This story takes place right after the defeat of Gaea and is my first story so tone done the criticism if you will. Heavy Pertemis. Also Annabeth died fighting Gaea. I almost forgot I do not own Percy Jackson so let the story begin.


It all started out in Olympus a week or so after Gaea's defeat for a meeting of a possible new great prophecy

Zeus," okay you all know why we're here Apollo has felt a new prophecy coming and has been waiting to say it forever so without further udo."

Apollo stood up and started to glow green as a deep ominous voice came out of his mouth

The Huntress shall come forth to break her very oath with one of this generation

To heal the broken hero of Olympus and save his reputation

From the insanity to come from death of his greatest admiration

And have child with to save everyone from an evil that starts from creation

Every one stared at Artemis not even bothering to help Apollo get up from clasping on the floor a the green surrounding him dissipated.

Athen," I am truly sorry for you Artemis. This prophecy is unusually clear and there is no denying its for you."

Artemis eyes glassed over after she heard it and her body went ridged.

Aphrodite on the other hand said ," #romance of the Milliniom "

Zues sent a harsh glare her way

"What can't a love goddess be exited about the man hated having to have a man

Everyone was shocked as Are spoke ," Yes, but this is neither the time or the place."

Zeus," Artemis we will give you all the time we can but we all know this prophecy is going to be, and I sujest the you come to terms with it as fast as possible for it make come to pass is five years or 500 . That being said any ideas on who mr wonderful could be?"

Athena," Well it did say this Generation so it must be a young adult of this generation. Also it mentioned stopping said person from losing his sanity from the death of one who he admires

Hephaestus," a family member or loved one perhaps."

Aphrodite,"No you've got it all wrong it's got to be a girlfriend or engament or wife something along those lines I can sense that much."

Hera," And saviour of Olympus."

Everyone was puzzle

Artemide spoke up," isn't it obvious? Do I have to spell it out for you. Unless I am wrong I only know a half dozen savours of Olympus and of those only one has lost someone he really cares about. It's Percy " he lost annabeth to Gaea and is all torn up another it. I have to have a child with Percy Jackson."

There was udder silencer in the the room

Posiden, " it's like the fates personally made his life strand interwoven into every great prophecy he will be alive to see."

Apollo, "with all that being said I don't think Artemis is just giving have a kid with Percy. Sis not only do you have to help him get through Annabeth's death I garrenty even you are going to have to win him over. You don't just get over that and jump right back on the saddle. If you know what I mean."

Hestia spoke up for the first time, "I think we are all forgetting something.

"What?" They all said in unison.

Hestia, "the part about the evil to come. My hide is it means the creator himself Chaos."

Eveybody went from potty for Artemis to pale in fear of the most powerful cosmic being evey

Ares, "Okay Now you better get that Percy Kid falling head over heels for you or I'll hold you hunt hostage until you do."

Artemis, "if you souch as lay a hand on one one of their heads I will personally castrate you permanently."

Are shrank a little in his throne from the tanasity in her voice and their was no doubt in his mind that she would follow through with her threat."

Hera, "Speaking of the hunters what will they do when you're gone and what of their oath."

Artemis, " As for what happens to my hunters I feel that the duty of leader should be passed to another Goddess Since I will obviously not have any spare time to lead them. I garrentee they will hate it but if anybody has any better options where I can keep the hunt I am all hears."

Zeus, "To abandoned your hunters without a second to think is too haste. I say we all think of a possible silt ion to the hunter problem. In the meantime I suggest we take a brake and think about what has transpired. Agreed."

Everyone nodded their head.

Zeus, "Also I here by Command all present to keep this prophecy secret and only revel it if absolutely Necessary with the exception of Artemis. For if word of Chaos rising gets out there will be an unstoppable pa nick."

Everyone swore on the river styx and proceeded to flash out.

( Hestia's View)

I flash to Artemis palace try try to condole her or calm her down depending on her current state.


I Heard crying as a voice called, "Over Here."

"Condolencing it is then," I thought.

"Hey, Artemis I know its going to be difficult to do this, but I will be here for you. Also no won said you have to marry him only have a his child."

Artemis looked up at me and simply said," I know but I will not be like the rest of the gods and have his child and move on. If I am going to have his children I am going to marry him first and I will not marry someone I do not love. So what is scariest is the fact that I may not come to love him in time to stop Chaos."

Hestia's," I understand and that is very noble of you."

May that moment Hestia had a brilliant ideal,"Artemis I think I just came up with the perfect solution to the hunters dilemma. What if we alter their oath to be they can only marry one man and he joins the hunt with the the same oath as the hunters but they swear off other women and if either one cheats they will be dealt with by Hades if you know what I mean, but the only way for a guy to join the hunt is through marriage of one of the hunters."

Artemis," Hestia that brilliant can you tell Zeus of you idea immediately?"

"Give Me two seconds."

I communicated to Zeus my idea via telepathy (which all gods have) ,and it's safe to say that he absolutely loved it if it meant his daughter could keep her hunt.

"He says it's a go."

Artemis tackled me in a hug and shout to me,"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

"Your welcome I am glad help you keep the hunt in this time of distress."


Hey thank you guys for ready and let me know if I completely overlooked an obvious detail. That being said by lovely faces and I'll see you next chapter."