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Boei Academy
Chapter Six

The Road to Success
By Angel-Goddess


Her mare continued to gallop across the wide-open field. There as no way Usagi could get off unless she jumped – but that would mean risking being trampled on by the uncontrollable mare or falling down so hard that she most likely would break half her bones! None of those choices sounded all that pleasant and all she could think of was screaming for help – any help! What a horrible death this would be. She much preferred dying by the hands of Chaos.

She squeezed her eyes shut and prayed. It was all she could do right now.

The galloping of another set of thundering hooves sounded alarmingly close and Usagi forced an eye open in slight curiosity. Her prayers, it seemed, had been answered!

Riding several metres behind her loose mare was a Chinese boy mounted on a chestnut gelding that was slowly, but surely, catching up to her crazy mare. He was leaning forward on his horse to keep a good balance and make it easier for his mount to run rapidly.

The boy called out to her, seeing that she had noticed him. "Try and see if you can turn around on your saddle to face the right way!" he bellowed, trying to make his voice heard over the deafening rush of the wind and the strident clopping that the horses' hooves made.

Was he insane? He certainly couldn't expect her just turn and move her body to face forwards on a mare that acted as though a monster was chasing after her, could he? It was just screaming, 'suicide'.

"She's going too fast!" Usagi shouted back fearfully. "I can barely hold on!"

The boy frowned, his sharp onyx eyes started to calculate the distance in between them, and it was obvious that he was trying to think of the safest way to stop the rampaging mare without hurting her or her mount.

"Looks like there's no other choice." He muttered to himself, flicking away an annoying strand of his jet-black hair that flew into his face. It had somehow come loose from his tight ponytail while he was trying to catch up to the girl who couldn't control her horse.

He gently pressed his feet against the sides of his chestnut gelding and gave the reigns a mild jolt, urging it to go even faster so that he could ride alongside the mare's right side. His coal-black eyes were narrowed, closely watching as the gap between his gelding and the unrestrained mare was moderately shortening. As soon as he was beside the mare he held tightly onto his mount's reins with his right hand while reaching over the dangerously far distance, attempting to reach the mare's reins with his free hand.

He cursed when the mare turned left, dancing further away from his reach and nearly making him fall off his saddle, imbalanced. It appeared as though the intelligent horse knew exactly what he was trying to do for when the mare had managed to broaden the distance between them; she had looked slightly back, as if to taunt him for not being able to catch her.

"Help!!" Usagi cried weakly, almost in tears. She had enough; this rigid exercise was making her feel extremely queasy. Her stomach was slamming rather hard against the high, back part of the tough leather saddle every time her steed took a step. It was jostling her insides and making her feel like throwing up all the cafeteria food that she had managed to get into her belly during her lunch break. Not to mention her arse was getting sore from the constant up and down motion. She closed her eyes, trying to hold the bile that seemed to want to pour out from her mouth in.

The boy finally caught up to the mischievous mare and was riding, once again, adjacent to her. Sheer determination glittered in the depths of his dark eyes. This mare would not outsmart him! He lunged with acute accuracy, swiping swiftly at the reins of the white mare that again tried to avoid his attempt to stop her.

Not this time! He thought, gritting his teeth as his fingers slipped around the sturdy leather and he tightly gripped it, a small smirk of victory appearing on his face as the mare tried to pull away yet again to the left, only to be restrained. He pulled at his mount's and the mare's reigns, clearly giving them the order to stop and slow down to a gentle trot.

Usagi let out a traumatized screech when her horse suddenly came to an abrupt halt causing her to lose her already unstable balance atop her mare and making her tumble right out of her steed's saddle and onto the grass face-first. She unsteadily forced herself to her feet; swaying slightly before her legs buckled from underneath her and she fell to her knees. Usagi let out a thankful sigh and allowed her body to completely drop to the ground. Ahhh… Wonderful, solid, unmoving ground…

Queasiness progressively started to overtake her body from the stomach-churning experience and she sat up slightly, bending so that she was on all fours before starting to heave all the food that she had eaten during lunch. Her eyes watered as the repulsive stench of the vomit wafted to her nose, making her expel even more pre-digested food from her unsettled stomach until she had nothing else to force out. She coughed and summoned some saliva into her mouth before spitting it out in an attempt to get the vile taste of the bile out of her dry mouth.


A clear plastic water bottle that was half empty was pushed into her view and she appreciatively accepted it, washing out her mouth with the clean, pure taste of the cold water a few times before drinking the rest to moisten her dry mouth. "Thank you." She rasped out breathlessly, looking up at the Chinese boy and handing him his now-empty water bottle.

He gave her an odd look and shook his head. "Keep it. You've already put your mouth on it." He refused, his lip slightly curling in mild disgust.

Usagi frowned slightly but shrugged it off. It wasn't like she had germs or a contagious deadly disease or anything. She stood up on shaky legs and leaned on on the idle Kumori to some support. "Thanks for helping me out there… umm…" She trailed off, realising that she still didn't know his name. Her sapphire orbs were suddenly drawn to the badge that glistened brightly above the left breast pocket of his dark blue uniform. Imprinted finely onto the pure golden badge was a dragon.

"That's Chang-sama to you." He told her gruffly, folding his arms and attracting her attention towards him. "Listen, woman. And listen well. If you know you can't handle this place, just leave the school. That way, everyone won't have to risk their lives trying to save yours from ridiculous and impractical events that can be easily prevent such as this." That said, he turned his back to her and pulled himself up onto his obedient chestnut gelding, trotting away in the direction of the academy.

Usagi glared at his receding form, fighting the urge to shout to him, but she knew it was just going to be useless. No point in wasting her breath. Ooh, just he wait… soon she'll be the one rescuing him! She grinned at that positive thought and turned around to face Kumori. "Well, girl, let's try getting along one more time…"


Dreamy azure eyes marvelled up at the charmingly delightful scene of the brilliantly blue sky that contained fluffy cotton clouds. The sun was partially blocked by a large cloud, shadowing the school's fifth track field momentarily. Usagi smiled and stretched her arms; feeling relaxed and at peace after her unpleasant riding lesson as she lay underneath a shady, well-kept tree, sprawled in content. The bruises and sores that she had collected today were gradually healing and it wasn't the first time that she was thankful for the lunarian blood that flowed through her very veins and allowed a faster healing process than that of an average human, or she'd most certainly be a pile of broken bones on the floor by now. It'd take at least day or two for her to fully recover.

She had previously changed out of her mud-splattered uniform into her simple athletics one that comprised of a white cotton shirt with tiny holes in it for air circulation and dark blue polyester shorts. They felt so snug and cosy compared to her proper Boei uniform, her training clothes and her riding clothing.

A shadow fell upon her and a smiling young man invaded her almost-perfect scenic view of the afternoon sky. "Tsukino-san, do you plan to do anything or just laze underneath that tree?" he asked her, his husky voice smooth. He arched an eyebrow at her, his pretty sea-blue eyes questioning. Seeing her blank stare, he smiled, knowing that she probably thought him another student because of his age. "I'm the teacher, Aou Namaki." He informed her.

Usagi felt her eyes widen a fraction and her face started to feel warm. "Wh-Oh, hehe, sorry." She sat up and he offered her a hand, smiling nonchalantly. His wild sandy-blonde hair ruffled when he straightened and he brushed it out of his face to inspect her. He wore durable clothing that consisted of a plain sports top and dark blue shorts and on his feet were white/blue runners. But it was expected garb for an athletics teacher.

"I heard from your other instructors that you didn't have too much of a good day." He told her kindly, "So I don't mind if you want to just sit out for this lesson."

Usagi blinked. This certainly was different. Her young teacher was giving her choice. She didn't want to slack off though, the boys would think even lower of her - if that were even possible. "It's okay, Namaki-sama." She assured her coach, beaming enthusiastically at him. "I'll live."

He nodded, "If you're sure." He warned her and walked over to the tracks and the rowdy group of boys that were stretching to warm up their muscles. He blew his whistle to gain attention just as Usagi joined the group.

"Okay, guys. I hope you've all stretched and warmed up ready for your three kilometre run." Namaki advised them, and waved a hand behind him at the oval track with white marks on it.

A thin smile made its way to Usagi face; she wasn't bad at track. She often ran to school when she still attended Juuban High because she had a habit of waking up late.

The handsome young teacher pulled out a timer from his pocket and adjusted it. "I need five of you to step up to the track so that I can start you off." He instructed them.

Five of Usagi's classmates stepped up confidently and each of them took their place in the five lanes, crouching down in the ready position.

Namaki held up a staring gun, "Ready… set… go!" the gun went off and the boys sprang up quickly, running down the lanes, each trying to stay in front of the other.

Usagi sweatdropped, boys were always so competitive. You never see girls act like that. If you look at a game of soccer, the boys would basically do anything from kneeing their opponents in the stomach to kicking shins just to gain control of the ball whilst the girls would politely pass it to each other regardless the teams and gasp, apologising profusely if they accidentally stepped on someone's foot.

Her teacher called for another five students after a ten second interval. This process was repeated until only Usagi and three boys were left.

"Take your positions." Their athletics teacher told them.

Usagi took a deep breath and took the outermost lane instead of the inner one which the other three seemed to silently fight over. She crouched down in the starting position, her eyes narrowing and focusing solely on the worn out track. Adrenaline started to pump through her veins and she could almost hear it in her ears. The excitement that was sleeping inside her until now started to stir. The gun's loud crack as heard and Usagi sprung from her crouched position, the sudden power from her leg muscles springing her up gave her an extra burst of starting speed.

The mild breeze that was blowing became a powerful gust that pulled and tugged at her garments as she literally zoomed right in front of the three boys that she had started with. The cool draught streamed through her long silky locks of sun-kissed blonde hair, allowing it to fly behind her like delicate streamers. Her legs pumped rhythmically underneath her, and her heart rapidly raced blood throughout her body to keep it oxygenated as she sprinted without great effort.

How she loved the rush of the wind against her as she raced passed the second-last group of boys in front of her, leaving them stunned and wondering where she got the sudden energy from when she had been struggling through the day. She slowly melded into the innermost lane so that she wouldn't have to run as far. She grinned and kept her speed steady as she gradually caught up to the next group of jogging boys who looked back at her and started to sprint, not wanting her to catch up. It was pointless though, for you see Usagi's muscles were used to exhausting runs such as these, so she didn't get tired easily.

She was about halfway through the three-kilometre track and already she had passed four of the six groups of boys that had started before her and still Usagi continued to run with amazing energy as though she wasn't tired at all.

Renewed energy filled her when she looked up and saw the familiar red head of the boy in front of her. She smirked and sprinted, intent on catching up to the rude boy - wanting to show him that she was, in fact, better than him at something.

Hearing rhythmic footsteps behind him, Kay turned around to find the annoying girl behind him. He scowled grumpily, "Impressive … Tsukino." He wheezed, trying to catch his breath. "I'm… surprised… you even … got through … half … of this … exercise." She just smiled brightly at him as though he was her friend, making him grimace. He growled underneath his breath when she started running next to him. He contemplated whether to trip her over, but it seemed that she was a lot nimbler than he gave her credit for, since she easily surpassed him and was now putting a vast distance in between them.

Usagi grinned widely in satisfaction.


Usagi collapsed onto the grass, gasping for air as she crossed the invisible finish line. She rolled onto her back and wiped the sticky sweat off her forehead. She had finished three kilometres at the time of 3.46 minutes. She had come sixth out of the twenty-nine male students in her group. That was definitely something to be proud of!

Her cheery teacher's face came into her view again, "Well done, Tsukino-san. You did really well for your first time! With enough training, I'm sure you can represent Boei at the state athletics coming up soon his year!" He beamed proudly.

She gave him a wide smile despite the pain near her kidneys. "I'm not that good, sensei." She panted, feeling embarrassed and pleased at the comment.

He chuckled at her modesty and blew his whistle, commanding the attention of the breathless class. "Okay, guys! Go get yourself a drink before we start with high jumps."

The boys cheered and stood up, racing each other to the closest drink taps that looked as though they were half a kilometre away for Usagi. She groaned, she should've just refilled he drink bottle she had received from Chang-sama. She let out a heavy groan and stood up with a little struggle, her over-worked muscles making her feel as stiff as a wooden board. She plodding towards the drink taps at a sluggish pace, her legs feeling like jelly after that non-stop run. When would this day end? It felt as though a week had passed already even though it was only Tuesday and she still had three more days of school before she could relax.

When she finally reached the drink taps, the boys immediately quietened and hastily occupied the seven taps, pretending to need a drink even though they've been there for almost five minutes just to stall her. She ignored their uncouth behaviour and lined up behind a lanky boy, patiently waiting for her turn. A sweatdropped appeared on the back of the boy's head as he continued to 'drink' for a few minutes. There were muffled snickers from the other boys that watched what she would do.

Usagi - finally annoyed - asked courteously, "Can I please get a drink?"

The boy in front of her stopped drinking and turned around, a little pink on the cheeks. "Umm… no, I'm still drinking." He told her hesitantly before looking at his friends and started to gain courage, "You should wait in line. First come, first serve." He told her, ending in a snooty manner. But when she frowned at him, his nerves faltered and he agreed hurriedly, "Yeah, I'm finished actually." His eyes nervously darted to the irritated boys behind her who had wanted him to delay her.

He moved out of her way and she was about to step froward when the frustrating Kay blocked her path with a smug look, "Tsukino, that's not very nice." He drawled, leaning back onto the ledge of the drink fountain before looking behind her and standing up straight, giving her a sudden sugarcoated smile that made her blink confusedly.

"What's going on here?" Namaki's mild voice had a stern edge to it, quieting down the students. The teacher never got angry.

"Aou-san, we were just talking to Tsukino-san." Kay bowed, smiling an empty smile at the disapproving eyes of the young teacher. "It wasn't anything more."

It was clear that the older boy didn't believe him, but he'd let it pass – for now. "As soon as you get a drink, you don't idle around. We've wasted ten minutes of the class now. I want you all on the field, setting up the equipment." Heliterally ordered them, a small frown marring his face. The boys immediately did as bid while Usagi quickly drank from the drink fountain, feeling her body cool down from the wonderfully icy water that flowed into her mouth as she drank her fill eagerly.


Usagi pulled away from the drink taps and wiped her mouth, turning to look at her apprehensive teacher.

"You're having problems with Kuroiki-san, are you not?" Her teacher wanted to know.

She made herself frown in confusion. "Namaki-san?" She enquired evasively, her voice guarded so that she wouldn't give him any hints.

Her kind-hearted instructor smiled sadly, shaking his head knowingly, "Tsukino-san, don't give me that look. You know very well what I'm talking about." His oceanic-blue eyes caught her sapphire-blue orbs and held them, observing the emotions that raged underneath the profound orbs.

She shook her head negatively, "I'm sorry, but I really don't know what you're talking about." She lied stiffly, averting her eyes awkwardly. It was almost as though he was reading her like an open book!

He covered the space in between them in two steps and put a gentle hand on her shoulder, amused. "You're first couple of weeks will be hard, Tsukino-san. I know because I've been through it all. But don't worry. It'll improve." He told her optimistically, he looked hesitant for a moment. "And if you ever need help with anything, I'll be more than glad to offer you assistance."

Usagi looked up, taken by surprise, before a grin cracked her face. "Hai!"


The bell had signalled a few minutes ago, Usagi was still gathering her books out of her locker so that she could work on them tonight and have all her homework in to her teachers by tomorrow. Heavy hearted, she tried to fit the large, hefty books into her jam-packed bag before closing her locker. Her body still ached from all the events of today and all she wanted to do was lie in her bed and sleep. But instead, she had to finish all her homework before tomorrow. It was a near-impossible feat! No ordinary human would be able to finish it all in one night.

A sudden thought struck the troubled blonde girl. "Ami!" she gasped in realization. A delighted smile spread upon her rosy lips as she shouldered the large, heavy bag before dashing through the long hall towards whatever exit she could find. Reaching the door at the very end of the hall, she pulled the handle, only to find it locked. "Nani?" she gasped in surprise. She tried pulling it again, harder. It was of no use, it seemed permanently bolted.

She pulled a face, wondering what kind of idiot locked it. Her tired brain started to work, trying vainly to form a conclusion. It must've been one of the boys' cruel jokes again. Now that she thought of it, all of the boys seemed to be in a hurry to get out that corridor.

No matter, there should be other exits. She turned and joggedtowards the other end of the long passage and in the direction of the other main exit that she often used. Pushing one of the double doors she realised that it, too, was locked. Panic started to grip her. There had to be one more exit here!

A slight frown on her lips, Usagi tried another door that she knew wasn't a classroom door. Nope, no luck. It was a cleaner's closet. She tried all the other doors, the fear inside her building up when she found that she was in a hallway with four classrooms, a cleaner's closet and three closed doors that she suspected were the only exits.

She peered out of the many windows, considering jumping out through there if it was possible. Her eyes followed the line of drop that she might take and she sweatdropped. There was no way she was going to jump three storeys and onto the finely paved concrete ground hoping vainly that she would land on her feet. That would be exceptionally idiotic. Unless…

Her keen eyes analysed the different drops from each window sharply, her mind weighing her options. It was possible for her to jump onto the second-floor balcony of the Manners or Etiquette classroom, but she would have to make sure that she landed in the balcony and not on the balustrade. From there, she could leap onto the large oak tree that was on the other end of the terrace and climb her way down. But if she made one wrong move trying to hop onto the balcony that was at least three metres to the right of the window closest to it… it would be a very ugly fall. She shuddered at the thought, wishing - not for the first time - that she didn't have such an enormous imagination.

She unlocked the large window that was a little more than her arm length's wide and a tad taller than her, pushing up the bottom half with some difficulty. She looked down at the descent and threw her fat bag down. A loud, resounding thud of her bag full of dirty uniforms and books tough concrete ground was heard even though she was three storeys above. She paled and tried to dismiss more horrible thoughts her mind conjured up if she missed the leap. Wiping her sweaty palms onto her sport shorts, she climbed into the large window's sill that obtruded and gave her a nice, even footing.

Usagi's slender form easily slid under the open gap of the window and out. Carefully stepping onto the bricks outside, she straightened to keep a sturdy balance as she leaned lightly on the windowpane behind her. She breathed slowly, attempting to regain her sense of calm before she tried the jump. It would be foolish to jump when you're still unnerved. She closed her eyes to compose her racing mind and to stop her from looking down and losing her nerve at the sight of the descent. The air current tugged and pulled at her, and her fingers started to tingle in anticipation.

She opened her eyes and clenched her fists daringly. She had been jumping through rooftops and even buildings as Sailor Moon with no problem, so why should it stop her now other than the fact she wasn't transformed? She moved to the left-most part of the brick ledge that jutted out, giving her a short running room that – hopefully – would be enough to take her to her destination.

She took another large breath and exhaled it as she rubbed her hands together. "Okay, calm down, you've done this hundreds of times and lived through it!" she encouraged herself in a hoarse whispery voice that she almost didn't believe was hers. "It won't be any different now." Her sapphire-blue eyes narrowed and she drew herself away from the window so that she wouldn't be leaning on it. Go! Go! Her mind urged when the wind stopped blowing.

With a tense, rueful smile she dashed forwards and leapt, pushing her weight up and forward and tucking her legs in instinctively. It almost seemed like slow motion as she took to the air, defying the magnitude of gravity in that familiar soaring feeling she got every time she jumped or flew as Sailor Moon. As soon as that floaty feeling disappeared, Usagi plummeted towards the ground, this time in accelerated speed. I'm not going to make it! Her mind realised. She was half a metre off her mark! It seemed short, yes. But it was still a very costly mistake. Both of her hands impulsively reacted, reaching out and grabbing onto the balcony's handrail to stop her fall.

Usagi cried out in agony when the bones and muscles in arms were suddenly strained and pulled abrasively by the impact of her full weight being completely relied on her arms and hands that gripped tightly onto the railing. The weight of her body threatened to drag her down onto the ground. As seconds ticked by, she could feel her grip on the rail was loosening because of the bolts of pain that laced through it continuously.

I'm not going to give up! She thought fiercely, tears of pain collecting in her eyes, which she furiously tried to blink away. She tightened her fingers around the bar no matter how much it hurt her, lips tight. She squeezed her eyes shut as she gritted her teeth, struggling to pull her body up. Her muscles were tense with pressure as she fought to haul herself up. When she was eye-level with the handrail, she swung her left foot up as high as she could, relieved when her foot caught onto the edge of the balcony's floor. She leant against her left foot, releasing her weight upon it as she used her tired arms to pull the rest of herself onto the side of the balcony.

Finally having a good, solid grounding, the triumphant blonde let out apprehensive giggles, trying to ease her nerves and at the same time hoping over the rail and onto the safe, stable base of the balcony that felt unnaturally good under her feet. She looked at her hands, not surprised that they were red. She walked to the other end of the terrace and climbed on to the railing, leaping easily onto the oak tree's large branch without trouble. I'm going to take a nice hot bath after this. She thought sardonically as she crawled along the limb and towards the trunk. She hopped onto three lower branches before dropping down to the ground from a safe distance.

"Extraordinary feat for a girl." A stony voice commented behind her.

Whirling around, her blue eyes widened in shock, finding a tip of a sword pointed at her throat.

"I challenge you, Tsukino-san."


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