Title : Winds of a Dark Water, Death of a Crimson Rose

Author : FuJinGrL

Anime Series : Yu Yu Hakusho (after the anime series)

                          Recca no Honou (after the anime series—not manga--)

                          Weiß Kreuz (somewhere in the middle of the anime series)

Rating : PG-13 (with very, very, very slight lime)

Genre : Crossover; romance, very slight action

Disclaimer :  Yu Yu Hakusho, Recca no Honou, and Weiß Kreuz belong to their respective and honorable owners and not to me, okay? SO PLEASE DON'T SUE MEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I do NOT make any profit with this!! Please bear in mind that this is merely for PURE enjoyment. And as you will notice, some of the characters here are OOC (Out Of Character) because like I said, they're not mine so I don't really know exactly how they're supposed to feel, oki?

Teaser : The Weiß Kreuz are on another mission, and it involves tampering into the worlds of YYH and FoR! How can they accomplish their mission when they don't even know what's in it for them? Find out how they cope up with their job and get caught up in the YYH and FoR characters' own lives at the same time.


There he is, walking towards Yusuke and Keiko's ramen shop, I mused, observing the kawaii way he walked. Should I follow him?

Kurama straightened his shirt a bit, before he pushed the restaurant's door open. I could hear Kuwa-chan greeting him inside from where I was. I smiled to myself, relieved that Kuwa-chan was also inside. That way, I could enter and get to gaze at Kurama-san without arousing any suspicions from Yusuke or Keiko. They'd think I was just hanging out with the gang.

I stood up from crouching behind a bush, fixed my ponytail, and went on inside.

"Botan-chan!" Keiko greeted from behind the counter, as soon as I got inside. I flashed her my biggest smile, and paused to look around the restaurant. Nothing much had changed since I last saw it, but I missed it a lot.

"Botan!" Kuwabara waved at me, signaling for me to join him at his booth. I smiled. I had missed even Kuwa-kun. I ran over to the booth where he was seated, and noticed that Kurama was sitting beside him, flashing me one of his melting smiles.

"It's been a while," Yusuke said from behind me, holding a tray of beverages.

I grinned at him. "Yes, well, that was one of the reasons I told Koenma-sama, that's why he agreed to give me three months off!"

"Honto ni? Finally, the Prince of Pacifiers earned a heart," Yusuke said.

I was a tad bit annoyed. "Hey, it's true that Koenma-sama's very strict in giving breaks, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a heart, you know," I snapped.

"Yeah? Well, explain the fact that he gives too many missions for the Reikai Tantei!" Yusuke argued.

Kurama smiled at him. "I believe that Koenma-sama gives us orders that are only within our capability, Yusuke."

"Within our capability? Within our capability?!? You gotta be kidding!!! What about that order wherein Keiko had to give me her human energy to revive me??? She almost didn't make it!!! If she wasn't able to make it then I'd be waiting for another chance to live within 50 years by now!!!!" Yusuke insisted.

Kuwa-kun stood up. "Yeah! And when Genkai-baasan ordered Kaitou and the others to test us--I'm sure Koenma had something to do with that--if we weren't able to defeat them, Botan's soul along with that spoiled black shrimp's soul would've been trapped forever!!! Not that I care anything about that little fire cockroach or anything, but what about Botan-chan's soul ???"

"You guys could've been stuck in Kaitou's territory for life!!!" Yusuke reasoned dramatically.

"Yusuke's shadow could've been under their control for all of eternity!!!!!" Kuwabara continued to back Yuu-kun up as both of them went on ticking off the missions they almost weren't able to accomplish.

I rolled my eyes, giving up. Obviously none of them would stop unless I gave in to their point.

"Botan-san," a calm, low, and comforting voice said, amidst Yusuke and Kuwabara's bickering. I turned to the direction it came from. Kurama was smiling at me warmly, his bright green eyes melting my very soul away, faster than Kaitou could have.

"You have to excuse them both, they complain a lot but deep within they really enjoy challenging and risky missions."

I returned his smile. He was so understanding. And so extremely cute!!! I added inwardly.

He patted the chair beside him. "Please sit down, Botan-san. You must be tired because of your flight from Reikai."

My eyes widened. Is this really happening? I was suddenly blushing my life off.  I knew I was giving out a big hint that I liked him, but I couldn't help it.

I must've looked like an idiot, standing there, turning crimson red. He began to raise his brow, probably wondering why I was playing statue dance on my own. But his warm smile never faded. For a moment I was afraid he might take back his offer, so I just snapped myself out of my anxiety and sat down beside him. Though we weren't really sitting too close to each other, my skin was getting all tingly at the thought that he was sitting right next to me. Surprisingly, I managed to speak. "Arigato, I am kind of exhausted from that long journey," I gave him one of my bubbly smiles, trying to be as cheerful as possible--the usual me--so as not to get busted that just being next to him made me want to scream in delight.

He smiled back. "You haven't changed, Botan-san."

You haven't either, you're still as kawaii as before, I wanted to say, but that would just expose how I felt. "Hai! You know me, not even a lot of Reikai work would make me feel blue!"

He chuckled a bit. "That's one of the nice things I like about you."

My heart began to beat much quicker than before. He…l-liked about me?? That means he….. I swallowed. Nah…that's what he'd probably say to any other girl. That's how nice he is.

"So, Botan-san," he began.

I shook my head. "No, no, just 'Botan'," I said.

"Hai, gomen," he grinned. "So Botan, what do you plan to do within your three months' vacation?"

"Um…well…" I stammered. The true reason why I had begged Koenma-sama to give me a break was because I had missed Kurama and wanted to see him again. Sure, I had missed Yusuke and the others, but not as much as I had missed Kurama-san. After all, it's not like I see much of him during their missions; he was usually with Hiei. And I, as much as possible, didn't want to get anywhere near Hiei. He freaks me out a lot. Especially with his Kokuryuuha.

And also, because Kurama was special to me. Even if I did always get to hang around with him, I'd still miss him if he'd be apart from me for even just a second.

But how do I tell him that all I wanted to do for my vacation was stay with him all the time?

"Um… you see… I-I'm not really quite sure yet," I replied, not looking at him. He didn't respond, and it was then that I realized that Yusuke and Kuwa-chan were no longer brawling. I glanced at them: Yusuke was lying face-flat on the floor, a huge lump on his head. Keiko was waving a stainless tray around, signaling to Yusuke that if he didn't stop barking, he'd get another dose of it. Kuwabara was already sitting down, trying to behave, but he had a teasing look on his face, at Kurama and me.

"I thought you liked Koenma-sama," he said grinning.

"I-I do, that's why I was defending him," I said starting to blush again.

"Well then what's up with you and Kurama-kun here?"

Kurama's eyes widened. I flushed a deeper shade of red. I was not going to let anyone know how I felt about Kurama.

"N-nothing's up! Really…" I replied uncertainly. Kurama was only speechless.

Kuwa-kun smiled smugly. "Yeah, right. I bet you have a crush on him just like every other girl in school does. How come those girls don't have a crush on me?"

"Shut up, Kuwa-chan!" Keiko let him have it. "Stop giving Botan-chan a hard time on her vacation!"

I smiled at Keiko gratefully. Then I glanced at Kurama. He was just smiling at me, like nothing was happening. Like this was an ordinary thing that happened all the time. His smile was comforting, friendly. I felt a wave of disappointment. Not that there was anything wrong with his smile, but, it was just that… it was a smile that he gave to everybody, anybody. Nothing special. Nothing that meant he might be interested in me, too. I was suddenly feeling upset, depressed. I liked Kurama a lot, but…he would never like me back. As a lover, not just as a friend.  It'd never happen. Kurama was really cute and there were lots of girls from his school who were looking forward to going out with him. He could just choose from his fan club. He'd never look my way. I'd just have to go on liking him, hopelessly. Without any affection in return for me.

I sighed and stood up. Kurama looked at me, a worried expression washing over his emerald eyes and a frown creeping up his perfect cherry lips. "Is there something wrong, Botan?"

I smiled at him. "No, Kurama-kun, I just want to start looking for a place to stay for three months, that's all." I lied, walking towards the door before I could regret doing so.

I waved goodbye to Keiko, who was still glaring at Kuwabara. She began to protest when she saw me leaving, but I didn't give her the chance. I stepped out of the shop as soon as I could, unbelievably, with Kurama's worried face still clouding my thoughts. He cared a lot about me, yes, but…it was just like he cared for everybody else.

Forget it, Botan, I told myself. Kurama would never like you any more than just a friend.

I sighed in disappointment, rounding the corner to the next street, making my way to an apartment where I could stay.