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Dr. Claw's POV


What on earth could be that sound?

WHO DARES INTERUPT MY SLEEP... and my dream about my dream about Mad Cat winning in Broadway.


The sound is coming from Talon's room.


This boy is driving me crazy. I will just punish him in the morning. I bet a trip with my sharks will make in be quiet at night.


He is still up.

I will never understand this kid. If I had done half of the things that he does to my mom, I would have never live to see this day. Even then, he still complains that I don't care for him.


I used to do far worse for my mother. I remember once that I had to clean the teeth of her pet tigers WHILE THEY WERE EATING. She would never be as forgiving as I am with Talon. My mom banned me from participating in anything of the family business the first time that I failed a mission. I wasn't even allow to watch those missions.

She saw me as a failure and I would mess everything before trying.

The woman still sees me as loser even when I have my own empire.

I may lose all the time and still steal loans from investors just to continue my evil plans but

I am still her son.


He is doing it again? UGH!

I can't believe that I have forgave him for time he has failed me which has been way too many times to count. Who cares if I punish him every time?

He still gets to try again and be lead the mission every time. He still nitpicks plans every time.

What does he know? I have been a villain before he was born. I think that I would know much more than him.

He should be thankful that he is here and praise me every time that he gets the chance.


What is he even doing?

He could have a girl there….


This boy is too annoying to be that lucky with a girl.

Why do I even have him here?

He is not even my son. He belongs to me dead brother. He lived with my mom. The boy didn't even know that I existed until a few years.


Why did we ever meet?

I turn my head to my pillow then to my bead table. There, I stood to see a photo of me and Mad Cat with talon trying to get in the photo.

Oh Wait!

I remember now why he is here.

It is because he unfroze me.

He actually cared to free me from my trap


I guess that I have all ways been a loner but the ice burg situation shock me completely.

I was in that ice berg for years and no one cared. It was like everyone was happy that I was gone. Everyone in the family had already forgotten me.

Yet, he still came to save and left his grandmother to do evil with me. He still was so passionate about evil that he wanted to give me a chance.

I stare at the photo for a few minutes and then I take a look at my old disco posters.


My body was froze for long and I still have no idea how this new world works.

How can a loser like me prevail in such a world?

I guess that I have Talon to thank for still being known.

I have to admit that this kid is an expert at technology, but he is certainly not a better villain than me.

He is the only one that can teach me how to operate the tech of this world.



My mind probably will be debating if I should keep him around or kill him for a long time.

However, I shouldn't ever stop treating the way that I do.

He deserves it for how he treats me. Besides, if he wants to be a villain, he needs to start from his home.


I also need to teach this kid when he must never wake me up.

I pull out my claw and press a red button on the control panel.




My security system should teach him.

An hour earlier

Inspector Gadget's POV


It is so early at night.

I think that the poppy bird didn't finish telling me his story.

Or was that just a dream?

The professor came to my apartment to show me a very important project for my Gadgets.

He insist that it could wait for morning. Well, I am always on duty so this shouldn't be a problem. I sitting on a chair in the living room while the professor prepares some details to the inventions in the kitchen.


What was that sound? It could be a Mad agent trying to steal the inventions. I stand up to look around until I reach the sofa.

My mistake about that idea. It was just my niece mumbling in her sleep while lying on the sofa. It is so strange not seeing her strange dog with her. He must be sleep in his room. She is just so cute.

GoGo Gadget Blanket!

My metal arm poop out and then right back in, thankfully, without waking Penny up.

What is up with my Gadgets some times? There are moments when they don't appear even at my command.

It happens so frequently that I wonder sometimes how to I solve my mission.


What are you saying? You solve those because you are HQ's best agent.

Imagine if your niece heard these thoughts?

"Inspector Gadget!" The professor calls out to me. I guess that I better let my number one fan sleep.

"I have latest in technological wonderment for you. I finally out a way for any agent to transport anyone anywhere with a ray gun. It will make catching bad guys so easy for you and our other agents," He exclaims with delight, "It works bla bla bla bla…

I can really understand the explanation that much. He must be saying it in another language without knowing. I turn over to Penny.

You know how much she admires you. She is always here with you learning your best moves and tricks.

Although, I always wonder where she goes when we are on missions. I guess that she just wonders off. Kids can get distracted so easy.

I still know that she can take of herself and she is smart.

This is why we are always able to save the day. Well, it is all thanks to my incredible guidance.

I am always there for her though. She has been with me ever since her parents left for that ski trip when she was five. They have never came back though. I guess the trip must be very fun. I wish that they would at least mail us every once in a while. I have never even heard from them in a while.

It doesn't matter. Penny will always be my baby girl and I will be her great mentor.

"Inspector Gadget!" The professor calls out to me. I should be paying more attention even though he is speaking in another language. I

"The best part is that it makes no sound. So, an agent can leave quickly an evil lair or quickly transport a criminal to jail. However, it is highly unstable and untested but I could wait until morning to tell the boss. So, I decide to brag to the only agent awake at this hour" He exclaimed with excitement.

"Professor, I don't that we need an invention to move fast. I am quick as a tiger", I proclaim.

The professor looks at me nervous.


I screaming interrupting him. "I will show you how fast I am now. Go Go Gadget Jet Pack!" However, my Gadgets instead pull out my metal arm to the professor. This throws his weird machine in the air.

The machine slammed to the ground. An energy beam fires and bounce from the glass of the kitchen walls to the living room, until it fired at Penny.



The professor and I run to the living room to see that Penny was gone.

"Oh no, Penny must have been fired by the laser. With the way the controls acted, she could be anywhere!" The Professor yelled in fear.

"WE HAVE TO FIND HER! Go Go Gadget Jet pack!" The jet pack comes out and I fly of the room through the ceiling.


Talon POV

What is going on? How did this happen?

Okay, I should take a deep breath. Why am I not still calm?

Penny is still on my bed. How did she get her?

I already checked the web so my dream was a dream.



I look over Penny. She is so adorable. I should probably take advantage that she is vulnerable being that she is my mortal enemy but I can't.

Why do I even bother with her?

I should just attack her. She is so annoying. She is always messing with my plans. She drives me crazy. She always come with her lame comebacks. She is always messing my stuff. She is constantly nagging me for committing crimes. She is always acting adorable when I catch her or when she tries to come up with go comebacks. She is always showing her amazing fight moves. She is always showing interest in my work which is more than I can say for my uncle. She does it all with her great big brain that can come up with plans instantly.


I should do something with her. I can't leave her here. I wonder if I can wake her up. She would run out of here. She could also kill me with the thought that I brought her here.

My mind ponders for a few minutes. I think I could find at least a clue to why she is here by taking a close look at her body.

I lean to the corner of my bed.

I slowly lie on the bed.

I have to do this carefully.

I must do this carefully and be a ninja at what I do I must be a warrior and…Wait…What is she doing?

Penny's arms are over my neck and then they pull me close to her. She is still obviously sleep.

I am trying to move away but she pulls me closer.

I can feel Penny snuggling her face on my face. I can't tell if she is using me as a pillow or a teddy bear. She starts to make gentle smile.

She must be having a great dream.

I know that I am having one too.

She is asleep with her mess hair spread across the pillow. She was also tossing her spit all over my face. Yet, she can't be prettier right now if she tried. I close my eyes for a moment.

Why can't it be like this moment all the time? Why can't she just let me do my work?

We both could have calmer lives. Hell, I think we would be dating if she did that idea. I should just let this calm moment go-


Did I just feel a punch in my face? It slammed me pretty hard against the floor. Oh come on-

Penny's POV

"TALON! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?" I yelled waking up from a calm sleep.

"THIS IS MY HOUSE!" Talon yelled back.


It is impossible-

Why is there so much purple in this room? My uncle and I don't even own this much purple.

Why am I on a bed? I last remember being on my living room sofa. Why does this bed have spikes on the edges?



I only could blush. I don't have ever been so shocked or confused at the same time.

It didn't seem that Talon brought me here because he seem as shock as I was.

We stood silent for a couple of seconds. Talon put on his famous grin.

"I guess you couldn't wait until our next mission to see me?"

I am mad now.

"I don't even know why I am?"

"Well, you had to come some way?"

I made a look of suspicion.

"How do I know you didn't bring me here?"

"Why would I contact you without having an evil plan or trapping you?"

I could feel my face going red right now. This is so confusing. I can't even think.

Talon just kept smiling at me. This is starting to get creepy. How did this happen?

Well, I guess maybe my uncle brought me here when he accidently fired his G-portal at me at the middle of the night.


I don't think even my uncle would do something so weird. There is no other option. I don't think I could be more freaked out if I tried.



Hold on! What…

Talon is getting in the bed next to me. I immediately yelled


"Okay" He says smiling. He thinks that I am lying. He must think that I came here to through myself to his feet.

There really isn't any reason why he shouldn't think that right now but he still shouldn't. I shake off my confused look and put my face of anger.

I can never let my guard down with him. I quick jump out of the bed.

"I didn't say that you had to leave," Talon says as a response.

Ugh, He is so annoying.

Talon POV

She is so cute. I know that I am freaking her out.

I made a great choice to keep my cool attitude with her as I was honest. I am still her villain. It is my job to get her out of her element. My feet move and put me out of the bed.

I look deeply in her eyes. I know that she is scared. I love to bother this girl. It is when I can get emotions other than anger out of her.


She ignores me when I am calm and nice to her. A proof is when I flirted with her as Nigel and she ignored my invitation. It is more fun to be a villain to her. This idea is ironic in my situation.

What should we do now? Well..


Oh no

Suddenly, fire surrounds the corners of the room.

"Talon ! what is happening?" Penny yells in fright.

Dr. Claw must of activated the security system.

Two fast moving blades come out of the ceiling. Penny looks at me full of fear.

This is going to be a long night.

We both yell at the same time.


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