You, This Christmas...

By: Enja

Chapter: 1 of 2

This is in Ash's P.O.V. Togepi and Brock's where a bout is not known. Lets just say that Nurse Joy asked Brock to stay and Togepi likes it's Pokeball now.

Ages: Ash 12, Misty 12

            I trudged through the puffy white snow with dismay and Pikachu in my sleeping soundly in my backpack. Misty wasn't lacking too far behind. We both just wanted to get out of the dreadful frozen fluff, Misty especially.

All I wanted right now was a cup of hot chocolate and a warm bed. I swear it was around zero degrees and all I had was my normal set of clothes and Misty hers. I looked down at the map in my hand.

"Well Misty, we've got about another mile to go." I glanced back at Misty who was shaking wearily but still marching on. "Did ya hear me, Mist?"

            "Huh, oh yeah." I slowed down so Misty could catch up. "It's a miracle you know?"

            I shot her a look with confusion written all over it. "What is?"

            Misty snorted. "You know, that you actually read the map right!" My look of confusion turned into a look of fury.

            "Yeah well at least I don't have a hot-head, you should be plenty warm with that hot temper of yours!" Misty cocked an eyebrow.

            "You don't have a hot-head? Heh, yeah right!" I sighed. I wasn't in the mood to fight. It was way too cold.

            "Let's just get to a Pokemon Center…" Misty just looked at me weirdly and walked a few paces ahead. Soon after that Pikachu ruffled around in my bag and popped his head out.

            "Pikachu pi pika?" (Are we there yet?) I didn't look at him but just shook my head and kept walking. "Pi pika chu pi. Pikachu pi pika pik achu." (Oh, I'll just go back to sleep. Wake me when we get there.) I nodded as he pulled his head back into the bag.

            "Hey Ash! I think I see somethin'!" I jerked my head up to find Misty about two inches a head of me and stopped right in my tracks before I bumped into her. "Hey Ash!" She jolted around in the direction we had just come from. Instead of yelling my name out again and telling me to hurry up, she bumped right into me and we both fell to the ground backwards. My back hitting the ground and Misty landed on top of me.

            "OOF! Ow…huh, Pikachu? Mist get off, Pikachu is in my backpack!!!" I wiggled around trying to get up but found I couldn't. I looked at Misty whose eye's I found staring at me, not noticing any other movement around her. "MISTY!!!"


            "Get off! Pikachu may be hurt!" Misty suddenly noticed this and got off me right away. I rolled over onto my stomach and grabbed my back bag, which believe me was not easy when you were face down in the snow and your backpack was easily fifteen pounds or more. "PIKACHU!!! ARE YOU OKAY?"

            Pikachu jumped out of my bag sighed sarcastically. "Pika, chupi Pikapi!" (Yeah, thanks Ash!) I smiled and picked myself off the ground.

            "What were you saying, Mist?" I then noticed she had a blush on her face and was still staring at me and not knowing that I was looking at her or actually talking to her. "Mist?" I asked as my face started to heat.

            "OH! Sorry, um I said I saw the Pokemon Center."

            I felt as my lips curved into a big grin and my legs broke into a run. "Oh good! YES, HOT CHOCOLATE!" Misty and Pikachu rolled their eyes but followed suit.

            I burst in through the Center doors and warm air welcomed my numb body. "Hello, may I help you?" I looked up towards the front desk and peered at another Nurse Joy as I heard Misty and Pikachu enter the building.

               "Yes, we would like to rent a room for Ash Ketchum and Misty Waterflower, please?" Misty stomped a head of me and asked before I even got to ask.

            "OH! Is your name Ash Ketchum?" Joy asked, pointing her finger towards me.


            "You have a message. Here ya go!" I took the letter in my hand and slowly opened it while Misty went to checking out a room for us.

            Dear Ash,

            I know it's been a really long time since you have seen me but I wanted you to come to my home for Christmas and take a break from Pokemon Training. Call me at (546) 239-8032.

                        Miles Ketchum A.K.A. – your father.

            I folded up my letter with my trembling arm and stuffed it in my pocket. I stood there and I guess I spaced out because next thing I knew Misty was waving her hand in front of my face.

            "Yo Ash?"

            "Wha?" I shook my head and cleared out the thoughts in my mind, setting it aside for later.

            "What'd the letter say?" I furrowed my eyebrows and snapped back at Misty.

            "None of your business! It's nothing important!"

            "Oh Ash, I'm just trying to help!" She retorted.

            "Well I don't want any help, this is my personal problem, not yours! I'll ask for help if I need it!"

            "Well too bad because I'm not willing to help you with anything anymore!" I shot a glare at her and sat down on the Pokemon Center couch. Misty scoffed and headed towards the room she supposedly rented for us. Then the letter started bothering me again.

 Terrifying feelings shot through my veins, how would you feel if you hadn't seen or heard from your father for nine years? I barely remember him… Pikachu jumped up on my lap and instinctively my hand started smoothing out his fur. I pulled out the letter from my father and stared at it for a second.

Pikachu glimpsed at my hand. "Pika pik?" (What's that?)

"A-a letter from…my father…"

Pikachu gave me a confused look. "Pi?" (Wha?)

"My father…he wrote me a letter…"

"Pikachu pi? Chu pika pipi…" (Your…father? You never mentioned him…)

"I know…let's just forget I said this, I'm tired…and I need to think." I picked Pikachu up and started strolling down the hallway.

"Hey Ash!" I turned around to face Nurse Joy. "Your room number is 7. You forgot to ask."

"Oh thanks." I gave her a weak smile and headed further down the hallway towards the room.

Misty had tried to once again to ask me what the letter was about, but I wasn't ready to tell her. After Misty and Pikachu had gone to sleep I had taken out the letter and stared at it. Should I call him? He wants me to. Should I tell Misty? What would she think? She said she wouldn't help me with anything.

A ruffle from the bed beside me caught my attention. "Ash?" It was Misty.

"Hmm?" She didn't answer back. We sat there in that uncomfortable silence for a few minutes. Another shake of Misty's sheet told me that she was getting up and walking towards me.

I stared into the dark where I heard Misty come from. Then I felt her sit next to me. "I know that letter is bothering you, Ash. Won't you please tell me what it's about?"

"…Maybe…" I said in a small voice.

"Please Ash. I can't help you if I don't know what the problem is!"

"I thought you said you weren't gonna help me with anything…"

"Yeah well I can tell this is a real problem!" I nodded, even though Misty couldn't see it.


"It's what?"

"It's my…dad…" Misty didn't say anything after that, except maybe a few deep breaths.

"You've never said anything about your dad before, Ash. I always figured he was…you know…dead." I looked towards Misty and shook my head.

"No. When I was three years old my Mom and my Dad had started to get into lots of fights. They would yell every night and not talk to each other at all in the daytime. Then a few days later he just left. He never sent us letters or phoned us, so I kind of just forgot about him. That's all I really remember… And now I get a letter from him wanting me to stay at his house for Christmas…"

"Oh." She squeaked.

"I still need to call him…if it's all right do you think that you could…come with me?"

Misty breathed nervously before answering. "Uh…yeah sure… Well it's late, I'm gonna get some sleep. Good night Ash."


The next morning went by really slow. I couldn't get him off my mind. Pikachu and Misty shot me worried glances all morning. I was trying to decide if I should call my dad. I mean it was December 21 and Christmas was really soon. Luckily I had already done my shopping in the previous town.

"You should call him, Ash." Misty told me.

"I know, Mist. It's just that…that…I feel so scared. What if…"

Misty cut me off and continued for me. "Ash, what if is not a question. You're his son. You were helped created by him…"

I snorted. "You make me sound like I'm some kind of science experiment." Misty glared at me but continued.

"You really should call him… He asked you too." I cast my gaze to the ground and a yellow creature appeared in front of me. Pikachu stared into my eyes. After a few minutes of staring I smiled and stuck out my tongue playfully.

"PIKA!" (HEY!) 

I let a light laughter. "Hey yourself!"


"Oh all right…" I said as my laughter came to an end. I stared across the room towards the phone. "Well…here it goes…" I slowly started to stride over to the phone; I could feel Misty's eyes following me along with Pikachu's. When I got to the phone I picked up the receiver and started dialing in the number that I memorized.

I bit my lip as it started to ring. It rang six or seven times before my dad answered it. "Hello?"

"Uhh…t-this is A-Ash." I shuddered as an overexcited voice came through my end of the phone.

"Ash! At lastly you called!"


"Hey, turn on the video part of the phone!" I let out a silent 'sure' and flicked the switch. It took a minute for the picture to come up but it did. I gasped when I saw him. It was exactly like seeing an older version of me; only he had greenish hazel eyes. I guess I got my eyes from my mom...

  "Ash, you've grown up so much! You look practically just like me!" I nodded nervously. He was kind of freaking me out. "Anyways, on with the point!" Was it I or was he too cheerful?


"Well, I wanted you to spend maybe a week with me. How does that sound?"

"Well, I dunno…"

"Perfect! We'll have the finest time!"

"Umm, well my friend, Misty…well…umm…can she come? She has no where else to go…" My dad's smile faded a little bit but he showed no disappointment.

"Yeah sure! Is she there right now? Could I see her?" I nodded and looked to where Misty and Pikachu were sitting, reading magazines.

"Misty?" She looked up from her reading to me.


"Umm, can you come here? My Dad wants to meet you…" She nodded and stood up and strolled over to me. "Here she is Dad…" I said as I handed Misty the receiver.

Misty's P.O.V.

I took the phone from Ash as he walked towards Pikachu. Ash's Dad certainly looked a lot like Ash. Same ebony hair and the same cheeks but different eyes. "Hello Mr. Ketchum." I said cheerfully.

"Hello Misty!" I smiled at his cheerfulness, he did sound quite a bit like Ash too. "So how long have you known Ash?"

"Uh…about two years I guess." He nodded and asked another few questions.

"Is Ash a good trainer? Is Ash a nice boy? Do you think of Ash as more than just a friend? How did you two meet?"

"Wait, wait, wait. Slow down! Okay anyways, yes Ash is a good trainer, I'd even say great." I checked over to see if Ash was watching and fortunately he wasn't. "Yes Ash is very nice but very naïve. We met on the first day of his journey. I was fishing and all of the sudden I felt a strong tug on my line. I reeled it in with great difficulty and when I did it was Ash!"

"Oh wow…you never answered my other question! Do you think of Ash as more than just a friend?" I felt my face go white and I started shooting glances at Ash and Pikachu to make sure they weren't watching.

"Well…err…umm…maybe, yeah I guess…" Ash's dad grinned but didn't rub it in to my gratitude.

"Well you're in Mahogany in the Pokemon Center right?" I nodded. "Okay than tell Ash that I'll pick you guys up at noon tomorrow, be ready!" With that he hung up and I headed towards Ash to tell him the news.

A/n- well, there's the first chapter. I think this will be about three chapters. I hope I can get it done before Christmas, hopefully.