There he is, walking towards Yusuke and Keiko's ramen shop, I mused, observing the kawaii way he walked. Should I follow him?

Kurama straightened his shirt a bit, before he pushed the restaurant's door open. I could hear Kuwa-chan greeting him inside from where I was.

I hopped down from my oar and switched to my visible form, straightening my clothes and fixing my hair. It wasn't tied back in my usual ponytail, since Kurama had told me a year ago that he liked my hair better this way.

"Botan-chan!" Keiko greeted from behind the counter, as soon as I got inside. I flashed her my biggest smile, and paused to look around the restaurant. Nothing much had changed since I last saw it, but I missed it a lot.

"Botan!" Kuwabara waved at me, signaling for me to join him in his booth. I smiled. I had missed even Kuwa-kun. I ran over to the booth where he was seated, and noticed that Yukina was sitting beside him.

"Yukina-san!" I beamed at her. I hadn't seen her for quite a while now.

She just smiled in her usual sweet way of doing so.

"Where's your oneesan?" I asked her, attempting to be friendly. I knew the answer. Hiei-san was probably out in the Makai, spending time with Mukuro. I smiled to myself at the thought. I always thought Hiei had something for Mukuro-san; he just wouldn't admit it. Then again, he wouldn't admit anything. Except maybe when he admitted his relationship with Yukina. At first Kuwa-kun was really pissed, but I guess he'd pretty much gotten over it all.

"I think he said he'd be visiting me some time this month from Makai," Yukina replied. Yes, her smile was welcoming, but my day wasn't complete. I knew I had seen him enter…demo…where was my Kurama-kun?

"It's been a while," Yusuke said from behind me, holding a tray of beverages.

I grinned at him. "Yes, well, that was one of the reasons I told Koenma-sama, that's why he agreed to give me three months off!"

"Honto ni? Finally, the Prince of Pacifiers earned a heart," Yusuke said.

I was a tad bit annoyed. "Hey, it's true that Koenma-sa---"

"Isn't this conversation getting too familiar?" a low voice said from behind me. My eyes widened.

I turned around, and saw Kurama leaning against a chair, his eyebrow tilted, his lips curved into a smile at me.

"Kurama-chan!" I rushed to give him a hug. I didn't need to explain how much I had missed him, because, considering how much I did when we were still "just friends", it increased even more to a higher level now that we were an item.

"Botan…Botan-san…?" Yukina said, her brows furrowing. I looked around. So were the others'.

Oh yes, I forgot. Only Koenma-sama knew about my feelings for one of his Reikai Tantei. And that Tantei's feelings towards one of his ferry girls. 


"Botaaaaan!!!" Koenma-sama's voice boomed across the halls. I cringed. I was in big trouble again.

I reluctantly stepped into his office. "Y-yes, Koenma-sama?"

He was narrowing his already narrow eyes at me, and his pacifier was curved down his lips. His hat was a mess, and the papers on his table were a mess, too. Translation: he was not in a good mood. He looked awful; too much stress, I guess. I couldn't understand why he needed to be in this small-boy form whenever he was in Reikai. Why couldn't he just be in his taller, neater, and cuter form all the time? After all, his hair was down and he didn't need to wear his hat in that form. His brown eyes shone in that form, too. Not to mention he looked more handsome that way.

"Botan, what in the Reikai, Makai, and Ningenkai were you thinking?!? Every single thing I asked you to do is done wrong!!! They're all messed up!!! And that was only all the other days ever since you came back from your three months' vacation! Because there's more! This time you're even worse!!! You've messed up all the souls you were supposed to guide!!! Just what is wrong with you??? The old Botan, my best Deity of Death and Spirit Guide, definitely doesn't act like this!!!" he sighed in exasperation.

He paused and seemed to calm down. "Botan, please tell me what's wrong. Ever since I gave you that vacation, you haven't been yourself," he said.

I looked down the floor and hesitated. The truth was, because I was so torn up about having to depart with Kurama. It had been the last night of my vacation, and we were in the park. Sad to say, I had to leave for Reikai and get back to my job. Hesitantly, I had given him a last kiss and had climbed on my oar, not looking back. I had known that if I had, then I would only come back to his arms.

That was what was always on my mind. The reason I wasn't performing my duties too well.

I looked back at Koenma-sama. He was looking at me expectantly. "Well?"

I figured it was best to tell him the truth before he really freaks out because of my awful performance in Reikai. Not to mention I might lose my job.

"Koenma-sama, I…how do you get over someone you like a lot, because you know you have to leave him and that he…works as a really busy…Reikai…Reikai Tantei…and you're just a ferry girl from another world?" I said sheepishly. "Also because…you start neglecting your duties because you have him in your mind all the time?"

Surprisingly, his small eyes widened. "Are you saying that you…you have feelings for one of my Reikai Tantei???"

"Well…it's kinda like that," I replied.

He raised his brow. "Is it Yusuke?"

"He's married to Keiko already, Koenma-sama."


"No!!! Besides, he's got Yukina-san."


I shook my head. Hiei looked pretty good, but… he freaks me out most of the time. He doesn't even like to talk much. And he practically lives with Mukuro already. "Iie."

He narrowed his eyes at me. "Kitsune?"

I didn't say anything. He settled back into his chair. "The thousand-year old kitsune. Youko Kurama, the vicious Makai thief."

"He's not like that, Koenma-sama; he's not like that at all!" I protested." He has a kind heart and he---"

"The person you're referring to is Shuuichi Minamino. He is not the real Kurama. And now that the kitsune inside him has awakened at the Ankoku Bujutsukai, you never know when he'll turn into Youko Kurama again. And trust me, he is not who you think he is whenever he's a Youko," he said.

"But Koenma-sama, he already gave up on being Youko Kurama at the Makai Bujutsukai! He chose to stay as Shuuichi in his fight with Shigure and I really---"

He chuckled. "Don't worry, Botan. I'm not saying that you should eliminate your feelings towards him. I'm just telling you that you should be aware of these tendencies. Because I know that I can't change the way your heart feels."

I kept silent.

"Does Kurama know about all of this?" he asked.

"Well…" I grinned, recalling the night of my first kiss. "He did respond to my first passionate kiss, and then he had asked me to be his girl that night…it was so flattering when he kissed me back…I could feel my face burning and my insides were---"

"Okay! Okay! I get the picture. Don't get all mushy on me." He paused to think. Then he began to smile. "It's good to see you finally paired up with someone. You were the only girl in the group who hasn't fallen in love yet."

Did he have to bring that up? I cringed. It was true, though. I did kind of envy the other girls; they've all known how it was to love. But I was just a Deity of Death, and I had thought that I didn't need to love. Not until my feelings for Kurama gradually began to increase, each time I was with him in the Urameshi team's missions.

"You were lucky that the Weiß Kreuz returned the Ruffian's Sphere before Enma-sama even found out that it was gone," he warned. "Or else…"

I gulped.

Koenma-sama continued. "I understand your situation, so… I believe I have no other choice but to help you out. Alright, I'll give you three months of vacation in the Ningenkai every year so that you can go see him," he shrugged. "A favor for my best deity."

My smile widened. "H-honto???"

"However," he lifted his finger. "You must promise me that you will accomplish your works efficiently and flawlessly. And no more hostage-and-Reikai-treasure-for-ransom thing. Am I making myself clear?"

I jumped at him and gave him a hug. "Oh, thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!"

He tumbled down to the ground. "Aaargh! Get off me, Botan!!! You're messing up the files!!!"


I smiled at the thought.

Kurama led me to a seat and I sat down beside him. "I'm surprised Koenma-sama gave you another three months."

I giggled. "I'll always be seeing you for three months every year now. He knows."

Yusuke and Kuwabara were gaping at us, clueless.

I didn't mind this time. I didn't mind sitting beside Kurama-kun, either. It just felt natural, I guess.

"That's great," he said. I looked at his green orbs, losing myself. I missed him so much…

"I've missed you, Botan-chan," he whispered. "I've been thinking about you too much after you left," he continued, burrowing his eyes into mine.

He placed his hand on my cheek, and I looked back at him, everything else around me fading away. "I missed you, too," I whispered back.

"Urameshi! Urameshi! Check them out!!!" Kuwa-kun exclaimed. Yusuke was grinning. "This is getting good."

It was then that Kurama gave me a kiss in front of them all. Yusuke let out a low whistle and Kuwabara was clapping.

Who cared, anyway? I got what I wanted after all these years ever since I met him. I didn't need anything else.

And who cared about whether people thought he was the kindhearted Shuuichi or the brutal slayer, Youko?

All I knew was that, he was my Kurama.


June 18 (Sunday)

9:52 pm pure pinoy

FuJinGrL 2000!

Yatta! Got a fic done! My first fic! Rekka Shinen! Oops, wrong show! :D

Sorry if it's really, really pathetic…as you have probably noticed, it's the first time I ever wrote a fic, and as you can see, it STINKS compared to all the other cool authors out there. I'm sorry to have wasted your time! But I'm currently writing sequels to this, and hopefully, my writing skills will have improved by the time I finish them. I guess you'll just have to see for yourself then and check out my other fics! Hhehehee…

~~~~~Oh yeah...in case you're all wondering what on earth the title of the fic meant, well..."WINDS" kind of points to "Fuuko" , "DARK WATER" to "Tokiya", and "CRIMSON ROSE" to "Kurama". Oh! And I just want to let you know that "DEATH of a crimson rose" doesn't mean Kurama's death at all...because "DEATH" here points to everyone's favorite Deity of Death, Botan-chan!!! So...can you pretty much guess the crazy meaning of the crazy title?................................................."WINDS OF A DARK WATER"-----"Tokiya's Fuuko"  ....................................................."DEATH OF A CRIMSON ROSE"----"Kurama's Botan"

Oki? So that's the meaning! (Pretty lame when you get right down to it, huh...)