Hey everyone- long time, no see!

So, I decided to make this last post for you all to let you know of my actual plans have been for this and any future pieces. I know in the past I kept giving empty promises, so here's what I'll say now:

Alright guys, I'll come clean. I essentially dropped the story because I felt like my writing took the story to a point where I didn't know what to do with it anymore. Yea, I had plans and ideas for the plot, but nothing to actually link them together- it was a standstill.
I have, however, in the midst of midterms this year, decided to get back into writing. It turns out I really missed it- it's what's been keeping me tethered down to it all, as melancholy as that sounds. Keep in mind, I literally just started again, so I don't have much to show for it- I'm using my new work to practice again. But having the gears out back in counts for something, so if you're looking for more content, it might just be one-shots or on-going one-shots with no planning. I won't say anything on this story as of now, since I know it's all been empty promises up till now, but just know I haven't forgotten about it or any of you.

For now, this accounts gonna be nulled- I'm not going to be posting here anymore.I'm starting to post more on archiveofourown, so if you'd like to see what I leave on there, then by all means! It's under my new name on here, AreonAI. I know I should say more, but I'm a sleepy human and will send this with all the conscious effort and love I can muster.

Thanks for everything, guys. You influenced me in the best ways.

I'll see you all around.