

The girl beamed kindly at her, "Watashi wa Peacecraft Relena desu. Hajimemashite, Usagi-san." She introduced herself.

"Call me Usagi or Usagi-chan." Usagi corrected her almost instantly, hoping to become friends with this girl.

"Okay. Ne … Usagi-chan would you like me to take you to the office?" Asked the Relena politely, almost regally. The blonde looked quite bewildered.

"Really, you'd do that? Oh, please do, that would be a blessing! This building is so big, and everyone is staring at me." Usagi lowered her voice, so that no one else would hear.

"Don't worry, they do that to all the new students. Take no notice of them." Relena assured Usagi as she led her through a number of stairs and hallways. That seemed a little hard, considering that the beady eyes of the boys glinted almost evilly as they, or rather Usagi, walked past.

Usagi tried to brush off all the attention as she stared at her new school in awe, "Wow! Relena-san, it's so big! I think I need a map for this school." She breathed.

Relena laughed lightly when she saw Usagi's expression; she looked like a child who had just tasted cotton candy for the first time. It was cute. "Here we are Usagi-chan. I'll leave you here, since your going to get a sponsor to show you around the school. I'll see you soon, and good luck!"

"Bye." Usagi called to the retreating form of Relena. So far, so good. I just hope the rest of this day would turn out alright … She thought as she knocked on the door hesitantly, crossing her fingers for luck behind her back.


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