Author : FuJinGrL

Anime Series : Recca no Honou (after the anime series, not the manga)

Rating : PG-13

Genre : Romance, slight angst, action

Disclaimer : Recca no Honou does not belong to me...they belong to their respective owners...please don't sue me...this is only for pure entertainment...I don't get any profit for this...so don't sue me please...blah blblahblablhalhahbaha...the usual disclaimer! Sorry if this is a BIT angsty...guess I'm sort of getting into that genre...but don't worry, there are still some funny parts, but they're not that many and that funny though...OH! And wait for the sequels, please? Because I'm continuously making sequels of sequels and so on (if you catch my drift) so please, if you're not satisfied with the endings on my present fics, then kindly wait for the sequels patiently and who knows? You might get satisfied THEN. Oh boy, my lecture's getting pretty long...HEHEHEHE sumimasen!!! Well any way, ON WITH THE FIC!!!!!!!!! :D

Claimer : One of the characters here, Hinageshi Akira, is mine, though, copyright!!! :D

Teaser : This fic is a sequel to the Tokiya+Fuuko part of "Winds of a Dark Water, Death of a Crimson Rose", so please do not read this if you haven't read that one yet. (okay, maybe you can, but you'd be missing out on some stuff that happened between Toki-chan and Fuuko…so please read it ONLY if you have no other choice…please?)

                Tokiya and Fuuko are a couple in secret, and they're happy with that because things seemed to go pretty well. But just as they thought everything would end up happily ever after, Tokiya's past comes haunting him back again…


"You know," she frowned, taking a few steps away from me. "We oughta be…um…" she trailed off.

I cocked my brow, eyeing her questioningly. "What is it?"

"Well…it's just that…we shouldn't get too close to each other, you know? People at school might start wondering why all of a sudden we're, like, the best of friends after being the worst enemies," she reasoned.

"Hn, what do they care, anyway? If they start wondering about us, then that's their problem," I said, stepping closer to her again as we walked to the university.

She bit her lip. "Hmmm, well you're right you know, but what about Hanabishi? You know he wouldn't let any cheesy moment pass by without making incredibly stupid kissing noises," she turned to me, grinning. "And I know how much you love that."

I blinked, considering the thought. Just picturing Hanabishi's stupid face with his stupid tongue out and his darn cheesy words was enough to make me throw up for a whole darn year. Ugh.

"Maybe you're right, Fuu-chan," I sighed, inching away.

She smiled at me. "Only at school, okay? We'll just have to keep pretending as long as we're in school," she winked.

The corners of my mouth tugged and a small smile formed on my lips.

"Oooh, you're more kawaii that way!" she giggled.

The small smile widened just a tiny little bit. I couldn't help it; I had to smile whenever she was with me. Just her presence always made my day brighter. But then, I could never smile too widely most of the time. That was just what I got used to ever since my sister's loss.

Besides, I was pretty good at smirking, not at smiling.

"You're so cuuuute, Mi-chan!" she squeaked.

But then, with Fuuko around, maybe, just maybe, I might learn how to smile like I used to again.

She clapped her hand to her mouth, as we neared the university entrance. Her facial expression changed right away, keeping it as neutral and as mischievous as possible.

"Okay, Mi-chan, here we go," she cleared her throat and stepped farther away from me, placing her hands behind her head.

I looked away from her and shoved my hands into my pockets, staring hard at the ground.