Penny's Diary Entry

I cannot believe that I let a MAD agent trick me. Me ! I used foil MAD agents as a little child. Now, I am being fool by one being an agent in training. How is it even possible that Dr. Claw is back? How can he be back? I thought when you disappear that you just don't reappear. This is even the worst part. Now , from our recent mission in the Antarctic, I realize that I am going to be going encounter a new routine.

Dr. Claw is going cause trouble, we will try to stop him and I will face TALON every time. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT I HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM? He is arrogant and selfish but he is also cute, funny and smart. He almost destroyed the base and my uncle , yet I found myself day dreaming about his muscles. What if used this idea on me ? What if after a couple of missions we end up secretly dating? It is not impossible. I know that we both have a crush on each other and it could come up since we may be see each other frequently. What if people found out? This could look bad on my image. I may not care about fame and glory but I still want to be seen as a respectable agent some day in the future. With the dating news, Chief may see as too irresponsible to even be an agent in training. What if during these dates he starts turning me against my uncle? I mean maybe he could do it. He is a villain after all. He could a master manipulator. Good girls in movies have turned evil before because of their would any different with me? What if it get worse? What if I turn evil and then start helping Dr. Claw eliminate HQ? NO! Now, I know that at least that idea has to ridiculous. Talon could never turn me evil enough to be a MAD agent. Could he?

I can't let this happen. I have to make a vow that Talon must not win. I understand now that I can never let my guard down with him. Most importantly, I can never let him now that I still like him. This means no laughing at his jokes or comments. If I show him that I am a permanent good girl who is not interested, I won't have worry about home changing me. I have convince him that I see as a lame, and annoying crybaby. He would never even talk with me with that impression.

This needs to be done. I vow that I won't let a guy will never destroy everything I have done. It doesn't matter how adorable he is.

Talon's Video Journal Entry

WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED TODAY? I am going to try to think back. My uncle has spent years trying to eliminate Gadget. My plan was flawless. Gadget would be killed along with HQ leaving my family in total control. I was going to make HQ make me my own arcade. It would've been so awesome. The plan was even going well. I was in HQ and I totally trash Gadget. I even gave Dr. Claw his claw. What went wrong? I guess Gadget also had luck on his side too.


Uncle Claw never mentioned Gadget had a niece. I had heard about it from other MAD agents but they never mention that she had game. In fact, wasn't she was the one fighting me and trying going after the claw? Her uncle only seemed to play with her dog and that stunt at the end of the mission. I guess that I have good taste. I found a girl who is smart, badass and pretty.

Focus! Focus! Talon! You have to keep your head in the game. AGH!

I ca not let this girl distract me. She is just Gadget's sidekick. She is may be hot but she is also the enemy. She cannot get in the way of you showing Doctor Claw that Talon Claw is a bullet of coolness that has waited too long to shine. You have spent years trying to show your family that you are a mastermind. Now, you are a henchmen. Soon, Dr. Claw has you be his right hand man and his worst enemy will be destroyed. When it happen, Penny will come running to you out fear. She will know if she doesn't that she will be destroyed like the rest of HQ.

I will complete this mission if I am not Talon Claw. HaHaMwaHaMwaHa!

(This is my my first inspector gadget fanfiction. This one takes place after the first two episodes of the 2015 series. I may update if gets good feedback. Please tell me if this entry is good or bad. I respect all options and I thankful you read it.)